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I'm a mathematics and physics student, which summarises many of my interests ;). In addition, I'm an avid fan of metal and RPGs (Role Playing Games).

Some extra stuff you might need to know about me:

I'm half-Polish and half-German, know the Polish language much better than German, but I can get at least the gist of it. Other than that I know bare-bones Czech and Swedish. For the sake of completeness, I also know English. ;)

I'm dyslexic and colour blind (the red-green type), that's to excuse miscommunication and me calling something eye-straining or unreadable. It's a rather extreme case of the bottom left in this picture.

It's not uncommon for me to call pounds, ounces and similar non-SI units of measurement as Wizard Units (WU). That's not due to hate, but it does feel annoying when most people in the USA or the UK can't be bothered to convert them on their own. Yet, moan whenever I would confuse some Pennsylvanian Liquid Ounce with Imperial Lager Ounce. I'm not even certain if the units I made up there are not real! It's a miracle you don't have TI-81 Shaftment to measure distance.

I don't like people making poorly reasoned accusations about me. If you think that you can give me a lesson on something give me a god-damned lesson instead of calling me names.

I don't have any problems with personal beliefs. It includes but is not limited to sexual orientation, gender issues and food choices, and all that other crap. I honest to whatever you find holy/unholy/other don't care. Just don't try to evangelise at me. That's among the easiest reasons for me to block/mute someone, beforehand calling them a sanctimonious git.

If you think that I'm disrespecting you: please, assume that I had a really bad day. I don't think I'm violent by nature. I think that I'm neither offensive nor a douche. But when I'm not at my usual laid-back state I will jump to HULK SMASH in an instant. And usually switch back as fast. Yes, I am serious.

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    I assume this is a script that would detect an ad by its element and then knock the playback volume down by 50%?

That's exactly it!

    That definitely puts you at the mercy of Youtube throwing up a "by the way this is a commercial" flag in the stream.

Ah, see, that part was actually solved by my building on top of already existing AdBlock. It detects ads based on their domain name and flags them before passing it for processing by the browser itself (that's a simplified model of how most such add-ons work). At this level, I could take the elements flagged by AdBlock and apply my own corrections. In my intended case, it was "actually, don't block it. Just make it quieter a bit".

The problem was in fact that this volume scale would stay if I used code like in the example I gave you earlier. If I would mute ad, I would then have to unmute the proper content. If I would scale it to 20%, it would stay on this level. I wanted everything to return to user settings after the ad volume was affected automatically. API was better suited to it than making a full logic for it on my own, but since the bits that I needed were changing while I was writing the code I just gave up on it. There's probably a better way to do it, but I'm a hobbyist coder at best.

    Youtube doesn't change the volume.

I would assume so. They probably get a prepared ad and just roll with it, right? What I meant about volume parameter is something similar to the following example in HTML5/JS:

  <audio autoplay id="test">

<source src="file:///home/devac/Music/tmp/test.mp3">



var my_song = document.getElementById("test");

my_song.volume = 0.5;


Nothing about YouTube doings or whatnot. I just wanted to make it clear. My solution attempt took a similar route.

    You'll remember that jingle long past the point where you remember you hate it.


OK. So I have two questions/requests, answer whenever you'll get a moment:

1. Please open chrome://gpu/ and paste the contents of sections "Problems Detected", "Driver Bug Workarounds" and "Graphics Feature Status". Or even copy and paste all of it and just give me a pastebin link to the document. To my knowledge, there are no personal information on that page but I would advise to give it a cursory look.

2. Could you install some other extension, like AdBlock Plus, and see if the same problem occurs? For purposes of this test, it would be best if you would disable uBlock in chrome://extensions/ tab beforehand.

Devac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Free Will ≈ Determinism, F.A.P.P.

    but until you have to make some else understand it, you can't really comprehend the limits of your own understanding.

I would argue that it depends on who is supposed to be taught. I was successful in explaining the concept of differential n-forms to my roommate (biology/chemistry major) in a single weekend enough so that he could later finish a vector calculus course with little problems or need to consult me.

