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i'm sorry, but you've misunderstood the concept slightly

i'm talking about the wave of public figures that, in general, speak outside their area of expertise and often have weird fan cults

it's not just "somebody who knows things", because that's just an expert

Quatrarius  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 23, 2018

is this as hysterical as i think it is

Quatrarius  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 23, 2018

finals tomorrow, HS graduation in a week

for a minute it felt weird to think about but it'll probably just be the same

suicide is pretty much the only thing that makes high school troubles serious because other than that, if you're rich and white, you've pretty much got nothing to worry about, so if you can't deal with whatever it is you can't deal with, you'd still end up alright except if you can kill yourself

i've always kind of thought that because the advice people'll give you for dealing with things when you're young is "you're young, things get better" but quite a few people can't last that long

i think we need some better short term advice

it was almost freeing to get diagnosed because it made me think "oh, maybe i'm not just incompetent" and i haven't had any suicidal moments lately which is nice

this sounds more grim than i want it to, but i've been thinking about how when college students kill themselves, a disproportionate amount of them seem to hang themselves in their dorm rooms, and i question how tall some of these rooms are, because when i was looking at colleges last year, none of them had enough airspace for that

i hope i don't get a really tall room

exempt from questioning by their fanatical fans, not by outsiders

i was thinking a few seconds ago and i'm going to call these people "thought daddies"

a thought daddy is some guy (they're almost always guys) aged >30 with a college education, generally white (or off-brand white) - they can be gay, but they aren't normally, and the crucial part is that they're all writers or scientists. if they're a scientist, their specialization basically doesn't matter at all

because all thought daddies have big thoughts about the whole world, and they write so many books, and they know why everything sucks so much (there are no optimist thought daddies)

and science fetishists cluster around these people because they're just opinionated turbonerds with power, as opposed to them (the powerless ones)

i don't understand why cynicism means you have to take people at face value when they say they have all the answers - when somebody tells you "i'm the rational, right one and the people that disagree aren't logical," doesn't that set off some alarms? why are these people exempt from questioning? just because they say they're right? because they confirm the beliefs you already have? i'll never understand that

was freud right all along? is it a father figure thing - they fit the dad mold so well, they're so comforting with the answers, sometimes they have beards

i guess it doesn't matter too much in the end

"don't report on it, it encourages them" is the "just ignore it and they'll stop bullying you" of the gun control world, and it's a reddit comments section-tier analysis of the situation

i wish i could spit on an opinion

hubski: a thought-terminating cliche-ful web

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