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They are not off to a good start then. Did you use some kind of preview version of the service? The website says they won't be launching until next year.

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My old office. I could only really have the blinds open on the weekends because one of my colleagues was scared of heights. She eventually conquered her fear when we moved to a new building that was even higher and had panoramic windows in all the rooms.

james1248  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Random Photo Challenge

This is from a few summers back. It was around 5pm, 43C, 1% humidity. My friend got her 1981 Mercedes stuck in the sand in this pine plantation / illegal dumping spot on the edge of the city. Eventually we were able to push it out.

I just finished a PhD in a Cancer Medicine lab where I found a new regulatory mechanism that links the management of DNA topology by the cell with the cell's response to DNA damage. I used a variety of molecular biological and biochemical techniques, and I also wrote software to quantitatively describe populations of cells observed in 3D immunofluorescence images.

I have experienced this when trying to post. I had success by hitting back, reloading, and trying again.

Hello Everyone, I'm James. I live in Western Australia. I recently finished a PhD where I studied DNA damage repair. I did a lot of lab work and I also wrote some software for quantitatively describing 3D microscopy images. My hobbies include homebrewing beer, kerbal space program, and dancing badly. I've been a redditor for six years, but I'm looking forward to participating in the Hubski community. It seems like this platform has the potential to be more nourishing than reddit both intellectually and socially.

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