On the other hand, I was tutoring a girl who was a junior high school freshman who just was incapable of understanding the concept of a function. Three weeks, six two-hour tutoring sessions in total, tried every trick from the book and ones that aren't what you would consider as 'typical', told her that she is more than capable of understanding what I'm talking about and affirmed her that she can do it… and I failed. I feel like she gave up long before me. That does not mean that I don't understand what functions or that my understanding is lacking. You can accuse me, perhaps rightly, of being inarticulate, boring, overbearing, too eager or too confident in my and other's capabilities. But I'm not buying that this girl's example was a proof of my understanding of a fifth-grade level concept being somehow limited. Having the talent to share knowledge, or be a good teacher in general, is closely related to understanding the topic but it does not end on it.

I mean, look at people like kleinbl00 or goobster: I could probably pick a topic that interest neither me nor them and they likely would be able to explain it with brute erudition alone. ;) I don't have their skill or vocabulary.

EDIT: Just to make it clear, I agree with you aside from that stipulation about ability to explain implying limit of understanding.

I might be able to help you diagnose the problem, maybe even solve it as something similar happened to me and I got that fixed. What's your:

1. Browser? Or does it happen in all of them, not just the one you use most often?

2. Operating system? (I recall you mentioning Windows 10 but would like to be sure)

3. Graphics card?

It's advertiser's loss and nothing else. I know that I can't be the only one who would gladly sit through commercial if not for the deafening volume.

'Funny' story, actually: I have attempted to make a fork of AdBlock for Firefox (didn't know about uBlock Origin back then, but that's irrelevant) precisely to solve that issue. It can detect the ads, so the only thing I would really have to do is to change behaviour from "ignore shit that fits those conditions" to "allow it as is, but apply this volume parameter". The bulk of the work has been already done for me, so it could not have been easier, right?

I gave up after YouTube changed their ungodly API for yet another time in the span of two months.

There are quite a few projects on my hard drive that are in development limbo. No time, lost the need for the program, a sudden realisation that problem can be solved in an easier and more efficient manner that would require a nearly total rewrite of the code… you name it. To date, that thing for YouTube ad volume is the only one that I closed and can't give a fuck about returning to it. If you can frustrate a geek to a point where he just throws the towel and walks away, then you know that you have some serious problems.

Yes. Because the people who are less savvy are also the ones who will complain about stuff that the savvier folk disable, mod or otherwise circumvents the more annoying elements. Or all of them, as it's actually easier than to allow only skippable ads (x)or banners on the side.

If YouTube would be so kind to also not change the user's volume for the duration of the ad break I would actually disable uBlock Origin for good. At least on YouTube. To me, it's actually worse than unskippable commercial. Jumping from my normal 30% volume to 100% just to blast someone's ears with shitty jingle is just nasty.

Devac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Free Will ≈ Determinism, F.A.P.P.


After attempting to read two of his books (Gravitation and Cosmology and the first volume of his QFT series) I'm surprised, if not outright suspicious, that he can write something that isn't highly technical. Thanks!

Regarding the 'shoot from the hip' remark, I usually try to give chance to anyone regardless of background. Usually, I'm pleasantly surprised by the train of thought or deduction.

For example, I am tutoring chemistry to this kid who gave me the following question: What would happen if we have some A, B, C and D reagents that would act like the following way A + B →C + D + Heat, B + C + Heat →A, A + C →D + B, A + D → B + Heat ? Wouldn't that just go forever? I don't want to mess up the details with actual compounds he used, but a good approximation would be iron oxide + aluminium thermite mixed with proper aluminium reductor and oxygen(?). I can look for that notebook if you are interested. :P

After getting over my initial "when did this kid discover a concept of dynamic equilibrium?!" I spend almost three hours (I took money only for one) explaining to him why this works only when we will apply the rules blindly but fails when we will consider the conservation of energy, let alone any practical problems caused by this mixture. I was mentally strained by a kid who barely two months earlier didn't know what exactly is a solution concentration.

However, there's a negative side to my typical approach, for example, my recently told encounter with a conspiracy theorist left me wary of people who want to just dabble with physics, for whatever reason. Perhaps I react to strongly to such influences, but after being quite sheltered from most of that until I went to the university I guess that the novelty hasn't yet faded for me.

