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His videos are so quiet and peaceful, in direct contrast to the rest of Youtube. I find them incredibly refreshing and fascinating.

    It is an economic and cultural rearguard action by young people launched into life from the old middle class, but not quite equipped to stay there, and trying to engineer a face-saving soft landing…somewhere.

This also felt like an uncomfortably accurate description to me.

Meddle is great, it was the first of Pink Floyd that I discovered beyond Dark Side of the Moon and the hits played endlessly on classic rock stations. When I was in college and felt like I needed to take a nap, I would instead lay down in the dark and put on "Echoes". That song takes you on a journey like few can.

I've seen these pictures before and I remember trekking into the basement stacks of a remote library at my university to find this book by O'Neill.

One thing that strikes me about the artistic depictions is how verdant the landscapes are. These colonies aren't depicted as futuristic technological marvels but as natural or agricultural oases in the heavens, surrounding "idyllic" suburbia. In one picture there are even kids playing in a stream, surrounded by lush vegetation. It's an interesting choice.

I have been thinking lately that the push towards "usability" within applications has only increased abstraction and made it more difficult to know what is actually going on in the computer.

I was trying to help my mother transfer some photos from the computer to a flash drive the other day and walking her through the steps over the phone was impossible so I had her share her computer screen with me. I had never used the Windows 10 Photos application before and the way it organizes and collects all of the images on the computer makes it very confusing to just grab a file a move it. The steps to actually find the location of the file on the drive and navigate to it was too high. Then she ended up transferring some of them multiple times and it became a huge mess.

It reminds me of iTunes and how I can't stand the way all of the music on my old iPod existed as on big library blob and it wouldn't let me manipulate the individual files. Why not? How it it easier to abandon a paradigm that is shared across all operating systems and applications on the computer and forces me to do it through your slow, buggy program? Give me a file hierarchy and show me what is on the device.

Oh man, that takes me back to highschool. That album whole is really fantastic, one of my favorites. If you like prog rock check out the Mars Volta, formed by Omar and Cedric. It's a very different sound but their first album is really great too.

Reef3  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency

I enjoyed reading through this. The thing that stuck out to me most was the contrast between how insightful and thoughtful President Obama is compared to Donald Trump, who is, from everything I have ever read about him, neither of those things.

I imagine that when a President enters the Oval Office for the first time after inauguration and sits behind that desk they feel a sense of gravity and honor for the position that they are assuming in leading the country. I wonder what will go through Trump's head.

Often I can sense that something is bad, but am unable to articulate precisely why. Since I know nothing about architecture this was really interesting!

Actually, this is the first time I've encountered Current Affairs. Anything else particularly worth looking at?

What I have seen seemed more like a spoken word performance than hip hop.

I posted this article more for the discussion it might start than the actual quality of the article itself, but I think the thesis is slightly different than that. The author approaches it a bit differently than you suggest, arguing that only those with "elite status" have actually even seen it. I don't know, it does seem like the author is saying that the musical is bad, so people who like it are bad while also trying to use that as representation of a more specific idea:

    The conservative-liberal D.C. consensus on Hamilton makes perfect sense. The musical flatters both right and left sensibilities. Conservatives get to see their beloved Founding Fathers exonerated for their horrendous crimes, and liberals get to have nationalism packaged in a feel-good multicultural form. The more troubling questions about the country’s origins are instantly vanished, as an era built on racist forced labor is transformed into a colorful, culturally progressive, and politically unobjectionable extravaganza.

What I guess is surprising is that there is near universal praise for it when there seems to be much to critique. It's not challenging or truthful and seems like it has the complexity and depth of an after-school program special. The title of the article is stupid and hyperbolic though.

It's likely, I see that's the book by O'Neill linked in the wikipedia page. It's 40 years old now, I'd love to read something on the topic that is more recent if you come across anything.

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