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My mom wanted the mother/son dance at my wedding to be "Mother and Child Reuinion." Then we looked it up and learned it was about a chicken/egg dish at a Chinese restaurant, and would have both been laughing too hard. You can't beat that voice though, and he still sounds good at 73.

Are users on hubski allowed to have bad taste? This is what played in my head today, at the hardware big box store on a busy Sunday:

kabogle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Is Bitcoin Dead?

All of mine we're lost in the mtgox debacle. I was very angry for a long time, but in retrospect I didn't pay much for them and bought them as a novelty.

There will always be a value to them, but that value will continue to be shaped with time, certainty, and a wider understanding from more people. The value is normalizing still. As another person stated, $200+ per bitcoin isn't bad at all.

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