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I've thought about "shopping it around" as well, but I also don't know what that means.

I do have a live band, although they recorded these two new songs with me so I suppose now they're just the band. They're great! Booking shows as an opening band on a bill that makes sense is another thing that turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated.

good to hear! things are going well, i somehow stumbled into some session bass work that should keep me busy over the next month. RE Beta Males, we actually just got done tracking two new songs today. I'll send some files to you when i get them.

I put joy up everywhere with DistroKid, we'll see how useful that ends up being (feel free to stream it on spotify so i can rake in the big bucks). Reception has been decent, although i had a really hard time finding press outlets that were interested in me. I sent the EP to a bunch of places and only a couple responded to me, only one actually promoted it and that was a place i used to intern at so that doesn't even really count. I'm not sure what i should have done differently but i'll have to figure it out before the next release.

I was thinking about doing a little write up of my experience releasing joy and posting it here if i get the time.

here's what i came up with! nothing too fancy except for a little hot doggin at the end.

T-Dog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Three years on Hubski.

I didn't know you were no longer with Dadstache. I still follow the label on facebook and listen to releases when they come out. Do you mind me asking what happened? Sorry if that question's been answered already, i haven't been on hubski in a while.

Hey, thanks tng. Funny that you tagged me in this just now - check your email!

T-Dog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: God Loves A Drunk - Richard Thompson

I might attend. I have a ticket if I want it, but getting there will be tough for me. I'm thinking about asking the other blisters if they want to do a road trip. There's lots of people I want to see, so I'd hate to miss it.

I love it. It addresses all the problems I had with gkmc and adds so much more. He's able to pinpoint social issues so accurately and authentically that I'm able to see them from a perspective I haven't before.

I'm really picky with the hip-hop I listen to, and Kendrick's stuff thus far has been a little underwhelming for me, but this is some real shit. Whether it's a classic remains to be seen. But it's definitely a work of art - and that means a lot these days.

I take issue with the notion that doing something which has been done before is inherently bad. I also think you may be missing the point of the project, as tng said. But still I appreciate that you took the time to listen and give feedback. Maybe some of my other stuff would be more to your liking.

I have mentioned it a couple times I think, but probably just in conversations with tng. why, have you heard of us?

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it and I'm glad you can hear the Andy hull! My dream Is that somehow one of these songs will reach him and he'll love it so much that he'll offer to produce and finance my next record. In that case, there would definitely be bass, drums, strings, the works!

Thanks, yeah the iPhone really surprised me when I started recording these. It starts to sound worse and worse the better the equipment you use to listen, but coming out of my iPhone speakers or my garbage earbuds i think it sounds pretty nice.

Regarding post-production, no, all I did was boost the gain on all the songs by like 2db.

Yes, haha, I wish I were a better guitar player! I took it up just to write songs so I never learned much outside of chords, but I know exactly what you mean. In "Temporary" the guitar plays a melody under the vocals during the verse and I think that adds some spice. But in most of the songs it's just strumming and singing. Arrangement is definitely a big part of songwriting, thank you for the observation, I will certainly be keeping this in mind as I continue writing. Having guitar flair is also good because it can inform the vocal melody, which is something I struggle with a lot.

    getting me to listen to a whole album of white guy playing a guitar while talking about his life is about as hard as getting me to walk over hot coals. That being said I like your album and listened to it all the way through.

Mind if I use this quote on the bandcamp page?

I agree about the vocals, in Kalamazoo especially. That was a frustrating one to write because there are so many parts to the story that I wanted to tell. I gave up a lot of ideas to make it more concise and it wasn't really enough. I think a second verse melody would have helped out a lot in making it more interesting. I get the same feeling about "All The Things You'd Say"

My most notable musical endeavor is as bassist in a band called The Blisters but I don't write songs for them. This was my first solo release so I haven't thought too far ahead, for now I'm working on another white guy with guitar album but I'm recording it for real. I may add bass and drums down the line but I'd record them myself.

For this project, I drew a lot of inspiration from Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. He has a side project called Right Away, Great Captain that I really admire.

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