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Did You Know? --Some Hubski tips and remembrances --

Did you know that Hubski's first ever post by mk was made 1054 days ago?

Did you know that Hubski once had "columns"? -Still makes me shudder.

Did you know that you can allow others to edit your posts? -Great for collaboration

Did you know that there is a Hubski Book Club that is open to all?

Did you know that kleinbl00 knows more about Red Dawn than any human should?

Did you know that myself, mk, b_b, steve, ecib and shoe77 attempted to send a Hubski capsule in to space carrying a snail?

Did you know that lucky_cabbage reads Hubski every morning before work?

Did you know that you can create your own personal tags by adding the @ sign after the tag? For example music@ creates #music.thenewgreen -You can follow these tags too. Great for someone like theadvancedapes to use so I can follow his science posts or _refugee_ to use so I could follow her poetry posts etc.

Did you know that there is a Hubski Newsletter? that insomniasexx puts out every week or so?

Did you know that you can change your "style" of Hubski in your settings? Did you know you even had settings? -Check out "ZEN".

Did you know that the TMI link at the bottom of the page kicks ass?

Did you know that adding the Submit to Hubski button to your tool-bar makes submitting posts really fracking easy?

Did you know that there's a handy-dandy Chrome extension created by forwardslash that tells you wether or not a link has been submitted to Hubski and how many comments it has?

Did you know that you can stick posts so that they remain at the top of your feed?

Did you know that we now have Global Chatter?

Did you know that imagining that what you are doing and observing is for the last time can have a tremendous impact on your happiness?

Did you know that "happiness makes you cry"?

Did you know that we used to not have tags, then we did, then we didn't and now we do?

Did you know that we have a store with Hubski Swag?

Did you know that we work on and pay for Hubski out of our pockets and in conjunction with day-jobs?

Did you know that the #weeklymusicthread was started by flagamuffin and continued by bfv when flagamuffin was traveling? It's been going on for over 40 weeks now.

Did you know that jaggs created a Wordpress plugin for Discussion Via Hubski? -If you are a blogger or site owner and are interested, let us know.

Did you know that it's not only permissible to post original content to Hubski, but it is encouraged?

Did you know that our 100,000th post to Hubski was a comment by LandGod "Holy crap I was not prepared for that. Hahahaha, awesome!"

Did you know that team Hubski is comprised of b_b, forwardslash, insomniasexx, thenewgreen and mk and that you can shout-out to any of us or pm us with questions?

Did you know that sounds_sound designed the Hubski badge, the follower icon and many other parts of Hubski?

Did you know that steve makes the video's for the #tngpodcast? Did you know there was a Hubski based podcast?

Did you know that cW, lil, theadvancedapes and StJohn were the four first people to use Discussion Via Hubski on their websites?

Did you know that our goal at Hubski is not to be a replacement for any other site but to be our own place.

Did you know that mk and I once did an interview for NPR's Michigan Radio? -That was a lot of fun.

Did you know that I should probably be working at my day-job right now :)

Thanks for all of your support guys and gals. Just wanted to put some of these things down in case you didn't know.

Are there any additions that you think should be listed? Are there things on the list you didn't know about?

mk 582 days ago  ·  link

DYK about @hubskihose, and @hubski?

DYK that alpha0 posted this not knowing what the post number would be?

DYK I came up with the hubwheel design while I was spray painting a t-shirt when I was 14?

insomniasexx 582 days ago  ·  link

Did you know that you can see through someone else's eyes by changing the username at the end of the URL like this: http://hubski.com/feed?id=insomniasexx ?

Cortez 565 days ago  ·  link

This should be an option on the user page.

mknod 582 days ago  ·  link

I am very interested in having hubski comments on my blog. I am currently using nikola ( http://getnikola.com/ ) with discus comments. I guess I will start taking a look at the wordpress plugin. See what I can get from that and post the results as soon as I have some.

Complexity 582 days ago  ·  link

Did you know that shared feeds go up beyond eight pips and you can see them by changing the URL like this: http://hubski.com/global?id=30

BrainBurner 582 days ago  ·  link

Thank you! Is there a way to easily find out what the, uh, most pipped posts of all time are?

Complexity 582 days ago  ·  link

I'm guessing keep incrementing the id number until you see no posts, then go back one number!

flagamuffin 582 days ago  ·  link

Bored at work.

zebra2 582 days ago  ·  link

There's some features here I didn't know about. Personal tags and adding editors specifically. Cool stuff.

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

Yeah, that is a big part of why I posted this. I don't think enough people are using the "personal tags" and my hope is that this will change. I would love to be able to follow personal tags for things like #music. In fact, here's a shout out to all the people I know I'd like to follow that tag from: flagamuffin, humanodon, cgod, ecib, sounds_sound and scrimetime. I'm going to unfollow music but I'd GLADLY follow music@ from any of ya'll.

_refugee_ 582 days ago  ·  link

I plan on using personal tags with my next blog post and then onward. It's an interesting feature, it took me a while to think my head around it, but I get it now.

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

Not sure if you realize this, but you can also follow domains.

