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New John Maus album is pretty great:

Friend tuned me into the new Four Tet:

Digging through my hard drive and backing everything up because my computer is about to shit the bed. Found some stuff from about five years ago. May have already shared it five years ago, don't remember.

Maybe it's just because I'm feeling maudlin, but the first one sounds better than I gave it credit for at the time.

Was a time I didn't feel like it was important to share this stuff anymore. Lately I've been feeling old and useless and stagnant and like if I don't leave a mark somewhere and somehow, then my life is pointless and I'm just toiling and consuming and waiting to die.

I heard a piece about this on the radio two days ago, and it was maybe the first time I've ever found myself screaming obscenities at my car speakers. How Republicans can push this as pro-consumer with a straight face is confounding- they seem to have chosen an especially clumsy defense:

    You have to ask the question: Whose benefit is that for? Is it really for the consumer or is it for the lawyers? And I think the answer is pretty clear — it's not for the consumer.

John Cornyn. Thanks, buddy. That was the quote that got me cussing in traffic, but from an internet search of "Republicans class action lawyers", it looks like that's not just one shitty soundbyte from one especially tone-deaf legislator trying to justify his poor behavior, but THE MAIN TALKING POINT that Repubs have chosen to tout this action. Shameful.

After everything I've seen from congress in the past 8 or so years, and especially in the past 10 months, I'm not sure why this episode is the one that finally dismantled my faith in the legislative process. But here we are.

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Right back atcha.

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It is so good to hear from you, and with solid advice and a good perspective to boot. Guess it makes sense, given your current track. I don't know half the shit I need to as a nurse yet; they say it takes a good five years before you can really even consider yourself a novice in the field. I'll get there, though. In the meantime, jams are forthcoming at some point. Hope your education is going well- breaks are not a bad thing. In retrospect, wish I'd taken one. How long you have left?

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just let me tell ya bout/this fuckin' day I'm havin'. Sailing along midday when a patient's dropped into one of my rooms: left-sided weakness, right-sided facial droop, disoriented to time/place/situation, found by her friend on the floor, last known normal yesterday 1pm. So we're thinking stroke, although left weakness and right facial droop make no fucking sense for stroke but whatever she's out of the treatment window no biggie. Drag her to CT and nothing shows- she's not stroking, but she's definitely Ay-1 fucked up. Getting an IV in her takes forever because she's big and old and dehydrated and UGH so it's a good hour and a half before she's lined and phlebotomy can finally get all the blood we need; BUN comes back in the 40s uh oh Creat comes back 3.3 nonono K comes back 6.1 oh come the fuck on lactic comes back 7.2 7.2 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

back it up

Lactic is an indicator of how much oxygen the cells in your body are working with. It's the best indicator of sepsis, wherein due to a major infectious process your cells are working on anaerobic metabolism and pumping out lactic acid and basically that's not supposed to happen for protracted periods of time and it's not a good sign if your lactics are high. Normal lactic is 0.6 to 1.2.

So this lady is basically circling the drain and I'm in the weeds and my other three patients are just treading water while I flounder and I'm still on orientation and my nurse preceptor has to jump in and save me and

back it up

You may not know me at this point. I'm seeing a lot of grey names in this thread and in general and that means I've been gone awhile and there are new faces or else old faces stopped giving a shit about me which is fine. Either way, let the record show that I once said some stuff here and posted some content here and I may again at some point in the future. For the time being, here's me:

A year and change ago I joined an accelerated nursing program- BSN in one year, which for those in the know is fucking crazy, the normal accel program is two years compressed from four. We started the year with 120 students, ended with 78. I made it through not to toot my own horn (totally to fucking toot my own horn) top of class with all sorts of silly awards to show for it. I managed to postpone the nervous breakdown I'd been denying all year until graduation day, which I skipped in favor of staying in my bed, terrified that I was dying. For the better part of two months. Happy graduation, I guess. Five months and a Buspar prescription later, I'm a nurse in the ER, and by God I feel like I'm helping people. 60 percent of the time. The other 40 percent I feel like I'm just constantly fucking up.

And now here I am, month three into my orientation and holy hell, some days I just don't know if I can do it. Most folks on my unit started somewhere sleepier, like telemetry or general med-surg. I'm beginning to see the benefit to that. It's like picking up a pair of skis for the first time after watching some skiing videos and being like "I'm a skier now!" and then heli-dropping into some triple black diamond in the swiss alps and there are hungry bears on surfboards riding an avalanche after you.

Days like today, I feel like just disappearing, not showing back up to work or anywhere day after tomorrow. And I don't have many friends and I don't have many outlets so here I am, ghosted for the better part of a year only to show up briefly to shit out my worries in the corner of an imaginary bar. You're welcome, world

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Hedz up: elevated CRP and ESR are considered nonspecific indicators of inflammation, not necessarily infection. There are better indicators of sepsis, i.e. WBC count and lactic levels. High ESR/CRP and low PLT post chemo may both be expected depending on the agent used. Hope your brother is okay.

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That's right, Scaramucci. Eat your shit sandwich. Eat your shit sandwich and smile and pretend it tastes delicious

follow-up: what beyond a YouTube straw poll informs your understanding of the logistical difficulties faced by those currently lacking ID

Did you read the links

What makes you think that poor rural black folks vote Republican

also read the links I posted in my above reply

    A YouTube view I liked recently was a couple people walking around NYC asking black people what they thought of that argument that forcing a driver's license/ID requirement meant to disenfranchise black voters. The responses were mostly, I have an ID, why would that be hard because I'm black? Maintaining ownership of a birth certificate is just part of being an adult.

HACKTYUALLY... maintaining ownership of a birth certificate is just part of being a young to middle aged urban adult. Rural folks? Older rural folks? Black older rural folks? Not so much.

Obligatory NPR transcript

I just tried to find an account I read one time of an older black lady from the rural south trying to get an ID when she'd been born in her childhood home and never obtained a birth cert. I couldn't. I don't even remember the source. Coulda been here. But in looking I did find an interesting paper suggesting that not only was that account not special per se, but actually pretty common for folks of a certain age. I'm posting it separately for you to peruse. TL:DR; not everybody has a birth certificate, and it's not their fault, and painting their lack of ownership as somehow irresponsible or not "grown up" is misguided.

Even discounting the whole birth certificate issue, getting an ID isn't necessarily the easiest thing in the world. Oh god in the two seconds I took to give you some evidence I found this other article looky har

Bottom line: ID laws absolutely tilt the scales against certain populations. Not populations that you might readily identify in YouTube videos polling youth in NYC.

When I was a kid I used to sit around staring at this:

Given what you posted, you'd dig a lot of the styles. Could probably just google a bunch of the illustrations. The stories behind the illustrators are pretty nuts, too. Aubrey Beardsley, for instance, kicked around with Oscar Wilde and may or may not have gotten his own sister pregnant.

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