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ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Colbert Interviews Scaramucci

That's right, Scaramucci. Eat your shit sandwich. Eat your shit sandwich and smile and pretend it tastes delicious

follow-up: what beyond a YouTube straw poll informs your understanding of the logistical difficulties faced by those currently lacking ID

Did you read the links

What makes you think that poor rural black folks vote Republican

also read the links I posted in my above reply

    A YouTube view I liked recently was a couple people walking around NYC asking black people what they thought of that argument that forcing a driver's license/ID requirement meant to disenfranchise black voters. The responses were mostly, I have an ID, why would that be hard because I'm black? Maintaining ownership of a birth certificate is just part of being an adult.

HACKTYUALLY... maintaining ownership of a birth certificate is just part of being a young to middle aged urban adult. Rural folks? Older rural folks? Black older rural folks? Not so much.

Obligatory NPR transcript

I just tried to find an account I read one time of an older black lady from the rural south trying to get an ID when she'd been born in her childhood home and never obtained a birth cert. I couldn't. I don't even remember the source. Coulda been here. But in looking I did find an interesting paper suggesting that not only was that account not special per se, but actually pretty common for folks of a certain age. I'm posting it separately for you to peruse. TL:DR; not everybody has a birth certificate, and it's not their fault, and painting their lack of ownership as somehow irresponsible or not "grown up" is misguided.

Even discounting the whole birth certificate issue, getting an ID isn't necessarily the easiest thing in the world. Oh god in the two seconds I took to give you some evidence I found this other article looky har

Bottom line: ID laws absolutely tilt the scales against certain populations. Not populations that you might readily identify in YouTube videos polling youth in NYC.

When I was a kid I used to sit around staring at this:


Given what you posted, you'd dig a lot of the styles. Could probably just google a bunch of the illustrations. The stories behind the illustrators are pretty nuts, too. Aubrey Beardsley, for instance, kicked around with Oscar Wilde and may or may not have gotten his own sister pregnant.

ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 17, 2017

I'll let you know how I'm doing when my MRI results come back...

Feels good to be out of school, anyway.

Heard speculation on NPR this morning that it might have been Jordan. Trump's got a call scheduled with the King later on today. I'd say I'd love to be a fly on that wall, but given the slant of things, I'm sure we'll know exactly how it went and what was said soon enough.

Love those Dean Markley pickups. I'm surprised that you didn't run into more phase issues mixing the mic with the pickup that way- these guitars sound crystal clear. On a related note- the fact that "And Became Invisible" has 200 tracks and still sounds as focused and coherent as it does speaks volumes of your production chops. Gaddamn.

Never worked with Reaper- how's the learning curve? More importantly, is it affordable?

There's a place for hired gun musicians, I'm just not sure it's in a mid-level indie band. The scale just isn't there. One of the fringe benefits of having dedicated band members rather than a rolling cast of hired help is that they have an emotional stake in the whole process. They're more willing to suffer a little bit in order to achieve the whole experience, ie sleep two to a bed and a few on the floor in some fleabag motel on the way to the next gig.

When I think "bands that can afford to hire professional musicians" I think like Prince (RIP) or something. Not Pomplamoose.

Not saying that touring isn't expensive? But these guys were stupid with some of their expenditures.

-Renting a lighting rig is absolutely unnecessary, especially if you're playing places like the Fillmore, which is guaranteed have their own setup and it's probably the tits and dear god do you really need that bank of strobes to make your music awesome.

-I'm not sure why they listed equipment and backline as two separate items. If they really were two separate items, one of them was redundant.

-On top of that, if you're serious about touring, you need to buy a van rather than renting, which blows up your overhead. And don't make it a Sprinter. Buy a bare-bones fifteen passenger Ford workhorse for two thousand dollars. It'll go forever, and it'll be cheap and easy to fix if it breaks.

-And then by the way, sleep in that instead of renting one hotel room per two members, princess. Or if you really want to spring for the hotel (mister "nothing fancy"), you rent one room. For eight fucking people. Just do it, it's only four weeks. Nobody'll call you out on it. Who tours and rents two to a room? Jesus. Seventeen thousand dollars for four weeks. Jesus.

-Per diem? Fuck you, hospitality at the level of venues these guys are playing includes nice dinner and a liver's worth of drinks. They can pay for their other meals on their own. Salaries for bandmates? Really? Really? Howsabout a percentage of nightly sales. You're welcome.

-Insurance is not rock and roll.

-Commissions shouldn't cost this much. Booking agencies charge no more than 10% of ticket sales (which means no more than 9k). You don't need a business manager, you need Quickbooks. Or a better business manager because look at what you're spending money on.

Obviously, there's still not much money to be had in indie musicianship. But reading their breakdown makes me think that they bought into a lot of fripperies, and if they'd bothered to pare down just a little bit, they could have at least come out in the black.

Hot shit this is good. Congrats! You gonna push it? Play live shows and whatnot? Besides the songwriting, the recording quality is stellar. What's your setup?

Huh. His stuff looks incredible. You seen it up close and personal?

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