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(Insert NPC meme here)

"Are like inside"

Meat. Flesh. Bones.


Is the Martian Chronicles of the same series as that Princess of Mars movie? I believe they called it John Carter. That was a good movie. It wasn't as heralded as it should have been.

The short story wasn't my cup of tea.

It felt more like a horror story than just sci-fi.

I liked Groundhog Day. Stories about time travel are fun.

I am Legend was a great story and the film was fun.

The Martian Chronicles? I've heard of it.

Is that by the same guy who wrote Dune?

I can't breathe I am laughing so hard.

Sometimes, it is just more fun to hear what nonsense people have to say.

I knew someone who thought he was "head alien."

I've met homeless people with more sense than the logic presented with that. Oh man...

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Thank you

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What do you mean?

I love bands from Michigan.

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