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They're both great so far, so I'll be curious to know what you think.

Children of God by Mary Doria Russel. I started this awhile ago, but have only recently gotten back into it. A sequel to the spectacular The Sparrow, it's not the easiest read but is quite compelling.

Yo el Supremo (I the Supreme) by Augusto Roa Baos. The Royal Spanish Academy has a really cool (in Spanish) edition celebrating the centenary of the author's birth. It's a fictionalized account of Paraguayan dictator Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, and focuses on the relationship between language and political power.

As a fellow generalist, I think I could use that book in my life.

This reads awfully close to being something on /r/wowthanksimcured. I don't know the author's position on other things, but this gives off a serious vibe of trying to provide a justification for being shitty to people who are suffering, if we think the suffering is their fault.

johnnyFive  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 22, 2019

A little late to the party, but I've been feeling singularly unmotivated lately. It's a case of just not having motivation, not any sense of futility or doom. Progress?

I came down with a cold almost two weeks ago. I was mostly over it by the end of the week, although poor sleep (for reasons unknown) was not helpful. Then my brother got married last weekend, which was awesome. Everything went well overall, although my brother broke his foot about a week before the ceremony (he was super drunk, celebrating the end of finals, and doesn't know what he did.) The cane went pretty well with the aesthetic (they got married in the back garden of the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, after all). I was his best man, and i'm still kind of awe-struck at him asking me. I'm not a particularly open or affectionate person, but he's much people-oriented than I am. Little things he's said over the years have made me think that my opinion of him is something he cares about a great deal, and I have a hard time knowing what to do with that. (Granted, that's true of all praise I encounter, but still.)

The downside to the weekend was a couple nights of even less sleep, which meant by Monday I was feeling gross again. I'm still not fully over it, and the holdouts have decided to make their last stand in my lungs. That's usually how it goes; at least I didn't get bronchitis this time. (Ever since I got full-on pneumonia back around late 2009 my lungs have seemed to be the place that germs like the most.)

That's really about it. The three-day weekend will be nice, even if patriotic holidays always make me vaguely uncomfortable. I've gotten my wife hardcore hooked on Stardew Valley, and we've been playing it co-op most nights. She's talking about buying the Android port so she can play it on her Kindle at work. Admittedly I've thought about getting it for iOS or Switch...will likely do the latter because I know if I put it on my iPad, which I take to the office, I would never get anything done.

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Not personally, but Kitboga is great fun to watch.

johnnyFive  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-Fi club: general discussion

I do too. Thankfully the series isn't over yet: unlike with GoT, the books come out regularly, and are way ahead of the TV show. I think the series has covered maybe the first 3 books at most, while they published book #8 a couple months ago.

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I recently finished The Expanse, both the TV show (of which there are 3 seasons currently) and the most recent book. Both have continued to be excellent.

One of these days I'd love to take like a week off work for the sole purpose of figuring out The Book of the New Sun. But I don't think that's especially realistic, at least not for the moment.

I'm currently reading We Are Legion (We Are Bob), which is a good summertime read. It's fun, has some neat ideas, but isn't trying to be dense or brain-hurting. The premise is that a guy signs up for one of those services that freeze you after you die in the hopes that you can be revived with later technology. He is, but is brought back as a purely computerized entity, and then is put on a probe and told to explore space. It's generally grounded, problem-solving focused without too much hand-waiving of technology and the like. The main character is a bit of a Marty Stu, at least for your stereotypical nerd, but he's not so far into cliche that he's obnoxious (and the pop culture references are kept to a minimum, thankfully). I'm definitely enjoying it.

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Given the time dilation, make sure they give you the interest rate per millisecond.

I bought me some music off of BandCamp yesterday, mainly synthwave.

* New Model and Dangerous Days by PERTURBATOR (the latter has NSFW-ish cover art)

* Mega Drive by Mega Drive

Also some not-synthwave:

* Requiem for Hell and Rays of Darkness by MONO

    Apparently you have to prove intent to commit a crime in a conspiracy(?) charge and the Trump tower meeting with Don Jr is incredibly suspicious but he's too dumb to prove he was malicious. I don't know. That's me recalling an NPR story I probably wasn't even paying attention to

Pretty much. "Conspiracy" in the legal sense requires there to be an underlying crime; you can't conspire to do something that isn't illegal. The report then goes on to say why Mueller wasn't confident that they could prove all the elements of the underlying foreign-interference crime, and your summary of that is basically right as well. The statute in question requires a "knowing and willful" violation, meaning those involved would've had to have known that it was illegal. Not just that, of course, but prosecutors would have to prove that they knew, and that's pretty difficult.

Yeah, there's a subreddit for that too. I'll admit to hoping that he'd find something overwhelming that the Republicans in the Senate would have no choice but to accept, but I always knew it was forlorn.

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