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rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Mandelbrot Monk

Thanks for the interesting links. Apparently Udo of Aachen is an April Fool hoax. I'm deleting the post.

Try telling a room full of audiophiles that you dig Bose headphones. The reaction won't be far off what Kipling gets you. In both fields the self-appointed connoisseurs and defenders of high taste will do everything they can to shore up an identity they spent years building. Imagine if all those years of careful study and/or all that money spent didn't make you any better than you were before you started, or any better than this rube who's so infuriatingly confident! Imagine if it didn't gain you anything! Imagine if you'd done it all just for love! The horror! So... gotta fight for that hard-won identity.

None of those things are problems with poetry. They're problems with assholes who like to talk about poetry or play games with poetry. The trick is to ignore the assholes and enjoy poetry.

Reddit's like a city; Hubski's like a small town. You can get to know people better here and they can get to know you. Things move slower. Circles of friends emerge and sometimes it may feel cliquey. But the upside of that is that your interactions here can be more meaningful than in the big anonymous city.

You might find yourself thinking a bit harder before you post. (Is that article you agree with actually any good?) Don't aim for popularity, aim to make the conversation better. The site's not set up to be an echo chamber. Muting is available but is really a last resort after actually talking to people.

And on Hubski it's kind of normal for people to reveal a bit about themselves. That can feel odd if you're used to sites where people hide in the crowd. The crowd here turns out to be small and relatively friendly. People even meet up, have drinks and post photos of the event. Crazy.

The White House denied it, only for Trump to confirm it (and attempt to defend what he did) on Twitter.


That photo! Money and power can't buy you happiness, folks!

    The agency’s own overreach and mistakes have created a new vulnerability, further exacerbated by the publishing of Edward Snowden’s stolen files.

Didn't Snowden leak NSA files, not CIA?

Sure, it's a problem, but his diagnosis seems off the mark:

    Part of the blame must reside with the toxic, feminist, politically-driven whispering campaign that “all men are potential rapists”. Modern masculinity has been put in the dock, and there it appears to remain.

I'd suggest the problem in the UK has more to do with (1) tabloids stoking paedophile paranoia for decades (blowing up each case into a fear that paedophiles lurked in every neighbourhood just waiting to prey on your kids), and (2) the discovery of a systematic cover-up of paedophiles in prominent positions in UK society (Jimmy Savile, other entertainers, several politicians from the 1960s to the 1980s at least, the Rotherham scandal, etc.). And we don't seem to be done with number 2 yet.

So let's not blame feminism for this. The slogan about potential rapists is one I haven't heard for about 30 years so I doubt it's highly influential today. And a rapist is not a paedophile so the connection doesn't really make sense anyway. The paranoia about paedophiles comes from other sources.

There has to be another option other than either having a hardcoded master password or being unable to help customers back in once they mess up.

If you've messed up the device a physical hard reset button would do the trick. But it would be a pain for anyone who just forgot a password and doesn't want to lose settings.

So how about a physical "reset my password" button? Press it and the next time you connect over the LAN it forces you to choose a new password, but doesn't erase your settings. Wouldn't that work and eliminate the need for a hardcoded master password?

Disclaimer: I may fall into your "nerd" category. But I still like devices that just work without 8 hours of setup.

If this prompts enough warranty claims maybe the manufacturers will gain an incentive to improve security on their devices?

rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Anyone using the Brave browser?

Absolutely. These are questions, not reasons to give up on the project. I hope they can make it work.

rrrrr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Anyone using the Brave browser?

They want users to pay an amount of money that they will then share among themselves, the website owners, and suppliers of non-intrusive ads.

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