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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

Under one pseudonym I write books for children

Under another I write sleazy funny crime stories

Why so many pseudo? Because I'm scared to death about loosing my privacy. I wrote a short thriller about it with another pseudonym, just weeks before the Snowden reveal.

My antagonist villain company milking users-data to control the world was named "I23"... Then Google renamed itself "Alphabet" , why not "abc" ?!... They are onto me!!

And with a friend we just started a blog about our real passion football (his) and Reality-Tv (mine)

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ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3 Questions with @kleinbl00

"In the end, Sisyphe come to appreciate pushing its rock" -Camus (paraphrased)

It's still not very fulfilling to go hard at pushing a rock, but hey, as long as we find joy in it ... I guess

But I'm the hubski token french commentator, so I have a duty to go hard at reminding how lazy and strikes-lover we are

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3 Questions with @kleinbl00

    Work hard, be nice..
that's a shitty message. Like, working hard did ever paid (compares to capital revenue in a financial sense, or being fulfilling in an emotional sense ). Like, being not nice was even an option. Disappointed

And how come the audio is less than 3min when it take 2h to read those usual long kleinbloo's post!! Disappointed!

Since I saw your post I became obsessed with Jain. I didnt know her, but heard -and liked- another song on the radio: Come. The clip for it, has some weird visual too.

Jain is a french artist from Toulouse a medium town in the south-west. Her mother is a metisse ( from Madagascar) . And she spend her youth living in others country (which I guess explain her choice to sing in English)

She wrote that song when she was 16. But waited 8year to wrote her first album. With the help of 'Yodelice' (whoever the dude is)

In an Interview she confirmed that she want to have a visual identity (so she always wore the simple black robe with white collar) . In that, she acknowledged copying Stromae, and his choice to have distinct visual.

Thanks for posting that weewoo²

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Case Against Dark Matter

or "dark matter" sound really bad

How does the AI fare with white collar crimes?

I will remind the Last-psychiatrist on that:

There is a push against cyber-bullying. But nobody care for real bullying.

Because it make people/victim want to be more private.

People should keep talking on the net without fear of bully, because, that's all the contents facebook (and the like) had, and never paid for.

Those creating content on the net are paid with "like" and appreciation (and bullies are a hindrance)

And they sure should not be anonymous else we cant sell their data to our advertisers.

So under the pretext to stop cyber-bullying, Imzy and the like, would encourage you to participate with your real identity. So they can sell you more easily.


Or that's what I suppose their business plan should be.

Dont worry. If she came to power she will be too busy doing what Trump will do: trying to make the most money out of his new found power.

Biometric data dont make for easy money, compares to selling weapons, and inside trading.

I guess presidency is overrated

the problem become , the honesty in all of this.

Those people dont pretend they want nice personal graphs. They pretend, and believe (I guess) , it help them exercize and lose weight. The industry of tracker-maker, is more than happy to keep the illusion going.

It's the new face of the very prevalent weight-loss scam.

I follow the r/loseit sub. Every other comment/post, is about how some fucking tracker helped them. it didnt ! Those guys lose weight despite the trackers... As science just proved it here.

People keep on criticism the methodology of the study. It's fair game.

Here is a more detailed report about the study:


What I like in the methodology:

-Real significient price for winners of the games.

-Random pairing of player.

-the grouping of similar behavior was statistic (5 groups was the optimal solution according to "Davies-Bouldin index". This index might be bullshit, but ....hey... sometime you have to be trusting )

-The grouping seems statistically sound and simple (minimize dispersion in cluster)

What I dont like:

-sample size coming from a fair (might skew the population toward certain type)

-They could have report other statistical ways of grouping people to see it the result were still coherent.

And btw it's not a personality test per se. It's a solution to the old problem of rational agent in economy.

It might be a more precise separation than risk-adverse and risk-takers. And it only apply in collaborative interaction with perfect information (everyone know the chance, and payoff of their decision before hand.. Which never happen in real life)

Still a nice tool to have.

That's a nice poem. If you came up alone with the stars audience line, you should stop what your doing and write poetry for the rest of your life... or rap. Rap might be more sustainable.

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