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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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Depend on what you want.

-want some adrenaline shoots: go all in in Bitcoin, go out as soon as you won 50% or you lost 10% (hard rule to follow)

-want to make money soon: Buy a fleet of electric scooters, find a cheap app programmer, and destroy uber in your city

-want to enjoy an investment made for you: follow your diversified sound plan

-want to make money some decade later: go all in in stock index and forget about it

-50% chance you may need x% of the money next year: go 2x% Bond

and always, always choose a support with no management fees


Free terminal given to every citizen to access an online service. It was heavily monetized, mostly with porn and chat room (social network)

To this day I dont get how the French didnt have a leg up on how to monetize the internet when everyone was wondering how to make money out of the internet in 2000

See for yourself, it look pretty robust: 200 participants, control group, various motivation check...etc

Or aren't you motivated enough to check and debunk the procedure, having realized the futility of the task?

I'm more shallow than you gave me credit. I just consider that "wasting time" is pretty cool (especially when it's about time travel).

Newton wrote twice as much about Alchemy than Physics. We can regret the fact that he wasted so much time on immortality and gold transmutation, or may be.. Newton would not have found anything in Physics if he wasn't so obsessed with Alchemy.

So I guess, let's enjoy our video game and comics readings, it might bear fruits we wont reach otherwise

But nobody argue we waste our best living mind on football?

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Aski Hubski: Botox

Lucky you... Botox is one of the only 3 scientific way to look young.

The other two are avoiding the sun, and avoiding sugar... and it's probably too late for that already

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee

It happen with wine, with tea, chocolate, vape/cigar... it is like any mundane addiction go through those kind of spin. Yeah we just need caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and nicotine, but let's be dandy about it

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Give me an adventure!

It's just a retell of the alien movie story. No scenario to create: An alien is attacking (the one from the movie) and laying eggs. Period.

You dont even have to gave it proper characteristics, it's just about scaring the players with an evasive powerful unexpected foe striking and disappearing in a heartbeat.

Oh I though Rt, was Reuter.. I was tricked.. at least it's a funny story

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Give me an adventure!

My best experience as a player was playing the scenario of Alien (the movie) in a setting without alien... surprising, until we found the eggs (and it clicked ) and we all died soon after.. My guess: it work with any horror movie transposed into any normal setting.

As a GM the most fun I saw my player have, is letting them save the life of a godlike figure (Elric of Melnibonée in the game of the same name) when they were newbs with 2 adventure on their belt.

And they wielded the most powerful (and dangerous ) weapon of the world for a few round of combat.. it make their day... until it corrupted one of them

It worked.. because Elric is nothing without his weapon, I dont see it happening with Elminster.

Have good fun in your new city

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Give me an adventure!

Lute of invisibility sound so fun to play. Must make for great session

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Body Positivity Is a Scam

It's not about changing advertising business model.

It's more about feeling better.. and telling our own truth (it's hard to be fat, black, mutilated, trans..) should not be censured because "body positivity attitude"

    Nothing has changed in how most people feel about themselves; instead, it’s simply become very gauche to articulate any of those negative feelings. That wouldn’t be very body-positive of you.

But I'm biased against any "positive" thinking since that :

Even more biased against Negative thinking. But the opposite of Negative self-talk, it's not positive: it's objective/realistic thinking.

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