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rocketyak  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Odd radio waves from a nearby star

The extreme optimist option: it's an entire planet of dogs. And they just met you but they love you!

It's so so improbable, but not impossible ;)

Ahh ok. Was just curious.

Yep - University of Cincinnati for a MS in aerospace engineering (controls focus). And yourself?

Ahh ok. It's hard to remember which spacecraft are made in house.

Oh man don't even get me started on JPL bureaucracy! I've worked on the pre-launch side of a few missions (SMAP, ARRM, Starshade), and yeah it's crazy the things we don't have oversight for, and the things we do. Part of the issue is not contracting out the positions that make so much red tape for projects trying to get their work done. Sometimes it's like they think we're toddlers...

MMS is cool though! That's out of Goddard, right? In my early research days I did some heliophysics/solar wind stuff, but anything not related to that is about as far as my magnetosphere knowledge goes. What's your take on the findings so far with Jupiter? I've heard the magnetosphere is much different than Saturn's, which is interesting to me since I figured the gas giants would be pretty similar.

I guess that was pretty geeky, so hey kleinbl00

I wonder how much of the Algebraist was inspired by that - their aliens and settings are painfully similar.

Is that really what happened? I work at JPL and am tempted to walk across lab and give someone a very stern look if so. I haven't been able to keep up with Juno as much as I've wanted to just out of being too busy on MSL. :P

Also if anyone has read the Algebraist then you'll understand why I want to fly straight into the storm ;)

Bordeaux or Chardonnay? I'm trying to figure out what will go best with heat.

Haha! Do we get our own Celiac layer of hell? I'm imagining tables and tables of cardboard-like pizza crusts and dry, crumbly toast. Mmmmm

Isn't communuon supposed to be symbolic anyway? Can the pope/bishops/priests not bless rice crackers? I'm not Christian so maybe I just don't get it.

Plus pretty sure Jesus would have had the compassion to find a way to bless people without making them sick...

rocketyak  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Mountaineering in Alaska, 2009

I think just lack of circulation. I had frozen/numb feet for a few parts of the trip (especially as we hiked off glacier in the 3rd-ish week) from standing in icy water, and ended up with a tiny yet convenient bit of nerve damage from it. Mostly loss of pain sensation - which is nice while my fiance and I take dance lessons! Haha.

And ooo those sound like fun! Are they fairly close together to do a loop? I don't live near there, but it would be fun to make a trip out of them. They look beautiful! Especially in the fall (or at least from what I can see on google images ha).

rocketyak  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Cows

My mom is similar, but rather than a cow phase, it was a rooster phase. I've noticed many of my friends' mothers also went through an intense, obscure farm animal phase.

I wonder why it seems like so many mothers go through a phase like this. Also I'm curious to see if I wake up in 10 years with the urge do re-decorate the place with goats or something. Hmm.

rocketyak  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Nature Soundmap

Love it! Found a new soundtrack for work ;) Also I got a huge rush of nostalgia when I played sounds near where I grew up (living 2,000 miles away now).

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