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Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Don't take me too seriously.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo

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The more I read about these books the more I really think I have to read them soon.

Just from the vague summaries I have read I get a strangely Orson Scott Card vibe.

You have strange taste.

Definitely adding that one to the reading list.

Enjoying her thoroughly.

Working on Hawking's popular bibliography starting with The Universe in a Nutshell which I am enjoying so far.

An idea that I found super striking is that the universe could have multiple different histories as well as multiple different futures.

Devac you mentioned Hawking's optimism and I definitely see what you mean. He sees a lot of potential and I think his writing does a really good job of communicating the boundlessness of possibility open to people and the universe in general.

I also find his willingness and ability to embrace uncertainty and the unknown really personally challenging and I think I'm going to get a lot out of reading Hawking outside of the physics.

I also finished Mistborn volume 1 a few days ago. Not bad, and I'll definitely finish the series, but I'm still not sure I get the hype. I guess because the magic system is unique that's most of it, and it certainly requires a different kind of creativity to use Sanderson's magic compared to say, Harry Potter, maybe that's the selling point. There also seems to be a certain Young Adult Novel feel to the whole thing that I'm not certain I can shake.

The future.

Which is why I am so strident in my opposition to the bronze age thinking that holds us back.

I did that for 20 years and was mocked mercilessly for it. Hard pass.

Praise God! (The right one of course! Not the wrong one like those other guys!)

What fun colors.

OftenBen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 22, 2019

It appears to be fun as all get out if you have people to play with.

Scratches my Destiny 'God of the battlefield' itch really good.

    Not really

Yes really.

    I'm not doing a charity by purchasing a chicken sandwich

Correct. You're giving money to a corporation that actively SPENDS YOUR MONEY making the lives of LGBT+ people hell.

But whatever. Nothing matters. Every choice is of the same moral value as every other choice.

You're voting with your dollar.

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