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comment by darlinareyousleepy
darlinareyousleepy  ·  627 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, How Has Your Decade Been?


I'm just starting to warm up to the idea of being sober and being okay.

The year 2010, I started the year preparing for 10th grade and turning 15. Unfortunately, I learned my sister got sick a few weeks after I turned 15.

I also started drinking when I was 15.

It's kind of a weird thing to be proud of.

I haven't had a decade long "drinking career."

I remember a lot of the past decade, but many people don't need to know every detail of my story.

I had to unlearn guilt for my sister getting sick.

I hitchhiked (like the 70s) to my friends at uni.

I had to move to Texas, go down a spiral or two, and then replant in my home town.

I went down so many different rabbit holes trying to set up a life I wanted to feel fulfilled in.

And when I threw away all the scraps of it again, for one more chance at feeling important, I found a man I felt I could respect, care, and love for.

Well, he says he found me.

It's just nice to have someone not only in my corner, but also not thinking I am nuts.

Drinking made me nuts.

And the more I read about that and other things I got- it became really apparent that my parents do care about me and so does everyone else.

But I'm still unlearning guilt about that.