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comment by zonk
zonk  ·  2063 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ASK HUBSKI: What was your favorite album of the year?

Interesting question! I just reflected on my year (music wise) and there was a loooot of variety and many different things of different genres. Here are my top 10 albums from 2015 according to my last.fm account:

1. Porter Robinson - Worlds [Electro / USA]

2. Purity - Ring Another Eternity [Synthpop / Canada]

3. K.I.Z. - Hurra die Welt geht unter [Hiphop / Germany]

4. Ratatat - Magnifique [Electro, experimental rock / USA]

5. Spor - Caligo [DNB / UK]

6. Lena - Crystal Sky [Synthpop / Germany]

7. alt-J - An Awesome Wave [indie rock / UK]

8. The Wombats - Glitterbug (Deluxe Edition) [indie rock / UK]

9. CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye [Synthpop / UK]

10. CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe [Synthpop / UK]

Interesting list, nothing is really old! Somehow I either didn't listen to much stuff in the first half of the year or I didn't like most of it :D

The pattern of genres also continues like this, up to place 30 it's just a mix of indie rock, synthpop and electro with the occassional hiphop thrown in!

Fun fact: the record for most listened song in 2015 have 2 Porter Robinson songs from the before mentioned album, each having 17 plays. I guess I like my diversity :) Everything under place 26 has less than 10 plays throughout the year.

Gotta check out some of the stuff you guys posted later at home, but Sufjan is also in the top 30 :)