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Adam is the President and founder of The Michigan Skeptics Association. As an Atheist and Skeptic for most of his life, he founded MISkeptics to give Michigan a larger and more unified skeptical voice. He was born in South East Michigan and has lived in Michigan for his entire life.

When not working with MISkeptics, Adam is an IT consultant. He travels across the country helping companies with big IT issues.

He is also a big fan of writing bios in third-person and his favorite drink is a Gin Martini though he usually stays with Rum and Coke.

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    Unfortunately the talk, which he has now published on Scientific American’s website (which means it’s fair game), was more than a bit disappointing – not because he was critical, but because he does not seem to get skepticism with a small or a big “S.” The result was a string of cherry picked strawmen.

FYI: This is a bit of over-hype. Sensationalism is probably not the best word for it. The events the article (and others listed below) are statistical anomalies. Mere bumps in the data. It would be really cool if it were accurate but so far nothing to say, write an article behind a paywall about...

Yeah a pretty dumb line.

The hammerhead shark used the electromagnetic field given off by its prey to detect and catch them.

Well you are the final boss...

Do... Do I have to fight you now?

I dub this the #science #tagoftheweek winner! rrrrr, the duty to name next week's winner now falls upon your head!

Mindwolf  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The science myths that will not die.

It worked. You have summoned me. And like Cthulhu I shall lay waste to all. Or pick next week's #tagoftheweek. Whichever comes first.

This. This motherfucking blowhard right here, gets it.

Most correspondence would most likely be digitized. But I'm sure there would be a few letters and maybe some small packages. For mostly nostalgia's sake or very special occasions.

That is assuming of course that:

1: We actually colonize Mars.

2: We have an active long term colony.

3: We have shipping routes between the two worlds.

If all that works out and there is a shipping/courier route making regular trips between the two the cost will be lower. But that would be way off in the future.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to reach the mantle "in five years" since the 60's.

What makes this different from standard lab grown diamonds is that there were only originally only two known phases of solid carbon, graphite and diamond. Making a lab grown diamond required large amounts of heat and pressure.

This new phase that they discovered (which is magnetic by the way, how cool it that?) only required ambient pressure and temperature. Yes this will lead to cheaper lab grown diamonds but it is also an amazing discovery in its own right.

Oh, and get well soon!

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