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Just a sexy, little, 24-year-old maniac with an ego.

Web Designer & Front End Dev. I work hard, party harder, love longer, travel farther. Adventure is out there - I try to find it every day.

I am never satisfied. I never want to live the same year twice. I am excited by learning new things and the discussion and sharing of ideas.

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Trump supporter on my facebook:

    I watched her speech twice, and the bulk of it was pointing out that American movies were including non American born actors, as if that was somehow now in danger, or mattered. Trump isn't even in power yet and people are losing their minds about how he's going to be a racist bigot homophobe xenophobic insert your own phobe. It's ridiculous. And what does that even mean? Yes, it's fear based. That's all fear based. Fuck trying to scare people.

2 posts later...

This is like cognitive dissonance on crack. This is like...I don't know what it is. Pure and utter stupidity. Pure and utter belief in any narrative that spins their way regardless of how ironic it makes them or how fake it is? I simply cannot understand how and why people go to the lengths they go to to defend his actions, excuse his actions, or place the blame elsewhere. If it were anyone else, they wouldn't. Even if it were a republican, they wouldn't. What the fuck does he do that makes otherwise judgmental people who hold people to the highest standards not give a single fuck because it's Trump?

sidenote: my favorite conversation about cognitive dissonance is from the below....specifically this quote:

    Anyone who thinks that being fisted and called a bitch is empowering has gone through some mental gymnastics to get there.

Kev has his Mac mini from who knows when. 2012? 2010? I have my mid 2012 MBP. We have a Linux machine too. Kev might try to build a hackintosh but I don't have faith that hackintoshes work since the last one I built was an utter failure. We desperately need new computers but this is ridiculous.


Haooening to me too.

Also, can you make the login inputs not autocapitalize. No idea what's going on but it's autocaps on my phone and inputting a space after the '.' in my password. May need a type= password on it?

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: President Donald Trump.

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: President Donald Trump.

If Hillary had said, "I'm going to build a wall. Mexico is going to pay for it." people would have questioned it instinctively. And it's not because she's a woman. It's people people actually analyze what she says, how she says it, and how she will fulfill that promise. If Bush had said it or Obama or Romney or any recent politician - no one would have accepted that statement at face value. But they will for Trump. Why?

It's so ridiculous you can't even write a substantial news article about why it's wrong. It just is. It just doesn't work like that. It's all false. And for that reason - the level of ridiculous or something bigger - it's now another weird "truth" in half the minds of the people voting for Trump because they don't have the energy to hear what it actually takes to solve their problems.

Trump is giving people what they want: a solution. Just as Brexit was offered as a solution -- a solution that "would solve everyone's problems" -- so is Trump. Connect NHS and rapists and terrorists and throw some money signs on a cool graph and then tell them all that would go away if they vote exit...people will vote exit.

A lot of the world is filled with depressed people right now. Are they millennials who expect everything on a silver platter without putting in the time? Yup. Are they old guys who refuse to enter the future? Absolutely. Are they blue collar workers who would rather hate black people instead of the robots that are taking their jobs? Yup. But, like most of my idiotic clients, they don't care why it's happening or what is happening or all multi-faceted steps to fix what is happening.

They want a solution.

And Trump has convinced a fuckload of people that he is the solution.

Are his plans there? Nope. Will his plans work? Absolutely not. But when people have been offered a lot of talk and not a lot of delivery and are sick of hearing more talking in circles, saying "FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. I AM THE SOLUTION" will get you votes. People don't care about what the solution is right now. They just want someone to come in and fix it. And Hillary isn't getting up on stage, making people laugh, finding a common enemy, scoffing at folks left and right, and saying: "I'm your solution." And she can't. Because even with all her lies and hide-everything-from-the-people-of-your-country-nonsense, she's still rooted in reality and truth and she knows how to play the game - a massive necessary global game - to get what she wants, compromise when she needs to, make sure no one is going to nuke us tomorrow, and slowly but surely fix things one piece at a time.

i didnt read the entire thread, just your comment. so sorry if i derailed a totally different conversation. i'm tired.

The most powerful thing about this isn't the republican's denouncing him - it's putting all of the ridiculous, offensive, shit in one super long page that just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Me as well. I don't think there is a word that accurately describes this level of creepiness.

I use LastPass but I don't keep anything super crazy sensitive in it, like private keys or bank or my main gmail.

We went with it because their enterprise version allows you to share folders between people, which is super helpful when you have a ton of clients and all team members need stuff like hosting, social media, ftp, etc. It's super handy.

However...yeah...if you're looking for the most secure thing ever LastPass probably isn't going to be it.

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 6, 2016

We pay 2291 right now. The 135 is parking and 50 is dog which is part of that 2291, and that remains unchanged. So... A lot?

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 6, 2016

ALRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS. INSOM IS BACK. And, like Goobster, I'm going to fucking have some mofo HEADINGS.

July: Moving

We received this lovely piece of mail a few weeks ago.

We were expecting a slight increase of 200-300 bucks and eat the cost until our wedding on October 23rd. Nope. That's not happening anymore.

Los Angeles real estate, especially the rental market, is fucking bonkers. There's no other way to put it. They will absolutely rent our 840sqft studio loft for $2500 within a few weeks of us moving out. But we can't justify that cost, don't want to live here for another year, and certainly don't want to pay $3100 for that shit.

