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I'm just this guy, you know?

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Thank you.

How have you guys been?

I had forgotten about this one. It is a cool Christmas article, though, isn't it?

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I'm still here, but I've got a lot to cope with offline right now. You might not see much of me online for a few months.

Take Five, by Dave Brubeck, and Getz/Gilberto. West Coast and Latin jazz are the way to go. Less "I forgot what I was doing," and more "I know where I'm going."

NotPhil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Living off Microwave food.

If you're only using your microwave oven to heat-up frozen dinners or re-heat leftovers, you're not making very good use of it. It's an effective cooking appliance, if you use it correctly.

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From the London Eye:

    it resembles Facebook friending.

    In many ways that addresses my own discontent. Our intentions are far less important than the effect.

Perhaps the intent should be made more clear, then. Instead of saying "follow mk," you should say "subcribe to mk's content."

If I could only follow tags, I may as well be subcribing to a sub-Reddit. And I have no desire to do that again. So, I don't follow tags, and, honestly, I think the ability to do so only confuses new users, who will decide Hubski is just like Reddit, but with updots instead of upvotes.

Just try to make it clear how the site was designed to be used, and only add features that enhance that use.

    it’s not conducive to thinking, problem solving or creativity.
    What does that mean? Those things can be inspired -- to a degree. But they can't be taught

Yes, they can, and the liberal arts do just that.

Want to learn to think? Study philosophy. It teaches reasoning.

Want to learn to solve problems? Study literature, history, and social studies. They teach how people, organizations, and societies have solved problems.

Want to learn creativity? Study the fine arts. They teach you how to create.

If we abandon the humanities, we abandon education.

True, but the article points out that people "hear" the words they're typing and will sometimes type a word which sounds the same instead of the one they meant to, especially if it's a word they type more often than the other.

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