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ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Eminem mixtape, 1990


Wouldn't say no to that! You familiar with the style?

Submitted this song as a hubski collab a while ago and people added some great stuff. This was an alternate, pared-down version that I did and still like a lot. Been bugging an old musician buddy to add some fretless bass a la Jaco Pastorius. He has the chops, but he's easily distracted and busy with a newborn to boot, so that's never gonna happen. Shame.

I'd offer something newer/different, but I've had no time to make shit.

Bummer. PM'd a link. If anything grabs you, feel free to add on. If not, totally fine. Looking forward to hearing more tunes! I'm late to the party, but yer stuff is great

TNG- I am seven weeks away from graduating and rejoining the land of the living. Then I look forward to adding to stuff again.

What guitar/effect combo did you use for this? That tone is like sweet crack to my ears.

Gadzooks, this is sick.

You play flute? I have something I've needed flute on for a dog's age. Any time/interest in adding on?

Oy, Democracy Now(!). I love Glenn Greenwald, but this is super disingenuous.

    And yet, all I heard from Democrats—not all I heard, because there were a lot of Democrats who supported Manning and Snowden and Drake—but certainly Democratic officials in D.C. were almost unanimous, under Obama, in saying that leaks—leakers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, that they’re traitors.

There's the rub. Conflating "Democratic Officials in D.C." who were "almost unanimous under Obama" with the unspecified "Democrats" in the title is misleading at best, and dumps the burden of hypocrisy on Democrats in general. You know who else was "almost unanimous" in condemning Manning and Snowden? Republican officials in D.C. under Obama. The Manning and Snowden leaks didn't uncover partisan divide so much as they uncovered a philosophical- and frankly totally predictable- difference between those in power and/or who stand at any point to gain power and those who just want to talk on their goddamn iPhone in peace. Snowden and Manning, to varying degrees, uncovered infrastructural mechanisms for abuse that could be used by anybody in power to bad effect; accordingly, pretty much everybody with their hands closest to the levers- Democrat and Republican- cried foul.

Meanwhile, I know next to nobody in my everyday life- Democrat, Republican or Other- who believed that what Snowden did was bad. Okay, let's be honest, I know a few conservatives that still think it. Illegal? Sure, because it was. That's the nature of civil disobedience. But the general consensus on the street is that Snowden did the necessary, and that Manning's actions, although very carelessly executed, didn't merit the sentence. NB- Manning was put in jail by a Democrat, but released by that selfsame Democrat.

So it drives me crazy- fucking. crazy. to read Democracy Now(!) articles that try to paint Democrats in general as somehow hypocritical because of the above. Mainly because then all my militant liberal Facebook acquaintances, still inexplicably bitter at Hillary Clinton and her perceived misdeeds, wallpaper my feed the next day with articles like this as their next gem of evidence that the current Democratic wing is corrupt and hypocritical because Bernie.

This is not that. Everybody in power hated what Snowden did, and a plurality if not a majority of those not in power celebrated what he did. Meanwhile, the current situation has underscored not systemic problems that need to be corrected for the good of the whole electorate, but a very current, temporary administration running roughshod over the systemic safeguards meant to uphold the good of the electorate. Basic conflict of interest regulations? Naw, we're not gonna pay attention to that. Private citizen undermining current presidential policies via back channels to international rivals? See no problem there.

If leaks are how these things come to light, I as a Democrat- and a citizen- applaud them just as I applauded Snowden. That's in full recognition of the fact that such leaks are illegal.

The only thing that surprises me at this point is that rogue actors in the intelligence community up to now have (openly) broken the rules only to uncover abuses of power rather than to perpetuate them. Who would have thought that safeguards to civil liberty would have arisen with such regularity from the agencies who enjoy the highest abuse potential.

Oh, I'm sure there's a list of liberal operatives totally unknown to me that any conservative could spout off like an Old Testament lineage. That I could halfway understand. It's when "FLYNN RESIGNS" is (rightfully) front page news on WaPo and co., but it doesn't show up until halfway down the Fox feed and then only in small print and then only in the context of it underscoring the threat of leakers within the inner circle. That's not even counter-propaganda, that's ignoring really really big stuff that should matter to everyone.

Thanks. I've been lurking, but I have very little to say this year.

Now that I'm in Kentucky, I know a lot of people who cheer the President's every move. And I've found myself totally gobsmacked that we can have such different takes on the same circumstances. And then an acquaintance here quoted the old "3 million illegal voters" spiel and I thought "aha. I need to compare the nouvaeu Right's information sources to my own so that I can better understand why they see things the way they do, and maybe gain some perspective."

So for the past few days I've made a point of checking Fox News and Breitbart every time something breaks on NPR and NYTimes. Besides getting used to the taste of throw-up, I'm coming to learn that "cognitive dissonance" isn't strong enough a term to apply to the situation. There's a level of denial/willful ignorance- not to mention a total lack of irony- going on here that doesn't just bother me, it deeply worries me.

I recommend that everybody read both sides of every news item. It's illuminating.

Dear Republicans: remember when you spent years investigating HRC's role in Benghazi for some fucking reason? Where did that earnest dedication to Getting To The Bottom Of Things go?

ghostoffuffle  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are your goals for 2017?

Argh only been doing it for seven months. Feels like two years, though. I'm done in May.

Goals for the year:

Get through school

Be a family man again

Decide on a nursing focus- ER or crit care

Write/record a song or two

Spend quality time on the Oregon coast

Think they're all attainable. BFX, are you still doing anything in radio? You ever look into a KEXP internship/gig?

NotADoc good luck with nursing school prep. It's rewarding material, and I look forward to having an interesting, secure job with room for growth when I'm out.

old hat.

We consider phrenology absurd in retrospect. I suspect a flaw in the updated version.

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