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Is this guys whole point that his generation is the greatest for having the least amount of fucks to give ?

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 16, 2017

When you say Quebec I imagine you mean Quebec City ya ? Because you should definitely go there.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: "Make Journalism Great Again"

As if we don't know what side the guy with Junior in his name is on.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 9, 2017

Started off my morning by not apologizing for not wanting to talk to the annoying guy while waiting for the bus, got my awesome truck and have a pretty safe amount in my savings account for the first time ever. I'm kicking ass at life lately.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: About this Googler's manifesto

I've basically always worked in customer service and I can guarantee I have a skillset the guy who wrote this manifesto doesn't even know exists. I've realized lately that people who don't have people skills have no idea what they even are. The other day while I was helping to train somebody a quarter of what I told her was system related and the rest was how to say something or how to break away from a conversation. These skills are more relevant to my job but they are extremely relevant to any higher level position especially somebody who coordinates a team.

I would love to get out of customer service like this eventually, right now I want to do one of those beekeeping companies where you set up the hive and everything at homes/farms for people and maintain them. If I stick with that I will succeed because of these people skills I have. If I didn't have them I wouldn't be able to move up positions and I would be stuck working for somebody else the rest of my life.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: About this Googler's manifesto

I think the author of this article put it well when he said

    You talked about a need for discussion about ideas; you need to learn the difference between “I think we should adopt Go as our primary language” and “I think one-third of my colleagues are either biologically unsuited to do their jobs, or if not are exceptions and should be suspected of such until they can prove otherwise to each and every person’s satisfaction.”

I like to move to random places where I get accommodations with my job, it shakes things up and I'm not cementing myself anywhere. I've so far not left my country but plenty of people around me are on working holiday visas they impulsively got and moved to a different country.

I'm pretty sure there are more subtle adult ways of going about that but I don't think big changes are a bad thing when you're young.

Are those the disposable plastic cups the bars give out on busy nights or did they make reusable ones to mimic them ?

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 26, 2017

You literally arrived when the fires started and then left when the sky got clear again.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 12, 2017

Life's good, when you run away too the mountains life has a hard time being bad. I probably jinxed it now and you'll read about me being eaten by a bear in a week except only like 3 of you will know it was in fact me who was eaten by that bear. I'm planning my life after this place now and I've got to say it's going to kick ass. First though I have to mention how I normally tell my guests about this. They ask where I live which is an oddly acceptable question here and I ask them about their travels. Yesterday though I asked somebody about where they were from and how long they were staying which are normally perfectly acceptable questions. I'm fairly certain though that this women thought I was a serial killer with how uncomfortable I made her. The guest before her had a 10 minute conversation with me about where they were from, where they had gone so far and where they were headed. It was interesting to say the least. Good way to end my shift.

My trip though. I'm going to go through Alberta, BC, and the west coast of the U.S of A for a week with my friend first. Then she is going to fly home and I'm just going to drive around for like a month and half solo. I want to do Alaska but I'll already be past that so I'm conflicted since the first week is really whatever she wants to do. I don't think Alaska is on her list. I'm not sure exactly where I'll go after that. One guests advice was not to worry about planning it too much and I'm taking that advice somewhat. I think I'll still plan a little bit so I've got a big book of American national parks to look through. We will see what I can dig up.

I used to work for a garden centre for a big grocery chain that did very well even though they shared a parking lot with a Walmart that had lower prices. The reason we did better was because we had older staff who were very knowledgable and had been there long enough to build actual connections with customers who came back every year. After they started cutting benefits and buying out employees a lot of these people left since they were only there for the benefits. So now we were just the same garden centre with dumb young people and higher prices.

Then there's the other place that had no plan for training new staff how to do their job. One girl found that weird because even mcdonalds had a whole training system in place. Don't even get me started on some other places I've worked. They forget the most important stuff because they are just obsessed with image. As long as it looks good everything is a-okay.

They're still kicking because you're still kicking. They don't have another generation of people who grew up with sears being relevant. I have one memory of looking through the sears catalog in a hospital, maybe if I had more of those I would feel some sort of nostalgia for sears but I know like one person my age who does. I don't even care much about The Bay, it used to be the first door you reached from the bus station at the mall that you went through to get to the rest of the mall. I went through that place as fast as possible because of the perfume counter. These are my memories of department stores, getting away from them and their stink.

Very little they've done targeted my generation and now that we aren't irrelevant 12 year old's they realized they needed to shift their brand to get a new following of shoppers. Opening a pop up store where they barely admit they are sears and have the slogan we've changed just seems like to much of a desperate "please love me" thing.

I have a great dislike for corporations because they are so out of touch with what everybody wants. We didn't want Canadian Tire to stop the commercials we all laughed at !

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