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Not true, FS1 has Major League Soccer playoffs on tonight... har har har.

There was a time I could name every sponsor and driver on 43-46 cars, now I know most of the major ones, some of the lower ones, I just don't have the energy to put into it. I feel like the current France has hindered my enjoyment with constant rule and championship changes in the last 5-10 years. I'd rather sit down and enjoy it when I can than spend 30-40 hours a week making a fantasy yahoo team these days.

It is not fair but it's the best we have. The agreement for an electoral college is good because it kept us from having a parliamentary system where Congress appointed the President. It's bad because today the population is so lopsided that only a few states have an actual say. Take into account that in this country there are multiple cultures and you have a problem where states that have a say may not understand states that don't and can't grasp just why popular voting is 50/50. On top of that, if you are Idaho or Wyoming or some other small low electoral vote state, you have people making rules concerning you that don't have a clue or care in the world for what you have going on.

DC is not and should not be a contender for statehood, the deal was that no state should be above the rest and a special district would allow the Capital, where all Government functions are run, to actually be under Government control, therefore a special district was created to house the capital of the country and was supposedly chosen by George Washington himself.

Puerto Rico and other minor territories on the other hand should be given the chance if they want it.

A bunch of these guys must love it, they're talking to fricking Michael Annett and Michael McDowell... when is the last time you heard those names without talking of in the garage or wreck being involved. When's the last time you saw either of them on fricking tv out of a car for that matter?

Can't believe NBCommercial didn't have a contingency infomercial to go to during this.

They look really cool, but then I think, why should I spend money on something that requires I be tied to a phone to fully function, I'm locked to their system, I need to charge it daily or more, it just doesn't work in real-world applications right now. It would need to be independent of the phone and not cost a lot to be a good deal. Plus, once you own one, why in the world would you need to buy another one, we are used to buying a watch and it lasting several years or decades before needing replacing and usually that's just the battery which is cheap.

While that's true for most people to eventually feel that way, look at people who complain about the current social programs, a lot of people don't see it this way, at least not yet. But, It's not really something we'll probably have to worry about in our lives, the cost of such a program at just the poverty line is out of this world, way more than all our other programs combined. 11880 is poverty level in the US this year for 1 person, we had something around 200mm between 18-65 in the 2010 census, at the poverty level that's 2.35 trillion dollars. The US government last year officially only spent only 3.7 Trillion on the entire budget.

NinjaKlaus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How the Web became Unreadable

When this all started I had to start highlighting the paragraph I was reading to get through it, now some sites have blocked the ability to highlight and others don't use standard colors for it.

NinjaKlaus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: IPhone 7

If I read it right, AirPods are going to retail for $130 and look very very easy to lose, holy crap. My problem with it is that it's going to do away with my aux port for my car radio, how am I supposed to charge the phone and use my aux port and my GPS. #FirstWorldProblems

I'm just going to stick with this 5c until it dies.

WWE just isn't putting out a great product on their main shows that attracts fans, they have this mentality they know what the fans want more than the fans do, and maybe their internal numbers support that, the ratings don't.

NXT, for the most part, is extremely "smarky" and that leads to better ratings on a Smark Network. No matter how much they want to be mainstream, offering the network means the most vocal and "in the know" fans are going to be your core, and they are going to prefer the show that is made for them, in this case, NXT, and the CWC. Shows that focus on wrestling with storylines rather than a story with some wrestling, there is a difference.

You would be very hard-pressed to find a group of celebs, and political candidates are now celebs, that don't use PR firms to handle tweets the majority of the time. Just most aren't upfront about it like Obama who signs his own tweets with -BO. Of course, those could be faked too.

Of course, they were expendable the whole time, that's the whole point of they aren't employee's system Uber uses, they are independent contractors; therefore they are responsible for their own work. If the company they contract with changes practices then that's just part of being an independent worker. Yes, they are used like employees but so far most places are allowing Uber to call them Independent.

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