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Thanks for the heads up. Hard to beat $0.00 with no strings attached!

Ok, that makes sense! I hadn't carried the thought experiment far enough. I'll be sure and pick their brains next time I see those folks.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up.

Thanks for the excellent example. It cleared up some of the confusion I had about billing and negotiations between providers and insurers. I know a couple of doctors against a rapid transition to single-payer, at least in the sense of moving everyone onto Medicare. They claim that Medicare disbursements are insufficient to cover the total cost of care (for the provider's clinic as a whole), and that a sudden switch would drive a bunch of practices out of business. I guess what I've never seen answered is, how would single-payer care make sure that healthcare professionals receive reasonable compensation? Or maybe the answer's hidden in your example and I missed it.

For the record, I think that single-payer would at least solve the biggest problem, which in my mind is insurance companies gouging people and forcing an artificial price hike on every single line item.

So Windows and iOS already have patches out for this? Maybe my reading comprehension is poor but it sounds like it's safe to enable bluetooth for those patched devices.

    Armis disclosed the vulnerability to major vendors prior to the disclosure; fully patched Windows systems and Ios devices are protected, and an Android update is being pushed today for Google phones.

This guy also moonlights as security for ambulances. He was quoted from the video as planning to send this hospital all of the homeless patients and move people with insurance elsewhere.

What a piece of scum. I hope he never receives treatment at any ER again.

This reads exactly like a crime drama but it occurred in real life. Is there a potential motive that we know about? Who on earth invites a random journalist onto a homemade submarine to murder them? And what on earth would make a person choose to spend an undisclosed amount of time cut off from the world in a metal tube with only a single other occupant who is mostly a stranger to them?

I dunno, there's an awful lot of milk in there.

I combine vanilla ice cream, greek yogurt, protein powder, and whatever fruit i have laying around that's about to go bad. Tastes delicious, although I should probably cut back on the ice cream.

This was inevitable, given the atmosphere that the White House has been cultivating since January. I mean, he probably never listened to these folks anyway but it is an important symbolic move, or it would be if symbolic moves mattered.

I wonder what PredictIt is betting on these days?

Good point. It's easy to lose track of the actual definition of socialism when so much of the debate concerns and critiques systems that aren't actually socialist. I have frequently seen it described as a "hybrid model," however, which is why I asked.

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