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ThatFanficGuy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The new 12-sided £1 Coin

Fascinating. I like the edgy look the coin gets for its twelve sides.

One of the top comment's comments mentions SmartWater, which is simply mindblowing. Frankly, in the heat of curiosity, I came to think of it a something more akin to grey goo, but - blacklight-tracable additive is cool, too.

ThatFanficGuy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The new 12-sided £1 Coin

    I wish the US would stop making $1 paper money.

How about storing them coins? I'm not sure how things go about that in the UK, but most wallets I've seen on the US side of the world are made for cards and banknotes only.

Know anyone I could reach out to?

Dude, that wall is beautiful.

Was wandering around the mall today. Saw a real cool mug. Reminded myself that I wanted a Captain America mug for a while. Haven't found anything remotely good for me online. Made rough sketches of what I want.

Ideally, I want the latter (the Winter Soldier) to turn into the former as it heats up.

Finishing the illustrated guide to Tomsk soon. Only need one more place. Weather's grouchy lately. I'm waiting for the Sun.

I had a wonderful conversation with kantos on the nature of teaching and the role of student's agency in it. One of the things we talked about was how it was difficult to remain mindful as a teacher and to provide the students with personalized attention they all require. It's easy to sink down, and it takes effort to stay afloat on the matter.

What are you teaching? What do you find most entertaining, most exciting and most difficult about it?

Thank you. I'll put it on the list.

Would you recommend Dave Foster Wallace as an author of interest otherwise?

    and now runs Russia for the KGB.

That's not the impression I get. To me, it looks like what Putin does, he does solely to consolidate his own power.

He removes the opposition to remain seated in the throne.

He silences the voices of protest by removing the wavelength from the airwaves.

He keeps a lot of money under the matress illegally by hiding in in his friends' and family's accounts.

He crafts an image of a masculine man, capable and achieving, so that people would appreciate his looks and not the manner in which he guides the country.

All of this is dangerous. You can like Obama as a person, but he did a lot of questionable shit while in the White House. The troops, Gitmo, some of the less-known deals of his... With Putin, it's easier to list the good things he did. That list would be shorter.

    It's deeply offensive to the fundamental intelligence and sensibilities of the Russian people and dismissive of the complex web of personality and tradition that makes up the modern Russian state.

This got me curious: what do you see Russia and its people as? How is this image different from the one you were growing up with?

Won't be hearing from me on this. I don't want to watch it. I've learned enough to not be interested in the man any more than to see his megalomaniac nature exposed.

...did I black out and miss something?

You talk about low-quality popular content and how it's "destroying video as a medium", in bold. Not a mention of advertising or views.

I ask about whether it's YouTube you actually hate or the popular content, which you talk about.

You say you never said a word about popular content, despite talking about XboxAhoy and Marques Brown Lee.

Fine. I'll say what I wanted the conversation to turn to through Socratic questioning.

You say bad things about the platform. At the same time, your arguments are about the videos and the attention those videos get.

I can understand that some of YouTube's modi operandi are not great, but it's not the platform's problem if its users desire to indulge in lower-brow pleasures. Hubski can turn into a shit hole in a New York minute if just a couple of us decide that it's a better mode of operation than the mature and respectful manner that we currently employ. Supplementary examples: Reddit, 4chan.

You can use Twitter to share wise thoughts concisely - or you can use it as a stream of consciousness that means nothing to the outside world.

You can use YouTube to post original content and promote thoughtful critique in the comment section - or you can whore views all the ways you can think of.

Granted, the platform's design dictates a lot of how the platform is used - much like we talked about the way linguistic structure might dictate the way new information is processed within it - but you don't talk about this. All you say is how YouTube is a shithole, all who watch the videos are goldfish morons and that it takes a grain of time to learn the awesome tricks Ahoy employs in his videos.

Or was your original reply a way to say that you only wanted a venue to vent?

You talk about stuff masses adore that you think is horrendous. Nowhere did you say a word about the platform being bad. Care to elaborate?

Do you hate YouTube or the popular content? 'Cause pop shit be pop shit, just a pick a decade.

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