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orbat  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: OC - Svalbard

I was only there for 3 days (long story), but I figure a week or two would probably be good, depending on what sort of activities you like. Pyramiden was great (although I would have loved to camp over there and explore it properly, instead of just the few hours we got during the day trip) but the boat ride over there from Longyearbyen takes like 3h, and we did this "walrus safari" thing where we got a private boat & guide who took us over to an island with a walrus colony, and we did some whale spotting (even saw a blue whale, holy crap).

It was summer when we went there (so at most a sweltering +10°C, apparently about as hot as it gets), but I think the next time I go over there I want to go during the winter (but after the sun's up, at first anyhow). Would love to do a looong ski trip (maybe even from coast to coast, but that'd be at least a few weeks' worth of skiing); that'll probably require glacier safety courses, but those might be doable there since they have a bazillion nature-oriented tour companies. There's probably snowboarding and downhill skiing to be had as well, but I'm more of a hiker / cross-country person so I don't really know. Generally if you're at all an outdoorsy type, you'll probably like it. Don't know how hiking in the summer would be, but my guess would be not too great since it seems like everything gets a bit muddy so it might be a bit of a slog (but this is based on very limited knowledge.)

One thing to keep in mind is that you really can't go anywhere outside Longyearbyen (the biggest settlement & "capital") without a guide, since you need someone with a rifle in your group due to polar bears (I'm not kidding.) You can try applying for a rifle permit if you know how to handle guns, but I don't know what the bureaucracy on that would be.

orbat  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: OC - Svalbard

Thanks! Glad you liked the pictures.

I heard so many stories about how the "lifers" of Svalbard (so people who've mostly only lived there, and aren't just there seasonally) can get a bit… strange. Considering how isolated some people choose to live, and how brutal the winters must be, it's not exactly surprising. And I don't mean any of this negatively, mind you; the locals I talked to (permanent or not) were really happy to share their experience, and I was happy to learn. Svalbard really, really resonated with me, and I don't fully know why. I just want to ski from one coast to the other and gawk at glaciers (because holy shit have you seen those damn things?), or go camping in Pyramiden, or see what the stars look like in the middle of nowhere when it's actually dark.

What did/does your grandfather do there, if I may ask? Miner?

Do you see me disparaging the attempt? Your comment has literally nothing to do with mine. The private sector and obscenely rich people are now at the forefront at least in the US due to their ridiculous fear of the government doing anything. My comment was related to this, not to the attempt itself as such

Oh yeah, my point was more that it's obvious in space exploration as well

It says a lot about the world today that the next astronauts are going to be people who are obscenely rich and/or famous. Gilded Age of space exploration…

I'm frankly somewhat convinced we're going to see multiple authoritarian dictatorships in Europe in the coming decades. Poland and Hungary are already fairly far down that path, Germany has AfD gaining popularity, hard-right parties are gaining popularity in all the Nordics, and similar stuff's happening down South as well.

Here in Finland our nationalist right-wing party just had an internal schism due to the original leadership not being racist enough, we spawned the whole Soldiers of Odin shit, national socialist "resistance movements" are gaining popularity and so on.

    Liberals are offended by this video of a Keurig being thrown off of a building.

    Please retweet to offend a Liberal

This narrative where they do things just to "offend liberals" is… interesting, especially considering that I seriously doubt anyone was actually offended by conservatives destroying their own property. I wonder if this is a US thing, or is it more widespread (due to how fast cultural trends / memes tend to spread now)? Personally I haven't seen this where I live, but that doesn't say much

The US has never really been a fan of having others shine light on their activities abroad, so Bolton's – and the US' in general – resistance to the ICC isn't really all that surprising. Their rhetoric about freedom, democracy and human rights is exactly that: rhetoric.

Media houses getting desperate because people don't want to pay for subscriptions, they don't want to see ads, and they won't donate either, and somehow it's Salon that's in the wrong and not all of us?

I watched about half; I'm never getting that 50min of my life back. This has to honestly be one of the worst movies I've seen, and that's saying a lot considering Battlefield Earth exists. It's like the plot is so fantastically stupid just so people can feel smart watching it.

And I'm not necessarily all that discerning: I thought Soldier was great.

So show us the specific claims you think are incorrect. Most of them seem to be backed by actual articles. This just smacks of you not wanting to believe results that you disagree with

Actually, OftenBen's description sounds more like what cjdns was designed for. One existing cjdns mesh is Hyperboria

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