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_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 24, 2017

I feel really, really strongly that today's internet kerfluffle about "Trump et al"'s attire choices - you know what I'm talking about; that photo of the Pope, Trump, ivanka, and whoever trump's currently wifed - isn't really about what Trump or the Pope is wearing at all. It seems to me everyone throwing shady comments about that photo is 90% commenting on what Ivanka and Melania wore.

I mean, it helps my point in a very serious way that the Pope wears a consistent uniform (papal vestments) and men, in general, when in formal situations such as these, can opt to wear a black or charcoal suit which, while it may vary in details, essentially is a uniform of its own. You wanna comment on this photo? Well I can god damn promise you right from the start you won't be commenting on what the Pope is wearing as that's what he wears every god damn fucking day.

Safe, innit? Steve Jobs didn't stick to his black turtleneck and jeans for no reason or even just personal preference, dude. Consistency reduces opinion/public reaction.

Hillary "successfully stopped the conversation about her clothes" by adopting one of the most neutral fashion options available to professional women ever - a black on black pantsuit - link for reference

What I have observed today is that clearly, Hillary only managed to succeed because she fineessed every element of that super norm-core outfit. Because clearly, opting for basic black formalwear isn't enough for today's society -- Ivanka and Melania both went for that "safe" color option and have still ended up being dragged through every press and opinion piece which cares about catering to the lowest common denominator because, well shucks I guess, the cut of their dresses wasn't simultaneously formal and fashionable enough. Their veils, especially Melania's which was more apparent, didn't conform well enough to our expectations of what American women wear (which, considering the avg American woman doesn't wear any sort of veil or head covering, means that there wasn't a lot of room for them to win regardless of what sort of head covering they might have chosen) so instead, what 90% of the American internet (or so it seems) has found most pertinent to discuss is "what everyone in that Trump/Pope photo was wearing."

Let me say one more thing.

Take out Ivanka and Melania from that photo and you have the Pope in his official uniform and the President in his unofficial uniform (suit). What is there to discuss? Fucking NOTHING.

The furor around this photo and the mocking memes which have arisen from it both baffle and infuriate me.

Aren't there more important things to talk about?

Am I a dreadlocked unshaved hippie ultrafeminist y'all roll your eyes at? Or has everyone else simply not noticed that almost all of the commentary surrounding this photo is really directed towards the women in it, and not the men? Because how the fuck can you throw shade on the Pope wearing the same thing he does every day? And how can you slam the President for wearing a suit? What, should it have been a tux?

I was ashamed to see "feminists" on my facebook rejoin in the opportunity to make catty comments "on the photo overall". This is a veiled critique on gender, people. Nothing more and nothing less, and if you're going to call Ivanka "the bride of Dracula" for what she was wearing then god mother fucking damn it, you can just turn in your "equal rights for all sexes" card to me right. the fuck. now. I will be glad to collect it.

I'm not interested in your counterarguments, so don't fucking make them. Bai

alt characters and spellings - that's where i see the most potential value - i have had to re-send messages multiple times because i kept fucking a name up, either trying to recall it from memory and forgetting a double character or number in place of an alpha, or etc etc etc.

are username cap sensitive because if so, that's the best reason i've heard for this idea yet

also that would be annoying af if so and i believe that we are smarter/better than that


Madonna, Joan and cyndi et al., of course, you mean


Totally on a side bar here and not trying to engage in the "Well, is Barry a sellout?" discussion, but I am driven to point out that some people would turn down an offer like this not because of morals, but because there is no fucking way in hell I would desire to or be able to speak in front of a crowd like that. I cried reading a poem in front of 12 people once; I chronically blush; eeehhhh, I think I would pass.

Edit: OK, on second thought, I might agree if there was absolutely no content requirement. I could say hi and leave, right?

On another note ... what if we waited to call him a sellout until we heard what he had to say? Would be freakin' hilarious if he takes their money and gives a speech about the necessary overhauls he thinks the banking and investment industry needs.

...yeah, sure, he probably isn't going to do that, but if the rest of you are going to make him a sell-out or a bribe-taker or a smart money man, why can't I make him a maverick?

_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 26, 2017

In which we...

Use the royal we, for no real reason.


... marbelize things.

... make stamps.

... cut, fold, and glue flowers.

In non-art we...

...do 3x8 diamond pushups 3 or more days a week, mostly

....have logged every day in MFP for 153 days

...and have lost 15 pounds in the past 4 months.

Not to mention,

...have a now-established boyfriend (going on three months - first date story )

What else is there to mention?

_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Seriously, the guy has a point


_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: You're too busy.

I'm a hardcore list gal, myself.

ay bro when you are in NYC lmk

The O. J. Simpson murder trial had always interested me, so when the new miniseries, "The American People V. O.J. Simpson" popped up on Netflix, it was a must-watch. I'm about 2/3 of the way through. It's been really interesting watching the stumbles and failures of the prosecution, combined with the smarmy evil combined intelligence of the defense, as the case progresses. Warning: we know how this ends; it's a tragedy.

Has anyone here seen Black Mirror? I started an episode but it seemed pretty downer.

I also re-watched The Shining (on Netflix) and now re-reading the novel to compare differences first-hand.

_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 12, 2017

hey perhaps more importantly I GOT AN ETSY STORE OPEN AGAIN


Got 9 listings up as of this AM but something like 5 additional book styles/covers need to be added before my total inventory's represented. What I'm saying is hit that F5 through the day and through tomorrow too and get me some pagevyaaas. Spend some money. Spam people with my link.

And in May I'll have a vendor table at a little local art hall event one of the bars I like holds every month. That is far scarier than the Etsy shop, fwiw. But I'm committed. Eek.

_refugee_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 12, 2017

Last night my sister and I made a deal. She'd help me get weed but then I had to go out to the bar with her. Last call here is 12:45 (or 1 if you're pushing it). We got to the bar at 12. I managed to put down three ref-style (heavy) doubles in that time, made a friend who taught me how to play a game called "Odds are," and in my first try I won the bar's bar game: throw a small metal ring (affixed via string to the ceiling) onto a nail in the wall and get it to hook. I felt such a success I gave my new friend, who'd given me one or two aiming pointers, a high-five. Then, in typical exuberant refugee fashion, I even jumped for joy.

While I was mid-air my new friend, unthinkingly, swung a foot out and intercepted me. By the feel of it, intercepted my ankle, specifically. I went down! I can't remember a drunk wipeout since the summer of 2013 when I happy-houred too hard and got caught in the bike rack outside the next-door convenience store and landed on my back in very bright sunshine some time embarrassingly before 5 to be wasted.

Thankfully, with a guy on either side of me, I was coming back up before I really felt the hit of the floor. My new friend also insisted, both to me and later to my sister, apparently, that he definitely kicked me and that it wasn't just the rum's fault I went down - maybe it wasn't even the rum's fault in majority.

Then I tweeted something I thought was exceedingly clever and proceeded to send it to like, 15 people in my phone. (I'm looking at you, you know who you are.) Because I needed validation of how funny I am. Then I walked 1.5 hours on my bum ankle and finally found a caring place to crash in town, as was wise.

My nights are rarely ever so epic as this and especially when they are Tuesdays. Sharing.

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