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johnnyFive  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 21, 2018

I was at the kung fu school earlier this evening, and a guy came in that isn't a student. I started talking a little about classes and what-not, but he told me he was more looking for odd jobs. Fair enough, I gave him the number to call (I doubt my teacher's looking for anything, but you never know). Then he started asking about weapons, about how interested he is in swords especially (Ving Tsun has a form involving two shorter blades, but you have to train for a solid decade+ to get there). I said that wasn't really our focus, and that you had to train a long time to get to the weapon forms, and that our focus was generally on empty hands.

Then I was told that he lives by the code of the samurai, and that's why he was interested. I suggested he may want to look into kendo.

And I mean, fair enough ... I'm very much a big tent kind of person; we're all weird in our own ways. I do worry about the extent that this guy was looking for identity, though. We also get tourists every once in awhile, who will talk to you about martial arts that they've seen for an hour and a half, but have 0 interest in actually training anything. As I made the transition to teaching, my own teacher warned me not to get sucked in, meaning not to sacrifice an hour of my own training time on someone who isn't really interested in actually doing anything.

The world of martial arts is a very strange place sometimes.

Ugh. (Although FWIW an assault weapons ban is stupid.)

I love these chill music stations. Some more good ones:

- SoulSearchAndDestroy

- Ambition

I think you're spot on. I wish I had places like that near me, at least for books (I imagine the comic shops would if I ever went). Comics too must be hurting from online; now that I've started getting into comics, the price disparity between digital and print is much higher than it is for books. At least with the screen on my iPad, quality doesn't suffer, either.

I mean, how can a local shop compete with this?

The Nook's first edition was my first ever e-reader, and I loved that thing. They really had a chance to become the ebook seller.

I actually find the Nook app on iOS to be much more enjoyable to read on than the Kindle one. Especially because it allows totally custom color schemes (so I do orange on dark gray for bedtime). Thus I always check B&N first if I'm buying an ebook.

We still go to B&N from time to time, but it's hard to justify when we have a 2nd & Charles even closer.

This describes my own experience pretty well.

For me the kicker was when I got pneumonia and she was the one that I looked to for comfort.

I still debate a MacBook as my next laptop, but as always I can't really justify the price. That and by all accounts the bar thing on the new ones is terrible.

I bought a first-gen MBP in 2007 for law school, and I loved it. We didn't need Word back then, either: all exams had to be printed out on our own (so I just used Pages), and my one big third-year writing assignment I wrote in LaTeX and submitted as a PDF. I used Pages and OmniGraffle for note-taking and Adium for IM. It was great. (Helped that I was able to double the RAM for like $20 a year after I bought it, too.)

At that time (2007-2009) there were only a handful of Mac users. I saw the woman who runs the helpdesk (for whom I worked while I was in school) a couple weeks ago, and she told me that they're now easily 50-50. The computer lab has iMacs with Windows VMs, but people boot into macOS more than half the time. Academia seems to be really embracing Apple. The legal profession still revolves around Word, but I wonder how much longer that'll be the case (really it's only necessary now for trading stuff between lawyers; all filing is done either electronically or printed.) Cloud services are posing a bit of a problem from an ethical standpoint, which is why I never used any Google service for anything when I was in private practice.

Anyway, these days the only reason I even still use a laptop is for posting nonsense online while watching YouTube or Netflix on a second monitor during my work-from-home days. Once I get a new gaming desktop, I'm installing Linux on my old one and putting it in the home office for that purpose, and will be using my laptop for e-mail, hubski-ing, and the like downstairs. (New desktop is going to be gaming only.)

Ok, that makes sense.

It is definitely good, and I always check it out when I'm game-shopping. The main games that are prompting the upgrade, though, are Doom and Subnautica, neither of which have Linux versions. I know people have gotten Doom to run on Wine, but it's hardly the same thing.

Plus VR support on Linux is virtually (heh) non-existent right now.

Just in time for the massive cuts in social spending.

Apple is kind of heading in the same direction, now that there's an app store (and OS X certainly phones home at least some). My bigger complaint with them, though, is that their hardware is still really overpriced, and they're hostile to upgrading (even when they don't solder the RAM in place, it's still a huge PITA to get to).

I'm planning on buying a new machine in April, and I'm on the fence about whether it'll run Linux or Windows 10. The only reason I'm remotely considering the latter is gaming compatibility. And if I do go Windows 10, I'm installing Steam, Firefox, and nothing else, and will use my Linux laptop for anything involving actual information.

I keep hearing conflicting things on this. It's been all over the 'net that the Anniversary Update removed this (see, e.g. here), but I do then see some users saying it's still possible.

I'm hoping to get a new gaming PC in April, and I'm super on the fence about whether I want to buy Windows 10 at all. My current desktop is still running 7, but given MS's refusal to support modern hardware with anything pre-10, I'm kind of stuck.

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