Side note, you might consider putting the link to Kenning Journal in your bio. I've gone there 3 times now at least assuming it would be there for me to link to. Instead I get your crush on kb :) -Just a suggestion.

_refugee_ 578 days ago  ·  link

This is smart and something I had frankly never considered. I will do so. Thanks for the thought!

zebra2 582 days ago  ·  link

People starting their own music tags is a cool idea. It really expands the utility of the whole tag/following people dynamic. I'm tempted to make my own but I have no idea if anyone would be into the stuff I listen to.

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

    I'm tempted to make my own but I have no idea if anyone would be into the stuff I listen to.
There's only one way to find out...
ecib 581 days ago  ·  link

I'd like to be able to force the tag on a user myself. For instance, if I wanted to see all content that cgod posts related to music it would be cool if I could just set music@cgod and get all his posts that he tags with 'music' rather than hoping he does so.

thenewgreen 581 days ago  ·  link

That's a great point. mk it would be nice to eventually have such filters in place. It would be interesting to have the site tell you of all the music posts you shared who you share the most from.

flagamuffin 582 days ago  ·  link

I don't ... I'm not sure music.flagamuffin or whatever makes sense in the context of subbing various youtube links. To me, at least. If you have to unfollow #music, maybe use #newmusic as an alternative. That's where I post.

I could see myself using a personal tag in future to submit my own poetry, etc.

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

yeah, but I may not like your #newmusic and now that tag sucks for me. But specifically following someones music tag ensures to me that I'm getting exactly what I signed up for. Nobody can dilute it.

btw, I don't think your newmusic posts would suck :)

flagamuffin 581 days ago  ·  link

Hmm. I'm still not sure a personal tag would reach a large enough group to be feasible. Initially I saw it as a way to archive your own posts neatly. Which I would do with my own content, but wouldn't with things I merely posted for everyone's enjoyment. I'll think about it.

thenewgreen 581 days ago  ·  link

I think both use cases exist. For example, I am pushing for the ability to add a personal tag to other people's posts. Why? Because I would like to be able to create archives such as #bestof2013.thenewgreen and go through the years posts and pick out my favorites. I would love to archive hubski's best content this way. I'm not sure people would "follow" that tag, but I would definitely share that link w friends etc outside of Hubski.

flagamuffin 581 days ago  ·  link

I think that should be private or at least limited to showing up on your profile or something. I might want to look at some people's best of '13, but not everyone's, and not at the top of posts all the time.

thenewgreen 581 days ago  ·  link

I agree, you could go in to someone's profile and see "personal tags"

flusteredwind 582 days ago  ·  link

Being new to this site I was happily surprised by the TMI link at the bottom. Thank you for all of this info. Cool stuff.

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

Welcome to Hubski! Glad you like the TMI page. If you have any questions about the site or anything really, feel free to PM me or shout-out. Enjoy your time here.

lil 582 days ago  ·  link

I'd love to see a t-shirt with a hubwheel and

    Holy crap I was not prepared for that. Hahahaha, awesome!
under the hubwheel.

Under the quote it could say this:

Hubski: 100,000 posts and counting. insomniasexx? veen?

veen 582 days ago  ·  link

It's 3AM here, too wasted for this now! But congratulations Hubski!

insomniasexx 582 days ago  ·  link

A what?

lil 582 days ago  ·  link

I recall that wonderful t-shirt you designed, perhaps you forgot.

insomniasexx 582 days ago  ·  link

Sorry. I was mid conversation...where does "Holy crap I was not prepared for that. Hahahaha, awesome!" come into play?

flagamuffin 582 days ago  ·  link

Read the OP. hubski's thousandth post.

insomniasexx 582 days ago  ·  link

Goddamn I am a fucking wreck. I need a pillow and a strong drink, pronto.

Here you go lil

lil 582 days ago  ·  link

You're the best!!

forwardslash 582 days ago  ·  link

I wonder if we should put all these things into a file and pull random ones out in places around hubski, like the TMI page, or FAQ. Just a spot that'll give you a random piece of hubski trivia.

mk 582 days ago  ·  link

    Did you know that Hubski once had "columns"? -Still makes me shudder.

I forgot that we had the date in the upper right. That was kind of funny.

sounds_sound 581 days ago  ·  link

Again, I will fully fall on the 'columns' sword - even though you guys won't let me :) And the date? Yeah, that was kinda me too. The whole, "make it look like a newspaper thing". Hubski is superb in its adventurous search for its own identity. Bravo!

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

Me too. I actually like it still.

user-inactivated 582 days ago  ·  link

mk 582 days ago  ·  link

It was really difficult to get a sense of flow for the posts. There were some aspects I liked, but going back to the single feed felt like a breath of fresh air after living with columns for awhile.

Hubski used to look like this:

and long ago, this:

thenewgreen 582 days ago  ·  link

Yeah, what mk said. Also, let me know when your site is up and running. While I'm not a gamer, I still look forward to checking it out.

thenewgreen's previous #hubski and #hubski.thenewgreen posts: