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whanhee  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Reddit is still in Turmoil

    the article claims that reddit as a site is racist/sexist

Well everything is sexist (you have to point it all out), so yeah, that's true.

    I don't think anyone was claiming, or trying to claim that women or minorities leave at a higher rate due to not being able to deal with stress

No, they're just claiming that everything is oppressive to women and minorities. Except those that do succeed, they've internalized the oppression.

Went to Digital Dreams (EDM festival) this weekend. I especially enjoyed the sets by Delta Heavy and BassNectar.

It's important to remember that Farage is an MEP and has no power in London.

Another victory for European democracy!

whanhee  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Brexit looks likely.

1534: Britain tells continental Catholic Church to go fuck itself.

1618: Thirty year war begins as Northern European countries seek religious/political autonomy.

1648: Peace of Westphalia establishes the concept of sovereign states.

2016: Britain tells continental European Union to go fuck itself.

20XX: Thirty year referendum begins as Northern European countries seek economic/political autonomy.

21XX: Peace of Westphalia 2 reaffirms concept of sovereign states?

whanhee  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Britain Votes to Leave EU

Reestablishment of the empire and dissolution of colonial parliaments. Rip Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Tax them on what exactly? Property? Income? Labour? I'm baffled.

Loneliness. Humans are social creatures and can survive great adversity if they have a supportive community. Deprive a person of their community and you get a shell that collapses at the slightest touch.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    With respect, you're expressing a very us-and-them mentality, by comparing Sanders and Trump as outsiders to their respective establishments, as if either of them would be fine as long as Clinton doesn't win.

The fact of the matter is that a vast swath of the country is destitute and have been neglected by the previous 2 administrations. Regardless of why, you have to admit that something drastic needs to change. In their own ways, both Sanders and Trump address the demands of the poor.

    For one, there's a difference between Trump's lack of corporate donations, and Sanders' lack of corporate donations.

Sanders is funded almost entirely by his supporters. Trump is funded entirely by supporters and himself. I expect them to advocate for the people in a way Clinton will be incapable of doing.

Furthermore, consider this study from Princeton which shows the disproportionate influence "economic elites" have on public policy. Skip to page 10 to see a graphical summary of the paper. I struggle to see how it is the result of anything but the influence of money in politics and how corporate funded Clinton could ever hope to address this.

    Their economic policies stretch a lot further than TPP.

The TPP is one of my primary issues, I'm highly concerned both by how it bypasses the democratic process. The other guy asked why I support both Sanders and Trump, and this is up near the top and I probably should have emphasized it.

    The jobs thing, I'm sorry, is absolutely bananas. What jobs are Americans competing for, exactly? Picking tomatoes for $2/hr? Are immigrants keeping Americans from taking those jobs?

Illegal immigration hurts the lowest classes the most. They are a drain on social services. They are a drain on police. They compete for those tomato picking jobs that perhaps would have paid more if there wasn't a huge oversupply of illegal labour. To be honest, I'm not sure why the left is so pro-illegal immigrant. It's impossible to have a welfare state without strong border controls.

Take a listen to this Vietnamese immigrant discuss the issue. A key point that he raises is that he has family that have been on the waiting immigration waiting list for years if not decades. In 2014, Obama legalized 3+ million illegal immigrants (not citizenship as the speaker suggests though). It's hard not to see that as a slap in the face of those immigrants that follow the rules.

    But one thing I'm aware of is a dissonance between what is really going on in an American's motivations that inclines one towards a candidate, and what arguments they use to justify that subconscious choice, simply a side to be on and adopt that us-and-them nonsense.

I get it. Clinton panders to some. Sanders to others. Trump still to another group. Each sees their support as rational and justified and sees the others as ignorant.

Anyways, I hope I've further clarified why I support Sanders and Trump.

whanhee  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The new debt slaves

I've never heard of them. What are your criticisms?

Don't worry, I wouldn't have replied if I hadn't at least expected some kind of discussion about this :)

From my perspective, the political alignments in the current election are so skewed from what the population desires. At this point, the establishment of both parties are essentially all for big international business with a few ideological tokens to get the fanatic votes (eg. abortion, guns, trans shit, etc.). The vast majority are economically and politically neglected by both parties.

Given that, I see Trump and Sanders both as outsiders to the system that don't receive massive corporate donations. When they say something, it comes from them and I think that will make them both more effective leaders. In contrast Clinton is beholden to her backers and I can't trust her to do what is right for the American people. I think both will mark a decreased influence of money in politics.

On specific issues, both Trump and Sanders have been consistently against the TPP. They are both very anti-war while Clinton is consistently in favour of foreign expeditions. Both will reform the current health care system, this is more controversial, but I think the current system is fundamentally broken. Sanders would try for a single payer system, which I favour. But Trump would remove various market distortions and regulations which would also greatly improve service.

Additional points on Trump. I am against his abortion policy to defund planned parenthood. Trade reform is another thing that I support. I am for his wall, or at least stronger border controls. Illegal immigration is directly harmful to the most vulnerable Americans who must compete with them for jobs. I don't understand how the "left" can be so wishy washy on this, you can't have welfare without strong borders.

Lastly, I absolutely despise the "establishment" for making this the shittiest election I can remember. Never before have I seen such brazen attacks and outright lies from everyone. That John Oliver bit where he slanders Trump for being racist then insults him for his heritage? Disgusting. The entire superdelegate system from the Democrats? Horrible. The Republican party just skipped the Colorado primaries because they want Cruz. All this cuck nonsense. It's crazy.

Something fundamental has to change about American politics and in my opinion Clinton will lead only to more of the same shit.

I'm marginally more in favour of Sanders than Trump, but horrified by the prospect of Clinton. It seems like the democratic establishment is hellbent on her though, so barring some miracle, you can count me as a Trump supporter.

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