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Good patch!

I know that Tim Urban is excited about where this hypothetical invention is taking us, but to be honest, it's pretty terrifying that someday with the aid of this device you could have your perception of reality tailored - hell, altered radically - without your knowledge or consent. Hell, I can easily imagine some sort of malevolent code that would override specific commands to the nervous system and make it impossible for you to will your arms to take it off. Boom, you're permanently jacked in whether you like it or not, and will continue to suffer the effects of the corrupted hardware feeding input straight into your brain. Hack a device to make someone experience an irresistible urge to do something. Boom, instant Imperious Curse a la Harry Potter. Multiply that effect and you have an army of body snatchers, slaves to your will. Got an enemy? Hack their visual cortex to give them signals that the brain interprets as terrifying imagery, maybe for a few minutes a day, maybe for the entirety of their waking lives. Boom, instant Black Mirror episode / permanent sleep paralysis.

I guess my point is that there are a lot of ways this could go wrong, and I think it could go a lot more wrong than Tim writes. Maybe that's paranoid of me. But for me to adopt something like this I'd have to be convinced that the security of such a device would be miles above any consumer electronics product currently on the market.

I just think patches are cool in general. Those are two neat ones, I'd only seen the octopus. I'm a sucker for stylized art.

Interesting! What specifically do you mean by "spec" launch, like would it contain a satellite designed to deorbit or some sort of backup payload for a mass already in orbit?

Side note, that patch looks awesome. We need that guy to make some scifi-based mission patches, or something.

Excellent news! I did not know that this flight was for the DoD. That's a huge step towards legitimizing their low-cost launch options. ULA have got to be scrambling for their own reusable solutions now, or they'll get left behind.

"Old Kinderhook" --> "White Power"

Makes perfect sense to me.

The reason I like it, I think, is because it satirizes the entire 80's cheesy action movie genre in a low-budget style that basically makes it so bad that it's good. It's definitely a YMMV though, and pretty polarizing. Out of 5 people I've shown it to, 2 loved it and 3 absolutely hated it.

Being drunk the first time I saw it may also have helped.

This article seems to switch between attacking the owners of gun companies and the companies themselves when accusations cannot be leveled against the owners. There are some valid arguments that the article makes, but I have a hard time seeing the comparison to Bond villians. Except for Glock and Lüke. That's some crazy stuff.

And honestly, most of these individuals and corporations believe that firearms ownership is an inherent right. Mother Jones definitely disagrees, and it shows. But I'd be more surprised if the people named in the article acted against their personal beliefs and economic incentives.

Yeah I thought as much. Thanks for clearing that up

Thanks, that's what I figured. Exciting times we live in.

I know space is incredibly empty and these new small planets and planetoids don't even register on the scale, so to speak, but it seems to me that every new discovery here makes the prospect of leaving the solar system more difficult. Am i just being defeatist about this?

1 football field of land per hour. That's insane and I don't know if the options being pursued will actually stem the erosion. Visit New Orleans while you can, I guess.

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