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This article got me in my feelings. Now I'm being nostalgic remembering all those crazy challenges the article points out.

It's a shame because there are some lovely neighborhoods in the areas on the map in the article, especially Shaughnessy.

The housing market in the area has become too irreparably damaged to recover. This speculative investment BS has left too many people unable to afford their rent, much less homes in the area.

It's not going to become a luxury ghost town but it is going to become unbalanced and dense in areas that don't need to be.

Everything about it is crazy. No sane person “likes this”, but the rules of capitalism foster this behavior. Amazon is financially rewarded in multiple ways for treating people in the worst ways possible.

And things are only going to get worse under capitalism. Pretty soon Amazon will have robots to staff the warehouses, and all of these low paid workers will have nothing. Similarly, 1.5 million truck drivers will be replaced by self-driving trucks. Apple will have robotic assembly lines. And so on. Millions of people will be displaced and unemployed as AI, robots and automation advance.

I was 18. I come from a poor family and since I was little I worked and studied and sustained my family.

On my eighteen-year-old birthday, I bought my first airline ticket, I defeated my fears and started a new life. One in which to work only for me, a life in which I can fulfill my dreams of career, well-being and happiness.