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Names Smuggler, Pancakesmuggler.

Pretty relaxed and usually a lurker, although I do come out of the shadows at times. I can't really help it, after all a smuggler that isn't sneaky and brings attention to himself isn't a smuggler for long.

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    If I could hug you right now, I'd never let go


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PancakeSmuggler  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 8, 2015

Fingertip pushup also helps to strengthen your grip. Putting your thumbs and pointer fingers together in a diamond shape also increases the difficulty. Setting your legs up on the couch or raised positions makes them a tad harder. Also I personally find keeping your elbows back against your body instead of clear out changing how the pushup feels and increases difficulty. It is now weird for me to out my arms out!

To make it extra fun do your 19 pushup then go down slowly, hold until you can't hold no more then go up and call it good!

I probably won't compete in this round as to have me be able to compete, we would have to postpone til august. I will keep an eye on this and when I get home, I'll make some yummy pancakes just to show the world how great they truly are!

By then there may be another contest that I could possibly join! Thanks for offering to postpone but it would be too far out! A month seems too far to push such a great contest that could be done weekly, or biweekly!

If you ever do tell this story, I would also like to hear about it!

I may have to give it a try! Thanks for the info, anything can help right. It's better then walking around with the ache non stop.

I won't get home until after the 30th, even then it's only for 7 days. The. Gone for two more weeks :/.

Well I am currently 23 years old and since we are going off a mirror, I have yet to see myself as an adult. My facial hair is more like peach fuzz and patchy, can go months and it might be an inch.

When walking into a bar I will already be pulling out my ID because I know the second I'm seen I'm getting checked. The most common phrase, and this is no joke, I hear after getting my ID checked is "you look like you're twelve." Happens almost every time and I have gotten multiple free shirts from bars because of that. Doesn't help I have a body that backs that statement up. I'm 5'10" and tipping the scales at 115lbs. So I still look like the twig twelve year old just waiting to fill out.

I have two things that remind me how old I am and it's only going to get worse.

1st - My back is in pain 90% of the day. It's out in multiple places and have had it fixed by multiple chiropractors. I have yet to go to the doctors, which is something I should do and should have done a long time ago. It's only getting worse the longer I prolong it. It's bad enough I popped it out new years by tying a knot in the bed of my truck. Wasn't lifting weight just bent over and boom, I was out for a full week.

2nd - Bills. It's crazy how fast I went from having absolutely nothing to having two vehicle payments, insurance, rent, phone bill, food, fuel, Internet, you know the list. The moment I decided I was through with college and landed a job it was like a slap in the face.

Between my truck payment, bike payment and insurance for each I am spending more each month than I was making all school year in college (not counting summers). In the single month for my truck, I could have payed for 90% of my full time tuition each semester.

That is what has made me realize I'm getting there. I am still young and like spending money on things I shouldn't but hey, I may as well enjoy things while I can andwhile I'm still a kid.

Long version short, I still feel like a kid.

There is a mobile site? What's it look like. I never use mobile sites on my phone so even the reddit mobile site was only opened once or twice!

Edit: Ahh, didn't read close enough. Missed the part where you said you couldn't post! An app may come in handy for that!

I don't really see the need for one personally. It loads beautifully on chrome for android. In fact is the only way I have ever seen hubski as I have no access to a computer until the 30th or so.

I can see where it would be nice to just click the app I just, and this is a personal opinion, don't think an app is needed when the site already runs and looks as sleek as it does on mobile internet.

I wish! I'll all be at work. All I have is microwavable dinners and velvetta mac and cheese... gotta love it

I approve of the second picture, first breakfast food. The rest, and especially the one directly under, deserve to rot!

Praise be to the one true breakfast! Praise be to pancakes!

Still sad that pluto isn't a planet :[ Good read though.

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