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I'm guilty of saying " Literally, in the literal sense of the word"

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Was it caused by a break or something of the sort?

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Ever seen a massage therapist about that hip ? I mean I fixed this guys tennis elbow for at least a year without him needing to do any of the exercises or weird shit they do at pt. Just me 45 minutes a week massaging the arm and I'm a drop out.

I also follow this woman on Instagram that loves to point out when her clients lose weight from eating more. She actually had 3 pictures lined up once with her clients start, then progress from her plan followed by when the woman went on her own and cut calorie more. She got bigger that time. I bet she would believe you.

It's basically how I can moderate my own Facebook, I gave up trying to explain things to people I grew up around. I've had people freak out on me which was followed by their friends telling them how disapointed they are in them instead of admit they were wrong. The things my friend sees shared on his are actually hilarious, like apparently it's wrong to sing the national anthem in our public schools now in Canada but muslim prayer is okay ? The people who posts those things aren't intelligent enough to understand how wrong they are, you could stick them in a classroom full of students standing for the anthem and they would ask why you were there even though you explained it like 5 times.

And that is why no moderation leads to the weird kind of right wing, because they are more stubborn and loyal to their crap than leaf fans.

I live in an odd little place, it's not actually a small town but we have everything we need here. Everybody knows everybody, and people will ask you for a week if you remember talking to them Monday night at pub since you were pretty rough. It's easy to feel significant until you walk outside and see the mountains or the lake. They and the awe surrounding them are the only reason I am allowed to live here. You have to work in a national park in order to live there. They tower over this little place, and when you start to climb them you see just how far they reach.

At work it's easy to feel insignificant, people don't come here for me, although sometimes I wonder what they do come here for. I wonder why two siblings sit at a table with tablet and headphones in instead of interacting. I wonder why partners will sit on their phones instead of enjoying the moment. There's checking the phone, and then there's foregoing proper interaction in favour of the phone. I wonder what people consider significant, or if they question this at all. I have the power to ruin somebody's day with zero effort on my part. Why do people left these things ruin their day ? How can I flip from being the most insignificant person in somebody’s day to being day-ruining significant ? Thinking about it, the people who treat me with significance will also not give me the power to ruin their day.

I flip between feeling insignificant and significant but I have no idea what I consider significant to me. I’m happy I didn't get thinking about this before bed.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 15, 2017

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've seen the sun here because it just won't stop snowing. On the bright side the large amount of time for the snow to fall means that the pathways are clear as opposed to the all at once shitshow you guys got.

My tomatoes I started from seed last year did amazing, my raised bed looked more like a bush with all of them in there. I ended up giving a bunch away because I planted enough with the assumption not all would actually grow, but I got multiple plants out of single pods. I'm going to miss gardening this year.

Couldn't you just change your password ?

I'm not surprised that students who hate the class the most are also the ones who stand to benefit the most from taking it seriously as well. They probably gave up on developing the interpersonal skills years ago and buried the "failure" deep down so they could ignore it.

Yes and no. From what I gather if the skill is developed it requires some brutal shit to squash it but if you never developed the skill in the first place due to not having certain things from the get go that will do it as well. Certain things need to be nurtured in the early months and years so having caretakers who are emotionally neglectful early on leads to children who don't really process those emotions properly.

I had a pretty non-existent self image at least consciously. I always found it really weird when people would talk about the kind of internal dialogue they have going on surrounding self image. Realistically I have a negative self image but I don't really identify with the self loathing part so people always assume it's great. For example I've never connected with those girls who always have to have their make up done or freak out over a less than perfect picture yet my self esteem isn't really that much higher than theirs. I don't have much confidence in groups but I've never actually consciously avoided them. I have crazy problems with self doubt but I step into roles all the time that I normally doubt myself over. I've gathered that I'm like this because although I have a crappy self-image I'm very disconnected from my self and therefore self-image.

I remember being bullied for a short amount of time when I was younger, at the time it never seemed like it bothered me so I decided that maybe I just didn't have the attention span for this. Even the bullying that did bother me didn't bother me in a conscious way. Like other people would think "I'm going to avoid this situation" where as I'm pretty sure if it was a cube that shocked me I would keep picking it up. The mind is freakishly capable at protecting us.

Yup, the Harper government loved to talk about how many jobs they created when in reality they were all part time jobs and people were struggling to find full time work.

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