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I had no idea about the article, just recalled something from geology/geography electives taken over the years. Information is quite abundant, and here is an article that I probably bookmarked while looking this stuff up for uni.

Sending electrical current through growth frames can cause them to grow/regenerate even in very harsh conditions, though I don't know the exact extent of wishful thinking behind biorock building. To my knowledge, the more pressing problem behind coral's sensitivity to external conditions is algae bleaching, which impacts everything from sand production for nearby coasts, to biodiversity and biomatter production in the area.

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There's an 'invisible' BTC address (19vVrqzbbLFKJL7ta9dvR7zX7uk6hdTWwU) at the bottom of all hubski pages that was once listed in the donations tab, but I suppose it's a leftover (mk?). Dunno about the exact details of using Brave (mk's link with sponsoring option), but since Hubski is one of Brave publishers, you can probably tip it that way. Open Brave, go to, click that triangle at the right side of the address bar (Brave Rewards) and, presumably, go from there?

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Thank you.

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My father passed away on Monday afternoon after almost a week spent at ICU in a pharmacological coma. The funeral will be on Friday. I only learned of his condition last Friday.

I've been talking to him during visiting hours. Telling him that he'll beat it by sheer stubbornness. And he was as stubborn as he was brilliant. We had some major conflicts and disagreements, didn't really talk for the last two years, but I always respected him for who he is. I hope he knows how much he mattered to me regardless of it.

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The bar/cafe owner handed me a bunch of cash last Saturday, roughly 1.5 rent's worth, saying I earned it. Not gonna say 'no' to money, but it feels weird. Even offered to hire me, but it's almost guaranteed to be impossible to balance it with studies. It's funny how, out of all the places, this is apparently where I'm this mythical 'good fit'. We agreed to keep the option open, though highly unlikely.

I'm still waiting for news from my 'first pick', got in on all the other theoretical physics programmes. Waiting is killing me, the fact I have my places secured elsewhere doesn't seem to do anything to alleviate it. Maybe it's this that sucks out all of my enthusiasm, though I suppose it just adds on a bunch of other crap.

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One of the things I noticed about beginners is that they tend to castle starting with a piece that's closest to their dominant hand (e.g. playing white, right-handed person would touch the rook first when doing king's side castling). It happens very often, and I maybe saw three or four newbies doing it properly without instruction or being reminded, though I don't know if it's universal.

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All of the things you mentioned are plot-relevant (some more than others). Not gonna spoil anything, but sit back and enjoy the show. :)

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    so there's definite filler there

Could you give some examples? I thought the series was remarkably tight, with maybe two or three episodes I felt like skipping during re-watching.

My short no-maths take on it is that It's a very sensitive, dynamically unstable system. It's theoretically possible to have those but, as far as I know, none were ever observed. They could happen on short time-scales, absolutely, but it depends on so many factors that I'm not even sure if we could talk 'weeks'. The interaction between the Sun and hypothetical Moon's moon would probably fling it away, make it collide with Earth or the Moon or it would drop off to find its own orbit around the Sun.

francopoli, am_Unition - you guys are better at orbital mechanics than me, and this thread is basically begging for your input.

    I need to know more about doing ultrathin cabochons.

Something similar is done in geology for ore microscropy. Dunno if it helps, but it's a well-documented procedure.

EDIT: Just to save some time, here's an entire book.

Corrected, sorry. Dunno where my head was.

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