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oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 23, 2019

W-wait, was it the price ? I looked at the site trying to find why it was a stupid choice and settled on the price not being it very quickly. Being a millennial suck.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: People.... funding the wall

I thought his followers were supposed to be poor people ? Gee, I wonder what it’s called when a bunch of poor and impressionable people get tricked into giving all their money to help their leader accomplish his grand plans that will fix all their problems. Oh ya, a cult. It’s a fucking cult.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 12, 2018

Honestly I don't think I ever saw an ironing board left out when I was a housekeeper. I probably would have been a little tripped out and worry that the guest wanted it out so I would be inconveniencing them by putting it away. Thankful those days are behind me.

You know all those videos of white people calling the police on black people for going about their lives ? I have no doubt they legitimately think something is wrong and they feel afraid, I just doubt they would feel those fears if white people were doing the same thing. I don’t really think itching to shoot a black person and panicking in an active situation are mutually exclusive. I don’t think they wake up every day hoping they get a chance to shoot a black person, racism rarely works that way. Sexism doesn’t work that way either but we constantly see men and women get treated differently by people who would never consider themselves sexist. I think it’s possible to get extra jumpy around black people without realizing it. I can say with absolute certainty that they do not get jumpy around small women like myself, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say there are other people they would get more jumpy around even though many of them are innocent while some small women are god damn psycho’s.

I disagree because when you look at the scenarios were cops are shooting innocent black men they have no real reason to believe the guy has a military grade arsenal in his back pocket. Or maybe it was tucked away in the glove compartment of the car. Last week a cop ran into a room were he knew some guy with a gun was shooting, I’m sure he had good intentions but did he even have a plan before running in ?

A cop shot an innocent black man in Chicago because that’s just what cops in your country do. If this wasn’t a race thing there would be people of every race getting shot as regularly. Cops are just scared of black men not military grade arsenals and I don’t accept that as an excuse. I’m scared of men when I walk around too, so what ? Do I get a pass for attacking any that might be able to out power me ? Maybe one day it will start to happen in predominately white suburbs and, like the opioid crisis, something might actually get done about it.

So basically your cops shoot a ton of black men who pose little to no threat because white men carry out mass shootings a lot ? That’s your argument ?

I imagine that’s the case in a lot of situations but I’ve also met a lot of Canadian cops with empathy, granted this has generally been in small places and maybe that’s why people push for more community policing.

Is meatheadedness the only requirement to be a cop in America ? Just saying, we have guns, wallets, cellphones, packs of skittles and black people in other countries. Has anybody compared the training officers in other places recieve to some American forces ? Or the requirements for entry ?

The “ I’m old enough to remember” was patronizing BS.

The well if that’s the issue then ya they’re dicks but heeey would you look at this over here was pivoting.

Remember Bush, eh ? Well you’re gonna break something with all this pivoting then old man. I remember it too, because certain things happening during that time affected the rest of the world. I don’t doubt he’ll stay in office for a while, but this midterm showed democrats they need to work hard in 2020 and that although they made gains they need to energize their base as well. The thing that most enrages the people I know is that there’s an entire group of people who act like it doesn’t actually matter who’s in office because they live a comfortable life. There’s no empathy for asylum seekers who have yet to be reunited with their children or who have been reunited with a child who has been traumatized by your country. This very conversation, you’ve pivoted away from a conversation about women because it just doesn’t affect you. It’s easier to just say this will pass like Bush did because it has no affect on your life. It’s easier to make the issue about respecting office because the other issue has no place in your mind.

They took his pass away because he “layed his hands on a woman”, end of story.

They doctored this video to back up that belief. You might be willing to change the argument or focus for them but they climbed this hill and they can die on it before I let them change what they said.

They’re framing it as he got his pass taken away for laying hands on a woman. That’s why they doctored the video. They said Michelle fields did that too, she didn’t. They said she faked the bruises, she didn’t. He was grandstanding and I think it’s important they remain composed because Trump wants to piss them off to make them look bad. If he was having a conversation with his wife and spoke to her like he did Acosta at the start of the video the end of the conversation would be her loosing her shit and him accusing her of being crazy. I understand you may want to preserve respect for the office for when the next president comes in but people around the world lost all respect a long time ago. They laughed at him when he addressed the UN.

You can absolutely accuse him of grandstanding and say he looked bad in this video, but to falsely accuse him of assault when they just spent weeks acting like this was a scary time for men, when they said Michelle Fields lied is complete and utter bullshit. I’m not okay with movements I care about being taken over by people who look down their nose at it until they see how they themselves can benefit.

What bothers me as well is they are using her, I can almost guarantee she wasn’t uncomfortable and isn’t at home icing her arm right now. I can also guarantee she likely has dealt with harassment in the workplace that her employers could not have cared less about.

The sad truth about these people is that they believe women are lying until it benefits them and it’s pathetic. Never once will they ever sincerely give a fuck about how a woman is treated in this world. Women aren’t people to them.

He made himself look bad, I don’t dispute that, but the flaming pile of shit I’m looking at is drawing more of my attention.

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