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ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Anyone using the Brave browser?

Seems nice. How is it a sustainable business model if they don't sell info and they don't charge for the app? Any idea?

Knew I'd miss Obama's eloquence. Never thought I'd pine for the soaring oratory of Bush II.

Maybe if you get chicks, they'll imprint. We inherited our chickens from our landlord- they owed us no allegiance.

We had chickens who constantly escaped from their run. Bear in mind that you have to get them back into the coop every night before sundown or every raccoon/coyote in the neighborhood will treat your yard like a buffet. We lost a couple chickens that way; another got injured, and then her coop mates pecked her half to death because what do you know, chickens are assholes. I had to kill that hen myself just to put her out of her misery, and it was a pretty messy experience.

Anyhow. Chickens don't always get that they have to retreat to the coop. Which means you have to chase them into it. This is easy with a run. It is not easy without. It'll end up dominating your early evening, depending on how many chickens you're getting.

To top it off, chickens don't fly far or well, but they can fly far enough to get over a fence, depending on how resourceful they are about finding the highest take-off point. Then you'll have to chase your chickens through the streets.

Also, chickens obviously shit everywhere. And chicken shit is great for yards, but more by way of introducing it in an orderly manner via compost. If you just have chicken feces willy-nilly throughout the yard, it severely limits your ability to walk around out there, and if you have any kids who play in your yard, you have to worry a great deal more about salmonella and all that jazz. I once read that chickens are more likely to have salmonella in their poop if they've been eating rat turds; thus, if you're letting your chickens run around wherever the hell throughout the day, especially in an urban/suburban setting, they're more likely to find and eat said turds and again disseminate them throughout your relaxin' space as they please.

I can't begin to imagine what that show would be like. Like, do you clap between those songs?

Think the difficulty with listening to ACLAM is how stark the arrangements are. Very little to distract from the message, so you're just left staring at his grief. Feels voyeuristic, and like any enjoyment of the craft would be some sort of blasphemy. There's no catharsis there, just an unbroken band of desolation.

Which is why I like "Carrie and Lowell". Much the same message, but just embellished enough that you can kind of forget the content for the style. And boy howdy can he write a song.

My favorite cathartic songs change over time. Younger me needed grand gestures to foster emotional release. Some Radiohead the-robots-are-coming-to-get-us shit. Now I value the quieter stuff. Been listening to "Benji" nearly every day now since... when did it come out? I hope someday to write a song as perfect as "Carissa," but I hope I never have a reason to write a song as perfect as "Carissa".

Also, I used to think anything by Bach was stiff and soulless. Now I'm starting to think that guy saw angels in the architecture better than any other human. Get the feeling that if I knew math and music theory better, listening to his work would be like looking into the eyes of God.

Speaking of Angels in the architecture, I listened to Graceland the other day for the first time in over a year and goddamn, that album never loses its shine. Can really pull you out of bad places, in part by recognizing the beauty of bad places. So I guess grand gestures still do it for me sometimes.

This just in


What makes me nervous is the part where Russia says they've decided to discontinue the air safety campaign that was intended to minimize incidents between Russian and American forces. That and literally everything else about this situation.

ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: CATS - an informal guide

Welcome back!!!

Hobbes and George Valentine. You can't tell from the pic, but George Valentine is v. ugly. Sweetest, gentlest animal I've ever met, though.

ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Eminem mixtape, 1990


Wouldn't say no to that! You familiar with the style?

Submitted this song as a hubski collab a while ago and people added some great stuff. This was an alternate, pared-down version that I did and still like a lot. Been bugging an old musician buddy to add some fretless bass a la Jaco Pastorius. He has the chops, but he's easily distracted and busy with a newborn to boot, so that's never gonna happen. Shame.

I'd offer something newer/different, but I've had no time to make shit.

Bummer. PM'd a link. If anything grabs you, feel free to add on. If not, totally fine. Looking forward to hearing more tunes! I'm late to the party, but yer stuff is great

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