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This is just awesome - I remember slowing the tempo to this with Winamp years ago and getting something similar; couldn't listen to the kitschy/upbeat version again.

It's only sexist by those fishing to call it so: as you rightly mentioned, female and male bodies are built differently. Penises, vaginas, testicles, breasts, glands, reproductive systems, the list goes on. Of course it's feasible that brains could be different; when so much of the body is different across sexes and races, from a layman's perspective I'd say there's at least some differences.

I too am also slightly drunk so I hope that helps add to the cause haha.

While I understand your point about selection bias, at the end of the day, the action (a child being suspended for gasp using their imagination) occurred.

The shame is that common sense is not so common any more, and I seriously wonder wtf I'm to do later in life if-and-when I want kids, and this sort of shit is the norm, not the sporadic case of institutional stupidity.

I've never truly understood water cooling in computer setups, but my thought had always been that it doesn't utilise continually running water (ie like when having a shower), but by having water tanks filled, then pumping the water in/out/across the heatsinks; ergo, if the Utah data centre had a tank holding a few gigalitres, then they aren't reliant upon whether the mains is turned on of off, as they have the water already on site.

(Someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

Even if they shut the water off, it's not a stretch of the imagination that water tanks would be built, and water carrying helicopters are chartered to fly in the required h2o.

And thanks for a good long read to share!

I've often pondered what it would be like to literally go 'off-the-grid'; to renounce modern communications (social media, email, SMS etc), and just have an honest job, live in a cabin in the woods, and not be bombarded with constant streams of digital consciousness.

Then I realise how much there is yet to learn in what is a finite period of existence, and I can't ell but utilise the advancement mankind has made to further 'unlock' more of this knowledge. 50 years ago I would've had to be born into a filthy rich family in order to gala can't the worlds libraries and cities to learn, to read, to see, to experience. These days, I can learn more backstory and history, and then know I'll be interested going somewhere when I have the time and money.

Brilliant, this sounds right up my alley. I'll try and pick up a copy to watch during the silly season!

Confession: never saw The Dark Crystal, or Labyrinth for that matter.

Could someone provide a good synopsis of the story and themes? I'd prefer hearing it from people who enjoy it, over say IMDB or other website reviews.

Here be my two bookcases, don't be too scared by some of the themes/contents: mostly from Uni days haha.

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Oh nice! Never knowing Big Boy, was it some sort of a chain-diner-restaurant?

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Cheers! That this-is-a-community feeling is very much alive :)

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Thanks mate! It was a bit annoying not being able to be around as much as usual, but I figured it was better to give 110% than half-arsed three-word answers. All should be back-to-normal now!

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Baker; best known for Alien Beef Jerky, and a spot where Hunter S. Thompson gets caught in during 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'.

I'd also like to take a brief moment to apologise for my lack of activity recently. I've been caught up quitting my job after being headhunted to a new organisation and role. Both being public service, you can imagine the nightmare and phone calls/emails and shite I had to wade through. I couldn't bring myself to last weeks photo gig because it was themed work, and it was sitting in a beach house 50m from surf and sand, staring at a laptop and unresponsive printer/scanner I lugged on holidays with me.

But! Everything's sorted, enough gas bagging from me, I shall resume photos, discussions, and Interesting Beer Weekly Thread come Monday.

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