When you got off the plane

You just had to complain

Had to bring me down

Don't look out, don't look in

don't look up, don't look around

When the mason you know

Worked at Machu Picchu

Did he marvel that

The space between stones

Lets them rest in a way that is safe

we all need to feel safe

You speak french on the phone

Though you refuse to learn how to say hello

Your body's grown so

That it's sewn to the hem of the couch

When you left me at Disney

Held up by a stranger, I waived my arms

They assured me they'd find you

They assured me that this stone was safe

We all need to feel safe

Add to this. Though it has a lot happening, I think some drums/bass could carve out some moments/space. Go to town.

ButterflyEffect, cgod (sax) ghostoffuffle, T-Dog, steve, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, galen, randomuser, blackfox026, OftenBen, jonaswildman, bgood79, kleinbl00, nowaypablo, lil -played some hockey.


I'm spamming hubski with videos tonight, but you should know about that other song that uses Machu Picchu.

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