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Web Developer since 2010. Work with Rails since 2012. More at

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Hell yeah! Grammarly doesn't complain that "e lot". Dang. It looks like the time to look for alternatives.

Yes. I am going to use that text to speech program. MacOS Mojave had it by default, I think.

Hi. Ya. I did use Grammarly so I thought it's taken care of these typos, missing words, and other grammar problems.

Maybe I should look for an alternative or upgrade to the pro. lol

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

It's an automatic share so I think I will evaluate this automation :)

1. Thanks. I've added that point. For public wifi network or untrusted one, VPN is surely a big help.

2. I don't mean to overstate the shifting-IP problem but I had a first-hand experience about this.

It's easier to be said than done, to find a new site when you've been dependent on that particular sites. Don't you think?

Yes. Thanks for suggestion as I am currently revising it.

I never saw any ads passed when using uBlock Origin but I do see some ads are passed when I was with ABP on mobile phone.

Disagree. That completely depends on your use case. For someone who used mostly a web browser on his internet activities, a good ad blockers is enough.

That would be different case if you're referring to block ads on game or mobile app.

I know. I just updated with better way.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. just fixed it.

* somehow the notification e-mail from here ended up on my spam box.

You can use cocoon gem for this functionality. Keep "DIY" - don't repeat yourself.

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hello. i'm new here.

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