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KapteinB  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: German Syntax & Serenity

That's interesting. I learned German in high school, but I don't recall this. Can't tell if I never learned it, or if I've since forgotten about it.

In Norwegian we say "jeg kjeder meg"; "I bore myself". There's a few other feelings we treat the same way; anticipation and dread comes to mind.

I was around 11 at the time of the subway attack, so I very vaguely remember it being an important event in the news back then.

    asking what I thought was the problem with the youngsters of this generation

Interesting recruitment strategy. What reply did you give them?

KapteinB  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hello Again, Lovely Hubski

Welcome back! What's the novel about?

KapteinB  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

Welcome! What kind of media outlet do you work for?

    Then in September, on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, Trump discussed it again, this time at greater length, in a private dinner with leaders from four Latin American allies that included Santos, the same three people said and Politico reported in February.

I think I vaguely remember that from February ... somewhere in between scandal #151 and Twitter feud #34.

If his advisers can convince Trump to delay the intervention until early 2018, it might secure his re-election. Shouldn't be too hard, since he appears to have forgotten all about it already.

Can the Republicans declare war on Venezuela if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives this year?

KapteinB  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 4, 2018

Since my country failed to qualify for the World Cup, I'm rooting for our dear neighbours Sweden. Watching them beat Switzerland in an exciting match was a thrill. I don't have much hope for them beating England on Saturday, to be honest, but it should be a fun game in any case. :-)

    Now that America is no longer of the “lock ‘em up” mentality, day-fines should get another shot.

Isn't it though? The US currently has a tough-on-crime president, and the lock-'em-up party controls both chambers of Congress.


Another way to look at it is an 81 year old retiring from his high-pressure job to spend more time with his grandchildren. Maybe he's such a professional that he didn't even let partisanship or worries about his legacy factor into his decision.

How are the right-wing news outlets covering this? Are they hailing him as a hero?

Reading this gave me a hilarious/terrifying mental image of an exponentially growing US Supreme Court.

Whenever one party controls both congress and the presidency, they can add new justices to the court. The political pendulum swings every 8 years or so, so every 8 years two new members would be added to steal back that party's majority of the Supreme Court.

2016: 9 members. 2024: 11 members. 2032: 13 members. 2040: 15 members. And so on.

But we also need to take into account the justices that have to be replaced because they retire or die. Typically 1-2 justices get replaced every 8 years, but as the court grows larger, this number will increase.

Let's say no more judges get appointed during Trump, so when the Democrats are next able to expand the court size in 2024 they need to add just two more justices to make the Supreme Court vote 6-5 in their favour. Then during the next 8 years two justices need to be replaced, one on each side, and when Republicans win back the presidency + Congress in 2032, they need to appoint 4 justices to tip the 4-7 court into 8-7 in their favour. Then during the next 8 years, three justices need replacement, two of them Democrats who are on average older at this point, making the Supreme Court 10-5 in Republicans' favour. So the first thing Democrats do in 2040 is to appoint 6 new justices.

2016: 9 members. 2024: 11 members. 2032: 15 members. 2040: 21 members. And so on.

The size of the Supreme Court grows exponentially, doubling every 24 years or so. It will pass a hundred before the turn of the century, then a thousand some time in the next century.

I'm surprised they add such a big feature now while they're busy porting the whole project to Chromium. Pretty cool. They neglected to mention one of the great things about Tor though, that it allows you to access web sites blocked by your ISP. This might make Brave popular in countries like China and the UK.

    I've pretty much converted to Brave only on mobile. The desktop version needs a bit more work, but mobile is amazing.

Does it have any cool features on mobile that sets it apart from other browsers? Other than ad-block/HTTPS/payments?

    I'd love to switch to DDG as well. I keep trying every several months.

I've used DuckDuckGo for years now, almost since the Snowden leaks. Search results are almost as good as Google (though not personalised, which has both advantages and disadvantages), and I actually like the UI better. Google doesn't even have infinite scrolling!

There are some other alternatives that might be worth trying as well. Ecosia and StartPage comes to mind.

    Did they find life? Nope. But all the stuff we would expect to find on a place where life can exist is all there.

Exactly. They've found zero evidence for alien life on Enceladus, but they've found good evidence for all the known prerequisites for life. In my opinion the headline should reflect that.

    We need to go back to Enceladus, land, and see if anything is alive in that puddle.

Most definitely. A few years back I heard NASA was considering sending a probe to drill through the ice of Europa to search for life in its ocean, so they're already working on the required technology. These are exciting times for space exploration!

The headline is sensationalist, but a very interesting find nonetheless.

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