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It is quite surreal. The whole thing has a "history books being written" vibe.

Last time we discussed Comey, I recall you saying he was being partisan with the email investigation. What changed your mind in terms of his integrity?

Outcast and The Walking Dead. I'm a Kirkman comic fan.

Yeah, I know a few other people who took the opportunity to get in at that point as well. Because of money constraints I really only get titles in the Batman sphere (Nightwing, Batgirl, Batman et. al.), and I've usually been happy. Batman especially. The Court of Owls arc way back in the beginning of New 52 was great.

I also get titles from Image, Titan and Marvel. Of those, Outcast is probably my favorite right now.

Honestly, New 52 is when I jumped in so I can't really make a comparison to past continuity. All I can say is that I've generally been pretty pleased with how they've handled things. There have been some excellent story arcs, IMHO.

One thing that did happen to Detective Comics recently is they reverted to the old pre-New 52 numbering system (I think they did it for Action Comics too). When New 52 happened they reset all the issue numbers back to 1, and that made some collectors unhappy because they wanted "Issue 1000". Eventually DC decided to go back to the old numbering system for a few titles, so the numbers jumped from Issue 52 to Issue 900-something after a recent storyline event.

I buy a lot of comics, actually. Mostly DC, because I like Batman and they're cheaper than Marvel. The one Marvel series I get, Amazing Spider-Man, is a complete pain in the butt to keep up with. Tons of little short side series, some issues of which never actually made it to my friendly neighborhood comic dude or any other retailer in the area, and every so often they'll release an issue (NOT an annual) that's three times normal cover price.

On the other hand, I'm generally pleased with how DC has done things since "New 52", at least with the series that I care about.

Trombone  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 16 ounces of Rosemary Oil?

True indeed. That website, by the way, has a big section on glass insulators. I went back to the antique threads linked at the bottom and you mentioned that you liked such things. Maybe you can ID the ones you have.

Indeed. There is some fraying around the edges, but they're nowhere close to impeaching as a whole. Ryan wouldn't allow a vote at this point.

The goal of this is to get Republicans to explicitly reject impeachment at this stage in the proceedings. That becomes extremely useful cannon fodder later on down the line.

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I'd be down with that. I'm still bracing for somebody to emerge and tell me how wrong I am here!

Trombone  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 16 ounces of Rosemary Oil?

My best guess is this from the Clevenger Bros. Glass Works in Clayton, New Jersey sometime after 1966. The company did a lot of mold blown reproductions (would explain the seam), and started putting a "CB" mark on their glass in '66. So, maybe is this is a reproduction of an earlier design, done by that company.



Edit: by the way, rosemary oil is indeed one of those things that people like to use as a natural remedy. A right cure-all, if the exceedingly reliable internet is to be believed...

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Congrats on the phone shake-up, that sounds liberating. I've volunteered at a few museums in the past, and it can be quite enjoyable. Just make sure it's a place where you enjoy the subject matter!

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