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bgood79  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

Well, how did I get here?

Yeah I'll definitely be going to one of the shows for sure. Kinda bummed Steve Kimock didn't get an invite but it will be good. Not sure which show I'm gonna shoot for. I think the old school snail mail order is going on right now.

I'll post them if I find them

Oh yeah I remember Derek. Interesting fella. I think I still have clips from the show we did at that yoga shelter. Derek fucking killed it on bass. The rest of us sucked ass.

bgood79  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Beck - Heart Is a Drum

Yeah the opener was Ghost of a Saber tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon's band) who are actually really good from what Ive heard of them. Apparently they got held up at the Canadian border. I didn't know what to expect from Beck live, but wow. It was absolutely amazing. Best show i've seen in a long time. The sound at the Fox is also stellar.

Wow! Kleinbl00, I'm not sure what your day job is but you should probably quit it. Unless, of course, it has to do with sound engineering. I particularly like the double guitar at the end. I'm reminded of a Gossard/McCready guitar outtro. I think we actually tinkered around with that idea but scrapped it. Thanks for resurrecting it!

Hip Hop DEFINITELY influenced a ton outside of music. I watch a channel on youtube that shows thousands of hours of commercials from different years. If you watch say, commercials from 1986, and then watch commercials from 1991, the advertising message is totally Hip-hoppified. It's hilarious. Every company from every industry wanted to rap to you with cool, carefree 'tude.

That would have been great if you guys polled the restaurant to see what the most influential American music band was. I can't seem to get these 3 bands out of my head when I think of that question: Velvet Underground - The Pixies - Nirvana. And Talking Heads. And The Band. I guess if it's agreed that The Beatles are the most influential band ever, you'd have to go with a Motown band seeing how Motown was a massive influence on them. Paul even said so. As far as American Psycho goes, I'd have to watch it again and read the book, but I always subscribed to the theory that everything actually happened. Think about when and where it takes place: Wall Street, late 80's, booming economy, electronics boom, rise of the superficial yuppie etc. All of Patrick's friends are all the same. Calling each other by the wrong name because it doesn't matter. Human connection is lost. The Real Estate agent just wants to sell the apartment, so she disposes of the bodies. The lawyer probably didn't have dinner with the same 'Paul Allen.' His killings go unnoticed because everybody is wrapped up in themselves. The movie's open for interpretation so obviously anything is possible. I just don't want to think that he's just crazy and it's all in his mind. It cheapens the movie in a way.

Dude's great. Seems like he plays out in Ann Arbor every night. A couple weeks ago I had dinner at the Black Pearl and sure enough there's Laith set up playing Garcia songs.

This sounds great! I never really liked the abrasiveness of the synth...but now I do! I also never really liked my guitar at the I do! Knowing a dude with mixing chops is priceless. Kleinbl00, you're my hero. (Like how Cameron Frye says it in the pool scene).

Yep. Gonna catch them for New Years at MSG. Should be crazy. Also seeing Antibalas the night before at a club in the West Village. Should make for a decent way to bid farewell to 2013.

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