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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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I enjoy a good strawman argument when I see one.

There is probably not a single comparaison point between a worldwide used, governement enforced currency, and a barrely used , highly speculative, computer generated one.

Can we all just learn to hack crypto, instead or trying to justify its relevance

Sway dancing- rita hayworth

I think, I 'm discovering I love tango

Harry potter live in a CLOSET in his parent house.

He only find happiness when he join a group of people RIDING broom, and catching golden BALL, while playing with their magic STICK...

Every misfit story could be about gays



Gilgamesh is unhappy while he lays with every women in his kingdom. He even reject the goddess of love from his bed.

He only find happiness when he met Enkidu, an alpha male who lived amongst the beast so far. They love each other, and run in the forest until being out of breath.

The rejected goddess, jealous as hell, send them a ragging bull. The two friend slay the beast...

When Enkidu die, Gilgamesh, see no reason to live anymore...

  Every story since the dawn of mankind is about gays

Fractal on stocks was already old when I was in quant trading in 2000. It's the Fibonacci sequence of quant.. so bullshit

It's data over-fitting by people with too much time, too much computer power, too much love for math, and too little skin in the game to realize how pointless they are

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: QUICK! What's the last poem you wrote?

Written last saturday at 3am:


  The prick

Il dit qu'il était riche, et haïssait les fiers.

Il buvait un Bordeaux qui valait bien son prix

Acheté à la foire à Saint-Paul-en-Rivière

Il avait négocié : le port était compris.

  He said he was rich, hated the proud

He drank a Bordeaux with a worthy price-tag

Bought in the Saint-Paul-en-Riviere's fair

He negotiated : shipping was included

Sa fille était un ange, trop belle à marier,

Trop fine pour l'école et leurs cours avariés.

Elle sera icone, une star que l'on voit.

Il ne la poussait pas, elle choisirait sa voie.

  His daughter was an angel, too cute to marry

Too smart for school, and it's old lesson

She'll be a model, a star people stare at

He wont push her, she'll choose her path

Il paye une mutuelle, et n'aime pas l'impôt

Qui sert à enrichir les oisifs, les lourdauds.

Il ronflait tout le jour assis dans son bureau,

Mais goutait l’art lyrique et les vers d’Alan Poe

  He pay his health assurance but hate taxes

Which only help the lazy and the vulgar

He snore all day sitting in his office

But love poetry and Alan Poe's verses

Sa femme était parfaite. Il la trompait le soir

Avec une jeunette, ourlée d’or et de soie,

Qui veille à son bonheur, jamais ne le déçoit

Quand sur son genou rond il veut la faire assoir.

  His wife was perfect. He cheats on her at night

With a teen wearing gold and silk

who care for his happiness, never disappoint

When he want her to sit on his lap.

Même s’il est cultivé, il aime le ballon

Il dribble, court et sue dans des garden-parties

Avec des notables qui ont tous le bras long

Changent le cours du monde entre deux penaltys

  Even with his knowledge he liked the ball

He dribble, run and sweat in garden-party

With some influential leaders

Changing world's path between two penalty

Il jugeait les torts des présidents de la Terre.

A les voir se tromper, il leur riait au nez.

Chacun pire que l’autre, et tous à détrôner.

Il priait humblement qu’ils arrivent à se taire.

  He judge mistake from president around the world

Watching them fell make him laugh

All were worse than the other, and needed to go

He humbly ask them to shut up

J’écoutais ce bourgeois durant de longs quarts d’heure,

Qui parurent des jours à mon oreille outrée.

J’aurais voulu partir, mais il bloquait l’entrée.

Silencieux je pestais contre cet emmerdeur.

  I listen to that bourgeois for some quarter hours

Which seems like days to my wounded ear

I wanted to go but he was in front of the exit

Silently I cursed against that prick

Il reprit son laïus plein de sévérité.

Comme un esprit serein, qui possède le vrai,

Sans trop faire d’efforts, ses paroles œuvraient

A bien me dégouter de toutes vérités.

  He started his speech again with severity

Like an all-knowing mind owning the fact

Without any effort, his statements succeeded

to disgust me from any form of truth

Il dit qu’il recyclait, adorait la Nature.

D’ailleurs il conduisait son clan chaque dimanche

Dans les parcs gracieux qu’on trouve vers la Manche,

Arrivée en deux heures avec ses deux voitures.

  He said he recycle and love Nature

In fact he drove his family every Sunday

To the nice park we found in Normandy.

Less than Two hours trips with both his cars

De sa santé, il s’inquiétait bien fort à cause

De l’argent, des nantis, des pauvres, des Roumains,

Des alcooliques, des trans, des chats, des humains

Tous étaient responsables, empiraient sa cirrhose.

  For his health he was wary, because of

the money, the rich, the poor, the gypsies

the alcoholic, the trans, the cats, the humans

All were responsible, worsen his shrivel

Il allait deux, trois fois par mois à l’Opéra.

Car seule la musique éveillait sa bravoure.

