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I'm an English Lit/German double major with pre-ed intent at a major university in the Midwest. I love the humanities, and hope to form a career out of that. hobby cyclist, wrestler, reader, writer, coffee lover.

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TheGreatAbider16  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Wer hier lernt Deutsch?

Ich studierte Deutsch als NebenHauptfach an der uni. Ich bin nach Dresden gereisen um Sommer Kursen zu machen, and ich habe viel gelernt. Wenn du reisen zu lernen kannst, so sollst du! Es gibt niemand, der besser lehren kann, als die Zeit, die man in Deutschland verbringt.

Ich wünsche, dass ich dir einen besser Rat geben könnte. Leider, mache ich fast nichts Deutsch zu üben. Mein Fähigkeit wird immer schlechter. Ich bin einen English lehrer, und ich habe drei Studentin, die Deutsch studieren. Sie sind sehr talentiert, und wir reden uns oft auf Deutsch. Aber sie haben noch so viel zu lernen. Ich habe noch keine Gelegenheit schwerige Unterhaltungen zu haben.

TheGreatAbider16  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Wer hier lernt Deutsch?


This does not surprise me much, unfortunately. What does surprise me in my day-to-day life is the incompetence of youth who have grown up with nearly unfettered access to high speed internet and a variety of devices. I teach suburban high schoolers from upper-middle class families, and my students are astoundingly tech illiterate. They do not understand, conceptually, the difference between cloud storage and local storage. They are unable to download a file and then locate it later because they have absolutely no grasp of files or folders or where/how to access/sort information on the machine. Hell, they don't even know how to navigate menus to change display settings, sort information differently, or save a Google Doc as PDF. These kids are freshmen and juniors in high school-- they are 14-16 years old, and if I let them, they would spend the entire school day staring at their phones, laptops, and iPads.


I had assumed, previously, that being raised on tech would result in a high baseline literacy with the software, but I was wrong. They use their devices all day, but it seems like they use them for such specific, shallow, narrow tasks that they don't pick up any skills beyond how to navigate Instagram and pick up the latest online Jugendsprache. I spend a depressing amount of instructional time either walking them through basic steps to upload an assignment or doing it for them.

TheGreatAbider16  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Books - Where Are They?

I finished my book, Foundation. I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as I had hoped. I have trouble getting into sci-fi for some reason, with the exception of Kurt Vonnegut, who does it a little differently anyway. I am almost certain I sent mine on. It sounds like maybe galen has it? If not, it's in my box of books, because I still lack a book case!

EDIT: Yep, just checked my old messages. Galen received it a while back. But I just remembered I got a second book too. Sorry, I guess it's been a while. The second one was American Gods, right? I read that one as well, and it's definitely sitting in my box of books.

This was such a fantastically fun song, and I enjoyed the quiet, intense focus of each of you. What's your group's name?

Brand new leather built blisters that bubbled

and burnt, glistening wet like a fresh tattoo.

It took miles of massaging before the stiff soles

learned to hold my feet like a lover.


I have sat for hours, a gargoyle polishing his pedestal

with wax and horsehair, rubbing brown salves

over cracks left by the desert winter air

and milky streaks of saltwater rich with lime.


In turn, my boots have guided me blindly over brick roads

and terracotta roofs. We’ve scaled sandstone towers

and dangled above canals washed in red light.

They carried me home quietly when it was time.


When my toes touched the rain, I emptied my pockets

before a small-mouthed man with dry-ice eyes and a beard

denser than rubber. He tore skin and stitches, transplanted

a new tar-black body onto a worn face.


The hospital floor is pale green.

My boots glow warm brown.

Swollen lips part under fluorescent light.

Some souls can’t be replaced.

There has been an update on this discussion in that Michael Render, who has been promoting Bernie's campaign, spoke with Coates about Bernie and reparations. My favorite bit of commentary from Render is:

    The fact that blacks have to even justify the case for reparations is shameful. The fact that only 1 candidate is being called to task is Bullshit. Especially when that candidate is the only one with policy proposal that directly effects the black community if elected

I agree that the lost nuance can be recovered. I'm actually all about the secularization of mindfulness and meditation. It can remain an extremely valuable spiritual practice full of variation and nuance without being tied to anything mystical or supernatural, which is not my thing. I too notice daily benefit from my practice, and a lot of my day-to-day practice is based on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, but I still would not really call myself a Buddhist.

TheGreatAbider16  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Terrarium attempt 2!

Great-- thanks for the heads up on the spider plant. Maybe I'll move tillandsia to a happier, more solitary place. I could put it into its own little open teardrop globe or probably something that allows for more air.

Good idea to plant a more future-minded terrarium. But I won't likely make another big one for a while-- I'm running out of good spots in my small, mostly-windowless apartment.

    it from a leather webwork I built

Well that may be getting a little ambitious for me!

TheGreatAbider16  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Terrarium attempt 2!

Thank you!

Thich Nhat Hanh's "Peace Is Every Step." It's the most recent in a long line of similarly-geared books I've been reading. I'm making a sincere effort to integrate more mindful thinking and behavior into my daily life. I read and read and read about it and then seem to forget to really apply it.

Great! Maybe I'll take it outdoors some day, but probably not until after I have a home instead of an apartment.

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