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I'm especially interested in what he said about how the methods of managing people have shifted from controlling by force to manipulation through shaping public attitudes and opinions. He makes a good point that it's so ingrained in our culture that the fact that it exists is hidden in plain sight and yet no-one seems to question or even acknowledge its effect.

I'm waiting on my order to come in of the book "Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Roots of the Consumer Culture" ( to come in, written by a historian addressing the who's, where's, and why's of this all-encompassing Public Relations phenomenon.

There is also an incredible documentary that dabbles in these ideas you might of heard of, called Century of the Self

I'm definitely guilty of doing this as it's my first day on here and I've accomplished things through a lot of trial and error heh. I wouldn't mind a more comprehensive FAQ or newbie guide page to help solve this issue as well, could be useful for more easily getting a feel for how the Hubski system works. Cheers!

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