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Thank you for the detailed explanation and the advice. I try following the people that I frequently see posting good content, today I decided to follow a few tags for the first time because I wanted to know how it worked but since the tags I followed were already in my feed (shared by the people I follow) I noticed no change. That is what made me ask this question.

Thanks, I could finally figure out how it works.

I have noticed they show up there but they also show up if I am not following the tag. I guess I didn't word the question correctly, I should have asked something like this: does following a tag affect the rank/position of posts tagged with it in my feed?

Also a related question: is there a place like feed but only for the tags I follow?

Edit: I think I understand how it works now, no need to answer. I am a little tired. If nobody I follow shares the tag but I follow the tag it will appear in my feed.

It looks like all your questions have been answered, the only thing I have to say is welcome! Do not let the low activity of the site make you think it is dead, people here are the type of people that read articles and post long, thoughtful comments, that takes time so you will probably see less comments but with more information and better discussions.

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Was that message automated and/or a scam? It sounds like that.

Edit: nvm, I saw your reply below. I should not mix being tired and browsing hubski.

Thank you and sorry for replaying too late.

Edit: sorry to bother you about this, the global page and the logged out page are fixed but my feed still remains only filled with the posts I've shared:

Haha I know, I was just just being sarcastic to show that some products can be truly free without making the consumer the product.

There may be exceptions (obviously Google isn't one) but do you think we are hubski's product?

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Right, well I have my account there in case something interesting happens.

Claire  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Fixing Reddit

This is a bit misleading, it is not actually fixing reddit, it is building an alternative.

My only concern is their lack of interest or respect for one's privacy. Today I read this article and it made me realize that they don't really care at all about the people that use their services.

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I knew it was going to be sad since I read the title, I still read it :'(

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