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I think thenewgreen should win for sharing "The Restaurant" by kleinbloo. That one was my favorite!

But when you listen to audio, and you have to "reread" or you accidentally missed something, isn't it hasslesome to go back and listen to that part again? I don't have enough faith in my concentration to listen to audiobooks.

I'm really liking this tag of the week! So many good stories/articles. But I'm a little confused on the last part with the texting the girl back immediately with "Do you want to hang out right now?" What is that supposed to show or mean??

Haha, you are faster than me, I just finished it...very interesting and complex ideas of what it means to be an autonomous conscious being. I knew it wasn't going to be a happy story from the title, but it just makes me so unfulfilled! I just feel so bad and I don't know why. :(

This was an amazing read. I loved the depth and the mystery and the confusion! So glad I could read it all in one sitting and not wait for the next chapters.