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ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Email or Push? Please, Not Both!

Yeah man, I recently uninstalled a game and left a one-star review for pushing me a "reminder" to play because something or other was probably "missing" me, you know that sort of thing. Not sure if you're talking about this or actual third-party advertisement being pushed. I don't know if this is somehow okay for some people now, but I grew up desktop gaming and this is bizarre to me and generates in me vaguely old-person thoughts and fear about how the norms may be changing now against my favor. But at least I can change things on my own phone and I like it when applications speak when spoken to ... technology is becoming impertinent. :P

ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Is Hubski's IRC offline?

Try another client like in case mibbit got blocked for some reason. Happens to webclients, abuse gateways you know. But the topic in the freenode channel says they moved to #hubski at

I haven't been paying attention so not sure what's up now.

Haha, great. There's a convention I go to yearly where a guy brings over a computer lab of Linux machines. For years I was able to telnet from one to the other and issue commands to launch the web browser to whatever site I wanted, trolly images, turn up the volume all the way and play sound files found on the hard drive, etc. I emailed him anonymously about it the first year and it was never fixed for years, until he bought new hardware entirely. I could have captured almost whatever I wanted, lol.

I'm rereading Tailchaser's Song. Nice journey while high.

I've also left Neptune's Brood unfinished a while ago. I'm not sure what else but I probably have something sitting around.

ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is the story behind your username?

It is my initials, at least later when I change the last name to that of my mother, who was there, instead of my father, who wasn't.

ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How to ruin your life in 140 characters

I guess it could go either way. For example, this

Followed by this

One happening isn't a statistic but here's at least an example of how the well-intentioned coverage can cause trouble.

Yeah I decided to PM him instead. He'll get around to it if he feels like it and that's the only way I would want to get it anyway. :P I'll try the search though.

It's still a great read so thanks.

ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do I do with being lonely?

I've been thinking about it because it's not some kind of strategy I worked out, just me remembering (I'm not very good at that) what has happened seemingly naturally. I'm not sure what sort of situation you're imagining but I don't usually have the chance to talk to a total stranger and go from there to the juicy bits. Usually it's at work. Maybe there are a couple of people talking in the smoking area, and in that situation especially, it's easy to join the conversation and nudge toward things like the underlying reasons/motivations of something, and probe at the personality and so on. Even if it's just one coworker I hadn't really talked to much before, we might start talking about an issue one of us was working on, and once that exchange is comfortable then we can move from Facts and Happenings to Principles and Theories holding them up, and so on. I'm not saying we get really really personal from a cold start, but I find that it's not hard to get past small talk. Anyway, you asked for examples and I'm not really giving any, but I think I'll just have to watch the conversations I have and see if I can bring back examples. Making it up or remembering it is escaping me at the moment.

ccc  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do I do with being lonely?

If they are a bad influence in some way then that's your own thing to decide about. Otherwise, I used to feel like you did, but now I would disagree with this attitude. I talk to people to find the human connection, probe a mind about some interesting topic, establish common ground. The way I did this was to talk to the low-hanging fruit [easy but not lacking value], who already clearly matched what I was looking for, but what I only later discovered was that the connection I'm looking for is almost always there. It's past the universal insecurity and the layers of social protocol.

The common ground is always there too, but sometimes it has to be abstracted a little before the equation is clear. We can move from the concrete what do you do? to the abstract what is your aim and what are you accomplishing? and when we find out that this person is in nursing because they enjoy helping others in a tangible, direct, sometimes urgent way, we can go from there and bridge it to our own concept of how we want to help others, or whatever we feel is our purpose in life and how we're implementing it.

Sometimes if you move too fast on that it can still be weird though. It can be hard to feel out when it's a good time to segue deeper.

I wonder if people who need to talk to somebody are only searching for the start of a proper connection. Surely there are those who just want to run their mouths but I haven't really met very many who want to stay at the surface.

This isn't a call for you to pull anyone out of their shell though. Not really your job if you're not into it. But almost everyone is behind some kind of barrier, and some of the barriers are so strong that a real person can seem to be missing completely, but if you're both interested in connecting, this can be worked through. It was pretty refreshing for me to move from the old way of seeing people, to one where there's always some vein of deep thought and human story to be sought out and mined.

But look how it blends with the site, mm:

Anonymous was by definition an Anonymous poster on an image board. In its early form as anything resembling vaguely a "group" that does things (it wasn't a "group" quite) there were raids/trolls against targets for the lulz. A pure and simple time. Later, a touch of morality came into play, and Anon used their skills to attack those who deserved it rather than simply those yielding the most lulz, leading us to the campaign against the Church of Scientology. After this, Anon was more and more oriented toward some attitude of just revenge or sometimes destructively discouraging a behavior, instead of just fucking with people. "Moralfags" and "Moralfaggotry" were the words of the day.

Because Anon is not really one well-defined group from one place, there never will be any good consistency in what it looks like Anon as a whole stands for.

4chan certainly did not "create the existence of the net troll", which somehow this writer is supposing to be exclusive to the idea of Anonymous, but when they say it spawned social justice movements, they might mean the involvement of moot and 4chan in GamerGate and the social justice movement, by no means a "spawning" (of the movement -- though maybe, in part, they spawned GamerGate) but significant in that it apparently led to the thrashing death of 4chan. If by spawning social justice movements they mean raids/attacks "for justice", then sure, but the Social Justice movement isn't one of the things Anon was really anywhere near agreed about. I never really got into the whole thing (I was busy on 7chan, TOTSE, SA) but these should tell you enough, albeit with some bias:

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