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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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I didnt bough the study.. I admit it say nothing in the summary, but I highly doubt they made an article of 2 pages without some back up (even remote) from the original study

Especially since there is nothing sensationalist about it.. compared to Did Astronomers Find Evidence of an Alien Civilization?

usual correlation-causation problem. I though the same reading the same line.

And it make more sense that people ready to do 3h of exercise per day, might have some "mental issue" to begin with

another dumb article about a problem everyone know exist, and without any hint, on how to solve it

edit: was meant to be commented inside the original post

I'm a sucker for post-apo movie.

And above Mad Max Furry road (really good) , or the older Mad Max (the second mostly), and the recent Snowpiercer... I still find Waterworld endearing.

F.Herbert influence on the worl building, and some nice visual sell it for me

self enhancement is pretty defined

But the point is not about the irony that an old Eastern Killing-the-Self philosophy result in a modern Self-worth-boost in the West..

No! We needed a justification on why all those Meditation/Yoga practitioner always sound holier-than-thou. They are the Vegan of the mind, and now , it make sense why they cant wait 1 sec before talking about their Yoga/meditation practice

Aneka - Alister McColl

a modern (1982?) take on XIX tradtional scotland song, they are called "Waulking song", sung in the Gaelic language by women while fulling (waulking) cloth.

none are as energetic as this version

Depend on what you want.

-want some adrenaline shoots: go all in in Bitcoin, go out as soon as you won 50% or you lost 10% (hard rule to follow)

-want to make money soon: Buy a fleet of electric scooters, find a cheap app programmer, and destroy uber in your city

-want to enjoy an investment made for you: follow your diversified sound plan

-want to make money some decade later: go all in in stock index and forget about it

-50% chance you may need x% of the money next year: go 2x% Bond

and always, always choose a support with no management fees


Free terminal given to every citizen to access an online service. It was heavily monetized, mostly with porn and chat room (social network)

To this day I dont get how the French didnt have a leg up on how to monetize the internet when everyone was wondering how to make money out of the internet in 2000

See for yourself, it look pretty robust: 200 participants, control group, various motivation check...etc

Or aren't you motivated enough to check and debunk the procedure, having realized the futility of the task?

I'm more shallow than you gave me credit. I just consider that "wasting time" is pretty cool (especially when it's about time travel).

Newton wrote twice as much about Alchemy than Physics. We can regret the fact that he wasted so much time on immortality and gold transmutation, or may be.. Newton would not have found anything in Physics if he wasn't so obsessed with Alchemy.

So I guess, let's enjoy our video game and comics readings, it might bear fruits we wont reach otherwise

But nobody argue we waste our best living mind on football?

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Aski Hubski: Botox

Lucky you... Botox is one of the only 3 scientific way to look young.

The other two are avoiding the sun, and avoiding sugar... and it's probably too late for that already

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