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Caspus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Which tech giant would you drop first?

Apart from Facebook, Apple and Microsoft being relatively easy appendages to lose (re: don't use, only pay them for iPhone and no other services, and have a Windows OS) the only two that really feel "vital" in a modern setting are Amazon and Alphabet.

And while I could probably get away without using Amazon (I only buy a handful of things a year using their site, or else buy directly from the company's selling what I'm looking for), the ubiquity of Google is probably the single thing I'd struggle to do without. So much of my work, leisure, etc. has been compartmentalized by the ability to quickly index information that it would require a near-complete reorienting of my ability to gather information in almost all aspects, and that's before taking into account that making that data acquisition more difficult would require additional spending (through textbooks, papers, etc.) and make those pursuits much more expensive in general.

Unless I jump in the way-back machine and go back to my torrenting prepubescent years... which would probably be the more likely solution to that "problem."

If you've seen anything TRIGGER (i.e. Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Inferno Cop) - heck, even if you haven't - give Space Patrol Luluco a shot. Episodes are like 5 minutes each so you could literally kill the show in an afternoon.

Mayoiga I'd probably say is worth a watch just because I'm having such a hard time figuring out what it's angling for. I've come to the conclusion that it's basically anti-art masquerading as a psychological thriller. The show's straight-up weird and mostly inscrutable to me thus far so... take that as you will.

From the rest of this season in particular, it just becomes an issue of time since nothing else I've seen was particularly brilliant for me. Bungo Stray Dogs has this weird element of all the characters being personifications of famous authors (mostly Japanese). Kiznaiver is basically TRIGGER's take on Kokoro Connect where people get surgically altered to share each other's pain. Outside of that, I'd probably have to know what you're into to recommend anything else from this season.

Outside of that, I'm up for any suggestions of yours, too, recent or otherwise.

So, to preface: I missed a fair amount this season. A couple of shows like Big Hero Academia, Kuma Miko and JoJo I either haven't caught up on or just never got started on to begin with. Figured something like this might be a good way to not just discuss shows but share anything that people thought was good that someone (myself included) might've missed.

But as far as things worth talking about, or at least I think so:

1) Studio TRIGGER with Space Patrol Luluco and Kiznaiver

2) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

3) Bungo Stray Dogs

4) Mayoiga

Like I said, there were a lot of others shows I kept up on (see: Flying Witch, Re:Zero, Sakamoto, etc.) or went back to catch up with (see: Haikyuu, Ergo Proxy, Gurren Lagann, more than half of the -Monogatari series, etc.) so I'm not sure what anyone here on the site would be interested in talking about. But since I only really got back into anime in the past six months or so, just having the chance to pass thoughts and ideas back and forth felt to me like something that could be interesting to attempt, and it felt like doing a seasonal thing might work better than the week-by-week stuff you get back over on Reddit.

Caspus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, what do you do to unwind?

Piano! The apartment I moved into fresh outta college just so happened to have an older upright. The thing is terribly out of tune, a few of the keys stick, and the action is shot to hell but I love the thing so much. Any day, no matter how rough work is or how exhausted I feel, I can always find time for a song or two.

I'm so lucky to have gotten into piano when I was a kid. Being able to carry something like that around with me - I'm planning on getting an electric keyboard later this year for when I end up moving again - is so immensely satisfying. And on the nights I'm too tired to play, having playlist after playlist of upbeat music (mostly hard bop and an irresponsible amount of Yoko Kanno) brings me down and right back up again.

Sorry if the answer seems a bit out of sorts but I find that my "winding down" usually involves a lot of "winding up" on the tail end. I've got things like RainyMood when I need to seriously get to sleep or completely power down, but the best stress relief and mental rewiring I've found is equal parts relaxation and excitation.

Your right on the point of the Sunni/Shia split. Thanks for reminding me.

At this point, I tend to avoid participating in these discussions anymore (particularly on larger websites) because of how quickly "discussion" of the issue turns into soapboxing. At this point, it would be hard to effectively argue against the notion that Daesh and, by extension, a large contingent of the Muslim population of the world, is possessed of a worldview that at best views the West unfavorably and at worst believes in its extermination.

The problem is, where do we go from here? And that's where the "discussion" always seems to stop. Because there isn't a clear answer and some of the easier potentials to discuss are particularly thorny for a number of reasons. Do we believe our right to bear arms should trump the government's authority to enforce national security policy? If so, then do we assume that death at the hands of violent individuals must simply be an assumed risk of living in our society? And if not, then do we comfortable with the notion of a long-term, extensive effort to curtail gun ownership and trafficking in this country? Or do we instead turn outwards and claim that since this act was perpetrated by a particular belief, should we increase the government's authority to pursue individuals suspected of sympathy to said groups with greater autonomy and fewer legal restrictions? Do we as a society feel comfortable with restricting the rights of those who enter this country from a certain belief system? If not, how do you effectively police and monitor individuals without trampling on their civil liberties?

No one I know wants to have those discussions though. Because, odds are, we don't have nearly enough data or experience in security, policy, and socio-political relations to make a truly informed decision that could actually take shape in the form of policy. And yet time after time after time with events like these, like Sandy Hook, like Aurora, etc. etc. etc. the conversation never goes any further than righteous anger and accusations of weakness on the part of the "other team" who are clearly to blame for all of our faults in the world. And so begins the ritual of making the issue 20 parts politics and 1 part supporting the victims of the event and trying to encourage a more supportive, understanding, generally less-assholish way of living.

Because those are things that we, as citizens, could more directly affect than something as nebulous as managing the centuries long conflict of Islam with the entirety of the Western world, with all its facets, complications, intricacies and competing interests. At least, it's the conversation I wish I'd see more of. Maybe I'm of a minority opinion on this one.

God what a mess. Was surprised to see how quickly people in the area started heading out for blood donations. Hope they're getting the support they need.

If anyone's in the area, let me know if there's anything someone out of state could do to help. And stay safe, everyone.

They gazed long enough into the abyss. It's like 4chan all over again.

Native English speaker with a few remnants of Spanish and Italian kicking up in my head somewhere from my high school days. More recently I've been trying to pick up Japanese, which is proving to be about as difficult as I expected it to be. Having a lot more luck with Japanese -> English than the reverse, which I guess is just a consequence of not having that many people to speak to and needing to make some serious tracks on my grammar.

But since I'm nowhere near fluent with any of the three secondaries I listed, it's hard to say how it's changed me. With the Japanese at least it feels like I'm working toward a long-term goal, and I find myself actively remembering more and more pieces of it as I go, which is a nice feeling for someone with commitment issues.

Couldn't've happened to a nicer guy.

Caspus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Dear hubski, why are you here?

For entirely selfish reasons.

I found a place filled with people smarter and more articulate than I am and I'm holding out the naive hope that through osmosis that might eventually be me some day, and that I might be the person contributing interesting ideas or creative works for other people to enjoy.

I've got serious problems with following through on stuff that I claim like I want to do, so I'm basically lurking here until I finally find something that I care enough about to want to talk about and share with other people in a way that I can feel comfortable and confident talking about.

Caspus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Blep

Blep indeed. Adorable.

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