Luckily, we found an amazing and super underpriced place back in Redondo Beach (where I love). We offered to move in August 1st, which is far earlier than ideal but they won't take us unless we commit to July 15th. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 stories, in a 5 unit building with an owner who has a first name, not a "Property Trust". So, now we're breaking our lease and moving out the weekend of July 16th. Because there's no way were going to find a place in that location for that price that takes dogs.

Also luckily, our current building is super nice and popular and we really do have one of the best units in the building (external facing, 7th floor, nice layout) and so I am pretty confident that they will be able to move someone in to our spot by August 1st (we're letting them show our apartment starting this week). Whenever they move someone in, we stop paying rent here. Cross your fingers for us, or August is going to be a very expensive month.

July: Geneva

MyEtherWallet is doing fantastic, although we've taken a short little break for the past couple weeks to regroup. We've been in talks with another company that does BTC/ETH -> USD/EUR/CHF and we're going to partner up to allow users on MyEtherWallet.com to cash out and users on their site to create a wallet within their site.

The guy who runs the company is a huge sweetheart, super intelligent business guy who I have no doubt will bring the best out of MyEtherWallet.com and help us take this "side-project" to the next level. That's exactly what we need if we want to get serious.

So, pending an approved Visa application for my non-US-citizen partner kvhnuke, we're heading to Geneva July 22nd - August 2nd to build out APIs for both, set up a Swiss company, and meet our new partner-team. Luckily, kvhnuke and my tickets and lodging and car will be covered. But randomuser wouldn't miss out of a trip to the most expensive place on Earth so we'll be throwing a pile of cash at a plane ticket. We try to not spend more than $300/one-way-ticket which is why we end up in places like Budapest and Curacao without actually knowing that we want to go there. Geneva's going to be probably closer to $2000 for his ticket. Ouch.

August: prepare for the wedding

August is going to be another super fun month. Hopefully we'll only be paying rent for one place and we're going to get serious about all the final details about the wedding. We need invitations, hair, makeup, dresses, suits for the groomsmen, centerpieces, and I don't even know what else. Seriously wish we had just eloped at this point. Every time I turn around, it's time to write another check. August is also going to be stag party month, bridal shower month, my birthday month, and work as much as possible to try to offset the stupid amount of money we're spending.

Another fun thing is we've been taking dance lessons. Which are awesome and super fun and amazing and ahhhhh. I love it. And I won't look a fool for our first dance.

September: DevCon2

Ethereum's second conference is in Shanghai mid-September. Tickets are 900 bucks each, flights are ~800 bucks round trip, and you can get an AirBNB for like 50-100/night. So we're probably looking at another $5000 for that trip, if we go. I haven't decided if we are going. It's another thing before the wedding, it's another long ass flight, and it's another pile of money. I really want to go it just...man. Just sooooo much money.

October: Get married


Where else is my hard-earned money going?

I signed up for StitchFix (referral link just because there are so many girls on here 😛 ) because I have NO business casual clothes. I've got business-business cloths and I've got sweats. That's it. And now that I don't have to see people everyday, I haven't gone shopping in like 2 years. So I signed up for a service that sends me clothes and then I buy them. My first one was freaking awesome. But (1) I realized that even my nice business clothes are cheap-as-fuck (both in terms of price and quality) and (2) I realized how awesome a service like this is. I hate shopping, but I also stick to clothes that I am comfortable with where this service just sends you stuff. Everything that they sent me I would have NEVER tried on myself, but they looked really great. You can see what they sent me here. In other news, I now have a Pinterest which is a tragedy in itself.

So here's the concept. You tell them all your measurements and style and ideal price point, you make a pinterest board with outfits you like, and then they send you 5 items. You try them on and then you keep the ones you want to keep and send back the rest. If you keep them all, you get a discount. That's it. You can request certain items and you leave feedback on all the items you try on to let them know how you liked the style, fit, and price. I get my next one tomorrow so we'll see if they nail it again.

My Brother

I haven't been able to talk about this much but my brother got released after spring training from the Nationals. They released like 15 guys, most of them pitchers. When I first heard, I was really sad for him but it turns out he was kind of over it. The most enlightening thing he shared was this:

    When I played for Duke and stuff it was like we were a team and we were all working towards a common goal of winning. We'd all get up and run 5 miles at 5am and lift for 2 hours and then run to class. And then we would win and it would be awesome. Now, the team doesn't matter. It's all about your personal stats. And, as a pitcher who's stats are pretty reliant on the team behind me, that's not a good thing. There's no team anymore, you work out in this stupid hot Florida heat, and it's just not fun anymore.

So he got home and wandered around for a bit and talked about possibly going back to get his MBA. I told him he shouldn't do that until he works for a while.

Then he started talking with my cousin and found out that there is an amazing warehouse space for lease for super cheap, but still close enough to the rich beach cities, and decided he should open up a private training / pitching / whatever space. So that's what he's doing now. Lease is signed, demo was completed, and turf has been bought on the cheap. He's going to have a few batting cages in the back, a softer sports area in the middle, and an entry way / lounge area in the front. He already does a ton of private pitching lessons but uses random fields. He's also thinking of doing events / birthdays on the weekends. As someone who used to dress up as Arial the mermaid for kids birthday, I can tell you that they are a big money-maker.

So we've been helping out with that and doing logo, website, signage, marketing materials, etc. etc.

Here's the space:

Our dog is still adorable, but not the sharpest tool

Last weekend she accidentally jumped in the hot tub, because she didn't know where her daddy went and didn't realize there was going to be a boatload of hot water when she landed. 😂

And she still sleeps like a complete dork. Here's her this morning. Why? Can you breath?

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