Aren't most plants poisonous to cats? I know someone who's cat died after ingesting few small bits of celery or parsley that must have fallen to the floor while she was preparing food. Here is a fairly good list of toxic and non-toxic to cats plants that could perhaps be relevant to zebra2.

How exactly does homeschooling work? I made some research on that topic after one of my IRC talks with lm and it left me pretty confused about the whole deal. It's not something that's practiced in Poland, I actually know for a fact that Jehovah's Witnesses had to attend school. Reason? You are free to practice any religion you want as long as it does not violate the federal law. What does the federal law says about education? Children under eighteen are required to attend private or public school. That's it. Unless you qualify for special track of education (mental disability, physical incapability to attend school) you have to attend it as everyone else, albeit in a special school. Homeschooling is pretty much a term that means: teachers are brought to your home from your district school. Unless the parent is a teacher with current employment they can teach all they want but that does not alleviate the federal requirement.

Do you have to apply somewhere? Are there literally no requirements to teach your kids?

Returning to those Jehovah's Witnesses I had in school, they were actually pretty OK. Annoying as fuck and completely aloof toward others, but they weren't bad as far as their marks went. One of them even scored on par with me during physics competition, although she didn't get past voivodeship level to national finals. I actually feel for them. Each day of my life was filled with stuff that was ultimately supposed to help me. Sports, anatomy lessons with my mother, maths and physics discussions with my father and brother, piano practice, foreign language courses, dance classes, house chores, literature studies… yeah, I had almost no free time but at least I have idiotically broad set of skills and knowledge. At least for my age. What were they doing in their free time? Handwritten letters that they were putting into mailboxes around the (pretty big) neighbourhood that were inviting people to come and learn about Watchtower or whatever the fuck those transfusionphobes believe in.

    I guess anti-science-establishment-ism would make more sense to me if the technologies governing our daily lives wasn't progressing primarily due to scientific research. It's a really weird disconnect some people have.

Haven't you watched that famous documentary "Men In Black"? We don't do research, just reverse-engineer intergalactic contraband.

Devac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 15, 2017

Yup, that was me. It's also a reason why I think that we both liked the Epic 6 modification. IMO it's just much more interesting to be smart with a limited power than to rely on some weird arsenal. If you have fewer options to choose from, you will react faster. If all party is limited, you will have to work together and design ways to synergise your capabilities. Learn how to use available equipment over trying to get some +4 Nightbringer Sword (of Doom) or another such powerhouse.

You know what was a reaction of one of my players in that kobold engagement?

    What the hell is a tanglefoot bag?

said by the wizard who just got glued in place and in plain sight of attackers with slings and javelins. They forgot about some cheap item from PHB and it hurt them. A lot. It was also the first time his spell fizzled.

Here's what happened during the post-session discussion:

Druid: But still, there were too many traps. Even if the DC to evade them is low, with enough opportunities we were bound to fail at least a few of them.

Me: You are the one to talk! The one who had a fucking flaming sphere prepared! Cast it, roll it around or in the straight line through the obviously prepared battlefield and just follow the scorched safe way. That's total of seven rounds to show-off something that would already require a morale check with something that can actually activate the bulk of the traps.

Wizard: What do you mean by 'obviously prepared battlefield'?

Me: Tell me what you know about kobolds.

Wizard (looking at some of his notes): Small reptilian creatures, likely related to dragons. Sadistic, usually lawful-evil and with a fondness to capturing slaves and… oh, balls. Trapmaking.

Me: YEAH! And I told you that myself after you passed Knowledge and Survival tests.

Rogue: OK, our bad. We did fuck it up. Still, though, a tanglefoot bag? Thunderstones? Smokesticks?

Me: It's a swamp. A go-to place to find tar, sulphur, ammonia and limestone. That's what, DC 20 for Craft(Alchemy)? They had a sorcerer, you know, their favoured class. Plus it's not like they stockpiled them for decades, they had just four of each, which is 400 GP worth in total. This encounter was beneath you guys.

Cleric: Why the fuck we just charged at them? Seriously, we aren't usually that stupid, right?

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