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Asian/Irish guy who loves books, music, physics 'n stuff!

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Whenever I smell incense, it reminds me of my friend's house from when I was a kid back in Abu Dhabi.

My next door neighbour was Palestinian, and I would spent far more time in his house than I would in my own. It got to the point where I was pretty much an extended family member; and his mother (a typical mother hen figure) used to cluck about me as much as her own two sons... And scold me in the exact same way she'd scold her sons as well.

My sister (Jen) used to hang out with us quite a bit, actually, and I remember their mom saying "Oh my God, Jen, I'm so glad you're friends with Rashed and Kareem! You don't know how bad it is to only have sons! They fight, they're smelly, they're loud, Ya Allah!"

But anyway, they always had an incense stick burning in their house. So whenever someone burns incense I'm reminded of that time.

This is awesome! Love how there's a lot of different genres in there.

RicePaddy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Daily Sketching Day 4

I was in a particularly drawn out meeting at work today, where as an intern I had very little input with the topic at hand... So I ended up doodling a tree. Because trees are pretty great.

It was pretty mind boggling. The whole album was awesome. Literally the whole album. It's the first time I'd ever experienced that.

So I spent the second semester of college this year living with a guy who's a hardcore metalhead/biker. Now this lad is into some really heavy, demonic, evil sounding music, but as a result of my living with him for a few months I ended up looking into (much softer) rock music again. Which is refreshing. For the past few years it's been mostly house/dance music for me.

"PUP" is a punk band I found online. Some of my favourite tracks include DVP and Dark Days.

And I actually have no clue what genre this would be. They're called "Alarmist". Experimental Rock maybe? They're a couple of lads from Wicklow here in Ireland, and they're really great anyway. Whatever they are.

Alarmist - Petrichor

I recently stumbled across Let's Build a Home by The Hops Party.

It's such an awesome tune. Every time I play it when I'm in the apartment alone I Molly Ringwald my ass off.

When I was in the last year of secondary school preparing for the state exams, my school brought in a guy to talk to us about study habits and the like. He told us that according to some study, the best type of music to study to is baroque music, Luckily I had to study Bach in music class, so I was pumping out a lot of Jesu, Der Du Meine until I got sick of it.

RicePaddy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Non-terrible Christmas music

This one is a classic here in Ireland. Because I grew up abroad I didn't hear it until Christmas 2011. Most of my Irish friends are sick of it, but I absolutely love it!

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl

It's refreshing, because it's actually quite a sad song. It revolves around an argument between two former lovers about their lost dreams and misspent youth.

Hopefully this counts. A whole house made from windows... A greenhouse.

Taken at the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin.

There's really nothing like a good collaborative shit-doing.

Seriously though, these are some catchy tunes. I'm particularly liking the second one.

My girlfriend dumped me a few days ago, so I've been re-discovering my sad music playlist.

Namely, World Without You - Hudson Taylor

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