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p3k  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The referendum question

yeah, those were the times: small duchies fighting each other. sure we want that again.

Are you suggesting a stereotype cannot be (based on) an injustice? Frankly, I do not get the distinction here.

From my point of view the article describes the injustice in such a way that you are regarded as effeminate or weak riding a bicycle, especially if it is not a racing model.

However, I understood your question more generally and in broader terms asking why gender issues have to be everywhere. Most of the time this question arises from a privileged perspective when someone never experienced or acknowledged the experience of injustice, discrimination or inequality based on his/her gender.

Gender issues will be necessary to be discussed everywhere as long as there is a significant injustice between the various genders. If you do not see these issues you probably might be privileged by them.

"climate change", "lung cancer".

p3k  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: So I bought into the Conflict Tower.

Welcome to the club! :)

— and thus, we do the same to Cyprus. Lessons learnt.

actually, facebook is not needed to play the game. just try it yourself at – click the screenshot or the big blue `Play Now!` button on the right-hand side.

well, for centuries political messages are being transported by various means: stories, images, songs, books etc. so why not by a game, too? i am as curious as you what kind of effect it might have on the attitude and awareness of the users being milked for their data. if such an approach inspires one poor little soul to empower itself and regain privacy consciousness it should have been worth it, should it not?

    does anyone know what kind of info they request access to when you add them on facebook?

what do you mean exactly? fb’s general information requests when adding a page to your facebook profile? or clicking the like button?

No one is talking about, given that you are a lobster living under a rock.

p3k  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A question about Hubski design

Blue links (username) on a dark gray background. I cannot read them, they just make a blurry blue stain on my retina.

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