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If we're putting robots in authority roles, let's at least make them cool and terrifying.

oh wait

I always feel bad for the researchers that discover these. On one end of the spectrum of possibilities, you have a boring glitch that's explainable by some sort of new solar flare. At the other end you have signals from the alien empire of ZZYYKK proclaiming themselves as our supreme overlords. There's just no way to win here.

Edit: To be fair I guess it is cool to be able to peer into the vast unknown and discover new phenomena. It's just not a job that I think I'd want.

The best (read: most ironic) part about all of this is that the vote was delayed because of McCain's health complications. His surgical procedure, a craniotomy, costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000 (said Google). There's no way an uninsured retiree at his age would have been able to afford such a procedure.

What's the time commitment on this game? It looks excellent but I just want to make sure I can actually contribute if I am able to join.

What I don't get is the fact that people are trying to shift the focus onto anti-Trump rhetoric and how that needs to be "toned down." If it was really that hateful and violent then people wouldn't be be going after Scalise and other senators, they'd go after Trump. I'm expecting to see this used as pushback now next time someone gets too critical of the administration.

But I do hope Scalise and his aides recover, and that the gunman is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This kind of stuff could pull the country even further apart than it's already been pulled.

Sounds like Mueller is getting close to something ugly. Can't wait to hear what it is.

Heh, hopefully no one literally. That'd be about the worst possible outcome of this presidency regardless of the stupid shit that's happened.

In terms of court battles, I don't know. Maybe Mueller?

If the reporting is accurate, we're reverting back to the "king holding court" model of government. Someone is gonna have to start drafting honorifics and titles for everyone to recite when they address Trump. "President of the Americans, Protector of the Atlantic, He of the Huge Hands..."

It's deeply troubling and every day brings more concerning news.

Disclaimer: my only experience with the American school system has been as a student. I also don't have any examples or statistics to back up my proposals. Reader beware.

Currently most schools I know of teach in quarter or semester format, with multiple subjects being taught at the same time. While this theoretically reduces compartmentalization of subjects, I've found that in practice most teachers don't bother to tie in their subjects with the others that the students learn at the same time. Additionally, the prevailing attitude seems to be (at least among the teachers I studied under) that their subject is the most important. This is understandable, since they are being paid to teach that subject, but when multiple teachers hold that view semesters tend to get laborious.

A monthly approach would see students focusing on just one subject at a time for the majority of the day, for that month. Testing would occur at the end of the month, followed by a considerable break (5-day weekend or something similar). Then, next month, classes would rotate and students would begin a new subject. At the end of the year (or perhaps biannually), all subjects that the student had pursued in that time period would be tested using exams that had been designed by the teacher in advance.

I recognize that there are several drawbacks to this system, such as holidays, teacher fatigue, class separation, and registration and scheduling difficulties. However, it seems to me that requiring students to focus on a single subject at a time may produce better outcomes, encourage cooperation, and lead to a deeper understanding of that subject. Again, I can't back any of this stuff up with statistics or examples, it's just a thing in my head that I think would be neat.

I like Coke Zero.

Sorry, that was low effort. A couple more:

-Instead of semesters, schools should teach and focus on one subject per month, with a battery of comprehensive exams at the end of the year.

-Pieces of flair (pins, patches, ribbons) are cool.

-Fountain pens need to make a comeback.

-We should pour a lot more resources into space exploration. Like, I'm for up to 5% of the federal budget being used for it.

I got more but can't think of them right now for some reason.

Good patch!

I know that Tim Urban is excited about where this hypothetical invention is taking us, but to be honest, it's pretty terrifying that someday with the aid of this device you could have your perception of reality tailored - hell, altered radically - without your knowledge or consent. Hell, I can easily imagine some sort of malevolent code that would override specific commands to the nervous system and make it impossible for you to will your arms to take it off. Boom, you're permanently jacked in whether you like it or not, and will continue to suffer the effects of the corrupted hardware feeding input straight into your brain. Hack a device to make someone experience an irresistible urge to do something. Boom, instant Imperious Curse a la Harry Potter. Multiply that effect and you have an army of body snatchers, slaves to your will. Got an enemy? Hack their visual cortex to give them signals that the brain interprets as terrifying imagery, maybe for a few minutes a day, maybe for the entirety of their waking lives. Boom, instant Black Mirror episode / permanent sleep paralysis.

I guess my point is that there are a lot of ways this could go wrong, and I think it could go a lot more wrong than Tim writes. Maybe that's paranoid of me. But for me to adopt something like this I'd have to be convinced that the security of such a device would be miles above any consumer electronics product currently on the market.

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