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I'd love for the fans to get enough money to buy it, or for Wu Tang to see this and decide to just release it publicly after the (museum) tour. I know they want to do something artistic with this album, what it really does seem like they're screwing fans.

We can't be sure, but I wouldn't guess that other governments are the /only/ reason. The commonly held attitude of 'but others did it first' or 'but others do it too' is so childish and wrong to me. Yes they may be trying to counteract other governments/companies/groups/whatever, but it's not like the US/UK was brought down to this level by that 'enemy'. It's more like they led the charge.

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I feel like not voting out of protest will just be seen as apathy, giving the ones with money/power even more of a chance to stuff the ballot box in their favour (less overall votes they have to try and obtain).

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