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What kind of questions would ideally be on a short application?

Is there anything in particular you would have to have an idea of to join hubski?

Some people have different interests or ideas than others. Whatever questions are thought of could deter some potential members just because they don't like the questions.

Well since I joined a couple of years ago, I have nothing to worry about unless I lose this account somehow. But right now, I am safe.

I wished they could have asked me, so I could have said yes to having sex. Oh well.

I'm not that old but that's someone yammering into a GoPro for a portion of an hour. Youtube is good for long discussions where people constantly talk and just go on. It may look prettier than someone talking on a shitty phone but the main point is that it's still the long yammering.

Add Andrew Yang to the mix. He has been getting a lot of exposure lately.

If a person is living cash-only, they probably aren't using Uber or a bike share program to begin with. They are probably taking the bus. The thing about digital currency is that it can still be optional in one's life. You don't have to take an Uber or buy things through paypal. You can still go to a store to buy things or take a bus or a train. What digital currency system would you suggest is absolutely something you can't live without?

Where exactly are there businesses that only accept credit? I have lived in Northern New Jersey near New York City my entire life and I have never seen a credit only business even before New Jersey decided to take some action. I have seen cash only businesses and businesses where you need to buy at least a minimum of ten to fifteen dollars worth of stuff before they accepted credit but never a credit only store. Were cashless stores really a trend? Maybe I will see a lot more of this when I go to Sweden in May.

People that want to make America great again or trolls

Any memorable discussions up there?

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Me and my girlfriend decided this week to take a trip to Stockholm and Berlin in May. We will be spending a week each at both locations. Any recommendations from those that have been there before?

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I tried to donate some money last night as well and that happened to me as well.

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My name is Joseph and I'm 30 years old. I'm from Northern New Jersey and I'm currently working on a masters for accounting. I am transitioning from a english major to a more accounting basis career. I currently work as an accounting clerk for a medical billing company.

I like to write poetry and I perform it from time to time.

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