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johu  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hiking the Pecos Wilderness, NM

I grew up very close to there on Hwy 12 between La Veta and Trinidad, CO. I used to climb the Spanish peaks, Trinchera, and other Sangre de Cristo peaks all the time as a teen. These pictures make me yearn for home pretty hard. 😢 Thank you.

I should clarify. In case anyone didn't already guess, I distorted Sanders and Cruz's faces in the last pics to make them look funnier.

Pacific Standard has a great response, similar to War's critique.

I don't know why on Earth don't they detail the following reason: Anyone who can get a billionaire to back their candidacy (i.e. buy their policy positions) through a PAC can easily finance the whole thing with no popular support. These crowded primaries are a direct result of Citizens United, and they're not going to go away until CU goes away, and Bernie Sanders is the only one who isn't playing by the new rules.

It isn't all politics. It's mostly dirty money.

Very few of these stories ever touch on the fact that forest fires play an important part of the natural cycle of many forests. They allow certain trees to flourish by burning the underbrush. Native Americans regularly started fires to certain groves, mostly for manipulation of the habitat to make hunting and gathering easier and to promote of ecodiversity. Part of the reason the redwoods have persisted is that their forests were burned fairly regularly. On the other hand, forests without regular fires--those in which we attempt to avoid fire at all cost--can become so run over with dry underbrush that when they do finally catch fire, they burn hot and fast and kill everything, even those trees that would usually benefit from milder fires.

Of course, on the other hand, we don't want our permanent houses to burn down and we do want to live near the forest. This was a problem nomadic groups never had. I just find it funny that forest fires are so often discussed as if they are somehow unnatural.

The real thing to avoid, it would seem, is making the transition permanent with hormonal therapy or surgery, and then regretting it. It's almost just another version of the argument "don't force them into a box."

That does look quite nice. I like the idea of mechanical feedback with a rotating bezel. If I get a smart watch, I want it to still be primarily a watch, and then some smart benefits on the side. Thanks for sharing.

Watch the video that they took the GIFs from. Start at 3:00 if you only want to see the stunningly gorgeous final products.

Excellent share, by the way.

Wow, I've always wondered about the disparity between the name and the offering. Thanks for sharing!

I don't understand. I don't see any mention of SJWs denouncing this gathering or having "a problem with people of different races banding together against racism." Do you have another link you could show of BLM or some other group saying this gathering in Birmingham is bad or unjust?

It's too bad that it is yet another smart watch that looks like 25c toy from a grocery store vending machine. Why do all these look so cheap and dumb? The only one I've seen yet that actually looks like something I'd want to wear is the Moto 360.

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