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Just a sexy, little, 24-year-old maniac with an ego.

Web Designer & Front End Dev. I work hard, party harder, love longer, travel farther. Adventure is out there - I try to find it every day.

I am never satisfied. I never want to live the same year twice. I am excited by learning new things and the discussion and sharing of ideas.

On Hubski, I am especially interested:

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I love chatting with likeminded people. Message me.

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Badges -> gold is the one I remember.

They haven't done cards yet so... :P

Oh their failed newsletter....

I think of the biggest problems with anonymous apps is the lack of reputation / consequences. I have always believed that anyone can be an absolute troll or a bully or whatever when presented with the right circumstances. Those circumstances tend to apply to far more people when you advertise yourself as an anonymous app.

However anonymity comes in more than one form. It can be not tied to your government issued identity. Or your work identity. Or your Facebook identity. Or your party-all-night identity. It can mean your IP can't be tracked or your communications are fully encrypted to everyone except the person on the other end.

Reddit actually started relatively anonymous. People tended not to use usernames that they used elsewhere and were extremely careful about posting personal information that could be tied back to them. You didn't have to enter and email (and were never asked to actually - you had to dive to the bottom of your settings to be able to reset your password). But even so, add some magic Internet points and you cut down on the cyberbullying and trashiness. It also helped that reddit's initial user base was mostly older programming males, not middle school girls. Lurk moar applied and improper grammar wasn't accepted. You didn't live on your phone and you didn't reddit from your phone.

Hubski is very similar, although a lot of people who came from reddit use their reddit identities. Again, why does Hubski not become a breading ground for crazy middles-shoot hate? (1) Empowering individual users to be their own moderators (2) Inspiring thoughtful discussion by design...and by leading by example (3) a reputation system to encourage good behavior and a user-moderation system to discourage it.

I guess my point is...anonymous purely to be anonymous usually attracts the wrong user base which perpetuates a spiteful environment. There are steps you can take to mitigate that, especially in the early days. Giving anonymous middle schoolers the ability to say whatever and not moderating it is never going to end well. 😬 But giving users power and reputation and rules and providing value beyond anonymity has a better chance of thriving.

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Space Sex

Men vastly underestimate and overthink things in cases like this. We're talking about highly intelligent women that have been wanting & training to go into space since they were probably 2 years old. I'm pretty sure they would figure out a solution even if you sent them up with no information or considerations for their peeing capabilities. There are much more complex social-engineering things that we somehow figure out at like 12 years old, with no training whatsoever (e.g. what to do with that tampon/pad when your guy friend's guest bathroom has no trash can).

A diaper would be...okay. But also like this "device" is not the most highly-engineered thing in the world. Add a bit of suction and you are set.

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3 Questions with @insomniasexx

Can you send me the irc info again. I'll get it re-set up on my new computer and leave it on. I'm just crazy busy. My phone dings pings and dongs so much you'd think I had posted my phone number on the reddit front page with my tits or something. 😄

Trump supporter on my facebook:

    I watched her speech twice, and the bulk of it was pointing out that American movies were including non American born actors, as if that was somehow now in danger, or mattered. Trump isn't even in power yet and people are losing their minds about how he's going to be a racist bigot homophobe xenophobic insert your own phobe. It's ridiculous. And what does that even mean? Yes, it's fear based. That's all fear based. Fuck trying to scare people.

2 posts later...

This is like cognitive dissonance on crack. This is like...I don't know what it is. Pure and utter stupidity. Pure and utter belief in any narrative that spins their way regardless of how ironic it makes them or how fake it is? I simply cannot understand how and why people go to the lengths they go to to defend his actions, excuse his actions, or place the blame elsewhere. If it were anyone else, they wouldn't. Even if it were a republican, they wouldn't. What the fuck does he do that makes otherwise judgmental people who hold people to the highest standards not give a single fuck because it's Trump?

sidenote: my favorite conversation about cognitive dissonance is from the below....specifically this quote:

    Anyone who thinks that being fisted and called a bitch is empowering has gone through some mental gymnastics to get there.

Kev has his Mac mini from who knows when. 2012? 2010? I have my mid 2012 MBP. We have a Linux machine too. Kev might try to build a hackintosh but I don't have faith that hackintoshes work since the last one I built was an utter failure. We desperately need new computers but this is ridiculous.


Haooening to me too.

Also, can you make the login inputs not autocapitalize. No idea what's going on but it's autocaps on my phone and inputting a space after the '.' in my password. May need a type= password on it?

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: President Donald Trump.

insomniasexx  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: President Donald Trump.

If Hillary had said, "I'm going to build a wall. Mexico is going to pay for it." people would have questioned it instinctively. And it's not because she's a woman. It's people people actually analyze what she says, how she says it, and how she will fulfill that promise. If Bush had said it or Obama or Romney or any recent politician - no one would have accepted that statement at face value. But they will for Trump. Why?

It's so ridiculous you can't even write a substantial news article about why it's wrong. It just is. It just doesn't work like that. It's all false. And for that reason - the level of ridiculous or something bigger - it's now another weird "truth" in half the minds of the people voting for Trump because they don't have the energy to hear what it actually takes to solve their problems.

Trump is giving people what they want: a solution. Just as Brexit was offered as a solution -- a solution that "would solve everyone's problems" -- so is Trump. Connect NHS and rapists and terrorists and throw some money signs on a cool graph and then tell them all that would go away if they vote exit...people will vote exit.

A lot of the world is filled with depressed people right now. Are they millennials who expect everything on a silver platter without putting in the time? Yup. Are they old guys who refuse to enter the future? Absolutely. Are they blue collar workers who would rather hate black people instead of the robots that are taking their jobs? Yup. But, like most of my idiotic clients, they don't care why it's happening or what is happening or all multi-faceted steps to fix what is happening.

They want a solution.

And Trump has convinced a fuckload of people that he is the solution.

Are his plans there? Nope. Will his plans work? Absolutely not. But when people have been offered a lot of talk and not a lot of delivery and are sick of hearing more talking in circles, saying "FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. I AM THE SOLUTION" will get you votes. People don't care about what the solution is right now. They just want someone to come in and fix it. And Hillary isn't getting up on stage, making people laugh, finding a common enemy, scoffing at folks left and right, and saying: "I'm your solution." And she can't. Because even with all her lies and hide-everything-from-the-people-of-your-country-nonsense, she's still rooted in reality and truth and she knows how to play the game - a massive necessary global game - to get what she wants, compromise when she needs to, make sure no one is going to nuke us tomorrow, and slowly but surely fix things one piece at a time.

i didnt read the entire thread, just your comment. so sorry if i derailed a totally different conversation. i'm tired.

The most powerful thing about this isn't the republican's denouncing him - it's putting all of the ridiculous, offensive, shit in one super long page that just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Me as well. I don't think there is a word that accurately describes this level of creepiness.

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