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This sounds more like people who were once insulated from this kind of volatility are finally feeling the bite. sounds that way to me. Why else would it be such a surprise? Why else would it even be worth writing about? If hollywood wasn't a micro-economy insulated from the reality the rest of the nation has been feeling for years, there would be no reason to write this. >followed
nevets  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Yeah, it was interesting but it definitely could have dug deeper in to the entire culture. There's something fascinating there though.
There are a lot of "sh*tbags" out there, unfortunately.
I don't know if that qualifies for clever. But it runs faster than I expected. It looks like he is trying to sneak up on someone.
Compound Angle Formulae wins! .... on all levels.
I really like them too. The 60's is brunette... after that, the blondes took over. 76 blowjobs -I wonder if it were called The Sun Rising and you had no context of his other works, would it still feel as sex laden as it does now? It's a pretty striking image.
I'll be checking Answer This out. I think the "tax-break" has been a good thing for Michigan. Restaurants and retailers in cities like Ann Arbor and Detroit have seen some incremental business they would otherwise not have had. Your Good Will Hunting remembrance made me hungry. -I'm off to get a burger!
:) You would think so, but then I didn't recall getting the headline each time the "tests" from the post I presented went off. Pretty amazing visual when the soviet/us arms race begins, isn't it?
Wonderful video, the lightening strikes reminded me of this post from a while back: -at least I hope it was lightening and not this:
Excellent visual representation of the "steiner point". Fun.
nevets  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Cinemetrics
Great music. Great post.
nevets  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who funds Muslim-baiting in the US?
good question. I'd imagine it's both. Could be that there is a vested interest in keeping people afraid. In times of fear from violence, traditionally it seems that the country prefers a more conservative candidate. -could be politically motivated? Also, there is the whole military industrial complex that would do quite well if the wars in the Mid-East (and elsewhere) continue. Fear = greater defense spending. Harder to cut a military budget when the enemy is right in our own backyard trying to build there headquarters right on ground zero. There is a ton of money in fear. The entire main stream media is driven by it. "Up next, are batteries killing your children... but first the weather".
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