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Spitfire75  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do you do for fun? For play?

I tried a PC port of Dark Souls but I couldn't get past the horrible controls. Do you play on PC or console? If you like action RPGs you might want to try Path of Exile.

I completely agree with you, but unfortunately they're in so deep now they can't just suddenly reallocate massive amounts of military spending with huge repercussions. I believe the transition would have to slow and gradual to accommodate the job loss and retraining of those employed by the military. Another fun thing to think about it what effects it would have on global politics if the US withdrew military presence around the world.

Now that you pointed it out, it does seem like the recent talks have been less technical and more about human interests. Maybe this is because TED is gaining popularity and appealing to the lowest common denominator. But to call it a meme-hosting website seems a bit extreme.

Different strains have different effects. Some just make me want to build a city in SimCity, create something in Blender, or I just get random ideas that I have to sketch up before I forget them. And then on the other hand there's strains that just make me a zombie.

No offense, but I've never heard of that theory before, do you have a source?

Population control and stabilization seems to be a reoccurring theme of your posts. Did you know this is already happening across the world? People are having fewer children because of advances in medicine and science, among other reasons. It seems to me that following your view could actually increase population as child mortality increases, people would have more children fearing some would die of sickness or infection.

Or we could have 2 separate classes, one for doping and one for the way is now. I'm kinda curious on how far they can push the human body.

I wonder what that would be like from the astronauts point of view, as they experience the shifting of the frequency of light.

I tried to post this and it looks you beat me to it. I wonder what it feels like to touch it? Would it be like typing on a squishy keyboard? There wouldn't be any mechanical feedback like a normal keyboard that's for sure. It might have other uses though, like simulating textures for games.

Spitfire75  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A graph of hubski

Watch how all the circlejerkers gather into their own small group off to the side of the main group. I agree with the search request, I want to be able to search my username and see where I am on the map.

High res: 1 and 2. Now imagine the largest ever caught 6 times bigger.

There's a really great documentary on absolute zero here. It's from 2009 so it doesn't include any of this "negative absolute temperature" stuff, but it's still relevant.

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