Il aurait tout quitté pour être un Aznavour,

Ses immeubles, ses chiens, ses biens, etcétéra…

  He's going two, three time a month at the Opera

Because music only made him brave

He could abandon anything to be just a Presley

his buildings, his dogs, his stuff, et cetera...

Rome était sa passion, ses temples, son Histoire.

Il regrettait le temps du règne des Césars,

Ces amis du bon goût, du drôle et du bizarre.

J’imaginais un poing filant sur sa mâchoire.

  He had a passion for Rome, its temple, its history

He regret the period when the Caesar ruled

They were the friend of good taste, fun, and the odd.

I pictured a fist going through his chin

Ce riche Parisien me retourna la tête.

Aujourd’hui encore, quand parfois j’y repense,

De l’avoir écouté, j’eus pour seule récompense

De bien me dégouter des soi-disant esthètes.

  This wealthy Parisian spun my head.

Even today , when I remember it

From listening to him I only developed

a deep-seated hatred for the so-called aesthete

Pour m’échapper, enfin, je lui tins un pari :

Existait-il un être aussi digne de louange

Que lui ? Le silence clôtura cet échange.

Ainsi je pus quitter ce pédant de Paris.

  To escape, I finally proposed a bet:

Was it a being more worthy of praise

than him? The silence was his answer.

So I could flee that snooty from Paris.

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: My First Reading of Dune

Lucky you.

My best friend introduced me to Dune way back they. Herbert became instantly my fist favorite author, and In a few year span I read everything by him. At least 2 times. From the Destination Void universe (very good), to the short-story collection, to my least favorite (because not Sci-fi) : the Soul Catcher.

If I owe someone to not totally suck in English, I owe it to Herbert. Because back then not all his book were translated in french, and I could only read them in English (and don't understand them)

My favorite is the Messiah of Dune (I loved the bad guys plan). But people consider that the god-Emperor is the better in the serie.. but how can you identify with a giant worm?

    to get there I have to be light-headed when I stand up all day every day.

What are you saying ? You and 80% of Americans have a special metabolism which make them only functional with 2500+ cal/ day? or BMI is a totally wrong measuring stick for Americans, but it work just fine for Japaneses?

It seems you exercise way way too much

Every time someone tell me it's hard to do something (a lady faint from starvation with no weight lost! proof how hard weight loss really is) I assume there is foul play.

If you want someone to succeed you dont tell them it's hard.

You dont tell a kid it's so damn hard to learn bicycle, or difficult to learn swimming (it's damn hard, I still cant swim properly). You reassure them. It will be easy.

If someone tell you it's hard to quit smoking, they dont want you to quit. They want you to buy a patch, a magical syrup, or to boost their ego because they quit smoking and they are so proud of themselves.

My point is: I will be the guy saying it's easy to eat better. So, I'm one of the bad guys, highlighted in the article.

But, as an European (not a UK citizen, it's not in Europe anymore: they grew too fat to stay in) I'm not used to obesity at all (never knew anyone over 100kg). I cant even fathom what the problem is like. Good luck fellow American/Mexican.

    Mars or a Monsanto or a McDonald’s, each working tirelessly to lower its costs and raise its profits. But that’s still no reason to despair. There’s a lot we can do right now to improve fat people’s lives—to shift our focus for the first time from weight to health and from shame to support.

    The place to start is at the doctor’s office.

Hahaha.. no it seems it start at Mars, Monsanto and McDonalds' offices

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-Fi club: general discussion

I'm happy for you. And if you enjoy this one, You'll have hours of enjoyment with all the subsequent books

Dune and all the book in the series were the first books in my life I read more than once.

I even tried 1 book in the same universe "written" by F.Herbet son's, Brian Herbert (if I remember his name correctly, I still have this abomination on my bookshelves, but wont look for it). It almost make me puke out of second hand embarrassment.

I remember playing Rick Dangerous for hours when I was a child. And losing my last life time and time again on the same level after hour to reach that level again.

I hate difficulties, and platformer, and perfectly timed jump and strike. But there is something weirdly satisfying in a game that keep beating you down.

I never played Dark Soul, and wont enjoy it. But I get the appeal.

"The alchemist" By Poehlo Coehlo.

Every one, and his sister, list it as his favorite book. And it is not a bad book per se.

But, in the 351 night of the Arabian Nights translated in 1700, there is this story of a man dreaming of a treasure in Cairo

Then around 1940 J.L. Borges wrote about his love of the Arabian nights. And with a profusion of excuse about how inferior his version is, he present his short story "the Two dreamers". His retelling of the 351th night is way better than the original. It's exotic, fun in its twist, and any sense of spirituality is lighthearted.

On the contrary the retelling of Coehlo is pretty much a power fantasy for spiritual person... this blogger seems as angry as me, and he make more sense on how bad the book is.

And coehlo never acknowledged his stealing. Funny how writing about spirituality and wholeness, Coehlo stole the good idea from an old tall and made money out of it. He is a scam

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