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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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here the spotify album (people need an account to listen, bad bad)

35h of music is pushing the boundary, of "music you've been into lately" , isnt it? Or you have a predisposition for music far above my little capacity :)

They are a lot of good energetic music (you make me listen to my first Kanye West song, and I think I might like him), sound like you'll have a good trip

    can I not get annoying Owen Meany's voice out of my head.

At least, you can hear it.


Funny fact: the all-caps was to mimic how the Christ talk in some bible (I have heard)

I read the book in my twenties, twice (which I barely do). Loved it, and still vividly remember a few scene (the Armadillo, and the finger cut).

I can get why you are bored by the book. I dont get the " dislike this book so much" part. Except if the religious theme make you angry. But the theme is not apparent until the very end, and it stay pretty mild.

    -Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller

I also loved and read this book in my twenties, which make me guess you're in your twenties, and we must all go through those books :)

    -Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Fun fact: most of the poem are lies. Whitman was not were he said he was (not even close), at the time he said he was. I guess art is just elaborate lying

Tried Brave last month ...

Obscure working and non-tweakable top site page. Everyone complain about it for 1 year now, and it is still the same.

Weird ads popping at the bottom of the screen , even more distracting than ads on a website. Ok I can let go of their weird ads system, but they should built it in a less invasive manner , if they want us to use it.

Non tweakable utility bar, weird bookmark bar barely removable, they are far from going somewhere even remotely mass appealing

And dependent on the google addon store.. Isnt that a no no if we want to get our adblock addons? Or any addon, that, in a near future, Google decide is evil and banned

Sound cool. Except I dont get a clue on how to install the stuff on windows.. easy if you're on linux, which nobody is

So I guess my grand parents and their siblings will keep using chrome, if the alternative is so hard to get working

Discovered the Carpenters.

Obsessed with her voice in The kind of hush

Using flowery language to make an argument, should be forbidden.

I think the idea behind it , is pretty decent.

This Invisibilia Podcast (the end of empathy) I just listened to, seems to make a good argument. And it's very clever in making its point

Albatros -gran Premio

I rarely like male singer, I dont like song where I dont understand the lyrics, I dont speak one italian word, I dont like Italian to begin with, I dont like sport, especially car sport.

I'm obsessed with this Italian song about some car race

    Your English kicks the ever-loving shit out of my French

Of course Klein, that's the curse that come with being part of the cultural master of the world, you don't need other language to get some good entertainment. We are not so lucky

Humm it look like a hopelessness story... that's not how I like my sci-fi.

But I may give it a try. At least Russian usually have an original way to approach written words, in all genre. Thanks for the recommendation

your lack of faith in human ingenuity is disturbing

I write and speak badly in english. But since I read it, since forever, I consider myself a pretty decent reader.

The Colder War, was the first time (since I read the novella shipped with the game Dungeon Master when I was 10), first time, I really doubted my English comprehension. The vocabulary is way above my pay grade

I love Sci-fi. Must be the only genre I like. Except.. beside Frank Herbert, I never found some good sci-fi.

Asimov is good, but with stupid character sometime.

And most of the other, from Dan Simmons to C. Clark , F. Leiber (the one who wrote the same story twice, in 2 trilogy) , Jack Vance, Van vogt (at least, this one is funny for his personal heel face turn ), they all lack constructed clever story.. and as I said, I dont like sci-fi close in the future, like all the cyberpunk sub-genre.

Ok Zelazny, get a pass. He is funny with real original setting.

Herbert> Zelazny> Asimov > Every one else > K.Dick

So thanks for the recommendation. I'll read the summary ....

Ok I just read it on wiki

Now, I remember!!

I read that Book. I should have remember It has the same title in french.

I loved the premise. and was disappointed by the solution. On the grip hand, at the time I read it (if I remember well, I took it in my small local library under the Sacré Coeur.. or my modern library in Strasbourg... or I should check in my bookcase if I bought it)... anyway , at that time, I had no idea of the Fermi paradox.

But imho, it is still a lackluster resolution, so I never read anything else from the guy. That's the problem: when I love the basic mystery, the author better deliver on the resolution, or I get real pissed.

Maybe the 2 others tome are better. Guess I'll never know

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