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I'm a 31yo photographer living in Ohio.

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>I regularly go a couple days in a row with no sleep at all so that was amazing.

Yeah I routinely have sleepless nights as well which was what prompted trying weed in the first place - I was complaining about how sleeping pills knock me out but then I can't wake up again in the morning. I was always oversleeping my alarm and repeatedly showing up late to work. One of my stoner friends suggested I try smoking pot every night before bed and it worked. I didn't really have a problem with it until I discovered that smoking right when I woke up took the haze away from the night before and gave me an appetite for breakfast (before then I would mostly just not eat until lunch). After that it was all she wrote, I was (slightly) high all day every day for about the last five years, starting when I woke up and then I would get extremely baked right before bed. My wife never smoked in the mornings but she would smoke with me at night - for some reasons in the mornings it gave me energy, but in the evenings it made me tired - for her it just made her tired any time of the day.

So now I have sleeping problems again but at this point I'd rather have a sleepless night every now and again than keep spending the money we have been spending on this shit.

That would be a lot of fun! :)

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I'm no longer a preschool teacher and now I'm working to become a professional photographer, so that is new :D

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I still check in from time to time.

    I've been good, and occasionally convincing people that we aren't the same person. :)

That's pretty funny. People think we're the same person?

    some warty looking citrus type thing

That sounds like ugli fruit (which I think is a pretty amusing name).

I'd just like to offer my own $0.02 and say that I agree with thundara, imo if you dropped the tag limit it would benefit the hubski experience immensely.

Mining is not very profitable anymore unless you have an ASIC, which is a very expensive computer created specifically to mine them. Mining difficulty rises over time. When it started, you could mine with your CPU and make a profit. You can still do that now, but it's a waste - it uses far more electricity than you will gain in bitcoins. GPU is slightly better, just about break even iirc (like converting electricity into bitcoins). I'm running a java GPU miner right now ( As ASIC's get more popular and more common, GPU mining will enter obsolescence just like CPU mining did.

In other words, bitcoin mining has entered the big leagues.

The problem with negative articles like these is that they are missing the whole point of Bitcoin. Sure, an individual Bitcoin is just worthless bits of data, literally nothing but a digital fabrication. However, the real value of Bitcoin isn't the "coins" themselves - it is the transparent, distributed, anonymous payment network that makes up the entire Bitcoin economy. This economy is steadily growing, day by day, and if you look at the core structure of the system and really consider the eventual worldwide ramifications, it is simply amazing. It is popular in Argentina right now. I imagine people in countries such as Zimbabwe would see the usefulness in it as well - you can't spend gold bars from your smartphone.

There are a lot of speculators in the market right now trying to make a quick buck. The exchanges are small, unreliable, and points of failure in an otherwise distributed network. The recent crash may have never happened had MtGox, the largest Bitcoin exchange with over 80% of the market, not fumbled the ball at the crucial moment and caused a panic. Every day there are more and more businesses accepting Bitcoin, more media coverage (it was mentioned on The Colbert Report tonight), more people finding out about it and researching it for themselves. This is a revolutionary new technology, and I am very excited about it. I only wish I had paid more attention to it two years ago when I first heard about it.

I've actually started moderating in the SFWPorn Network again, mostly because I missed talking to my friends in modmail. I've also been pretty active in the /r/bitcoin subreddit recently (because cryptocurrencies fascinate me) with my second reddit account /u/syncretic2 - I've had a backup account for some time in case anything happened to my original account. I have bouts of depression at times and the "Gawkergate" / Scopolamina controversies (which involved two online friends of mine who were treated unfairly by the reddit admins) was a tipping point of sorts for me during an already otherwise dark time for me. Things have turned around considerably for me recently and I have a new outlook on life. The "2" in front of my username is a reminder to not let the internet cause me any undue stress in the future, especially not reddit.

Lol, when did they accuse me of that? Sounds like they're scared of a little competition.

I bought a bitcoin today, just to play around with the market on Mt. Gox. Incidentally, I sold it immediately, as the price started to drop. With all of the recent volatility, I want to see if I can double the $115 I put into it within the next week by buying low and selling high.

Even if I lose it all, it will be fun. ;)

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