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Undergrad at Arizona State University studying aerospace engineering. I love photography, music, and aviation and hold a private pilot's license.

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I really like this song. They just released an album as well.

On some phones, simply receiving the message lets it do its harm. I personally have auto-retrieval off for now.

I don't game much, and I just got a laptop for college, so I've got 8.1. I think I'll take 10 over it, my main game should work, and it'll give me time before school starts.

I like math. I haven't had many good teachers but my 7th grade teacher (or 8th, I don't remember) taught the Pythagorean theorem with m&m's. The bases were 3cm and 4cm, the hyp was 5cm. She had us draw the right triangle and then do squares on each side. Filled the 9 and 16 squares with m&m's and then put them in the 25 square. Easy, visual, and I still remember it. This is how teaching should be done.

savingpilotryan  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Reddit's CEO resigns

I started looking for alternatives to reddit from the whole situation, and ended up coming here and joining a much better, more constructive community. I'm honestly glad reddit drove me here, because even if reddit goes back to what it was before, here is where I'll stay.

Illusions, by Richard Bach. Short and simple, yet thought provoking and meaningful. I'ts the right balance of showing you how life isn't simple, but at the same time is very simple. It really emphasizes that you control your life. It's also centered around roaming, feeling lost, and aircraft, so it struck me when I first read it and has stayed with me.

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