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From what I can tell, this sort of falls into the 1st category, along with a bit of the 3rd. They take the patient's cells and look for a type of rare white blood cell called [tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes]( that can hit the cancer cells specifically, then make a bunch more of them and put them back into the patient. It's promising because the treatment is effectively an extension of the patient's own immune system (it won't provoke an immune response or poison the person's own cells), the TILs can reach anywhere that the bloodstream can reach (helping to deal with metastasis), and because there is potential for this type of therapy to work on multiple different types of cancers (rather than a specific drug targeting a specific cancer's oncogene).

I just finished The Emperor of All Maladies and it's a terrific read. The timing of this research result is pretty neat.

22 months and counting. This may be the most promising case in the trial, so we still need to see what the other cases yielded, but that's still pretty good for a metastatic, resistant breast cancer. Does anyone see any potential downsides to the treatment besides cost? I'm thinking some sort of possible autoimmune response and the researchers' aforementioned concerns about the tumors evolving resistant proteins, but don't know precisely how big of a concern that is combined with the standard regimen.

Like francopoli said, preventative medicine should be able to generate revenue even with healthy people. Goldman Sachs sounds like their ideal business model would be to give everyone cancer and then jack up the price of chemo and immunotherapy. No such thing as a line they won't cross.

For some comedic relief, here's Mitchell and Webb predicting conversations like this in 2010.

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Suggested listening to accompany this article:

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

I contributed positively!!!!

Sorry, it doesn't happen that often. Love the site, y'all do good work.

Also, when I hover over the little rectangle now, it still reads "Hubski 2017 Funding Goal." Not sure if you're the guy to talk to about that, or if it's an error on my end, but I figured mentioning it would be helpful.

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True, I think otherwise there's potential for abuse in there to disenfranchise people even further.

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I found this a couple of hours ago and was looking to see if anyone had posted it here! It almost perfectly encapsulates my thoughts on what actual progress might be possible. This is the solution, if we can get people to see it.

It's all part of a move to a sanitized social media platform. Which is a shame, since I tried for a long time to ignore the fact that it was turning into Facebook with strangers. Hopefully the niche subreddits will still keep their communities, which is really the only reason I go there now.

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New t-shirt slogan right there.

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