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The question you quote and ask in your post title isn't the same question the article is discussing. One's about previous human civilizations and the other's about pre-human (so non-human) civilizations.

    An accredited investor has to meet certain income and net worth standards, however, such as having $1 million in net worth or an annual salary of $250,000 for two years.

Huh. Oh well.

    Our hearts go out to the victim’s family.

Who knew Uber had hearts?

Yep. They actually do some good journalism these days, often enough that it has ceased to surprise me when I see an article like this from Buzzfeed. But I did just take a glance at their homepage and it's the same nonsense as ever. Can a website suffer from multiple personality disorder?

Yesterday Tillerson spoke out about Russia poisoning a spy in the UK, while the White House refused to blame Russia. Today Tillerson is fired.

But that's OK, because the Republicans just shut down the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russian interference. It turns out Russia is a great friend and did nothing wrong!

rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's everyone watching these days?

The best two things i have watched recently:

- True Detective, season 1 (HBO)

- Dark (Netflix) - watch with the German soundtrack and English subtitles because the English voice acting will put you off!

rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Worsening Cosmic Ray Situation

It's not just the usual 11-year cycle. As the article explains, the solar shield is weakening so that the maxima and minima of the cycle are lower than they were a few decades ago (see the first graph in the article). This means that more radiation reaches the Earth's own magnetic shield at each point in the cycle compared to the same point in the cycle in previous decades. And that effect will be compounded by the weakening of the Earth's own magnetic field. So for a number of reasons we're all getting higher doses these days.

The article doesn't say anything about why solar activity is weakening. So it seems this could just be a temporary fluctuation. The article's first graph shows that there was a weak cycle peaking around 1970 too, then it got stronger and recently weaker again. Are there studies of longer trends? And is there any understanding of the causes inside the sun? The small window of data shown in the article doesn't seem an adequate basis for prediction beyond the next few years.

There's a few of us around.

I've been enjoying C.A.R.'s new album, Pinned:

Whole album on Spotify

rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A single atom has been photographed.

I need to watch that film again now. So funny.

    I would say that the future is municipal broadband, but that's going to be illegal shortly in the few areas it's not already prohibited.

That is insane and depressing. Honestly, I'm surprised you guys in the USA are still allowed to have municipal water coming out of your taps, when some private company could be charging ten times the price for worse service. Won't someone please think of their God-given right to a huge profit?

Pi-hole, Privacy Badger and UBlock Origin here. I recommend this combo.

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